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How mucg water do you keep in your pack?

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So how much water do you keep in your pack? I realized that while im on the go in a bug out situation, water is gonna be a number one priority. Especially if I have many miles to walk. I want to carry at least 80oz of water in my bag, more if space allows. How much water do you carry? Im planning on carrying mine in a light 50oz Ice Canyon water bottle and a 30ish oz berkey water filter bottle. I also have a 100oz water reservoir, but I dont know if I should keep it filled right now as it would be pressed against the back of my maxpedition vulture II and my back and Im afraid it will burst or create an awkward carrying position if I need to grab and go.

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I have a small warehouse of Just Water Ceramic filters with one of each product for myself. All I need is a pond and there are plenty around me for hundreds of miles.

At home there is a park with a huge pond. If the zombies take it i'll bug out further into deep east Texas. Land of the bass and catfish.

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I have the packaged water as well as 2 stainless steel 1.75 liter bottles found them at garage sales they were kru 82 vodka containers


I use carabiners to attach to pack I also have a pint stainless bottle that I carry stuff I want to remain dry in case of rain


or water crossing water in some cases needs to be boiled for size weight and heat durability transfer nothing beats stainless.


stainless bottles can be used to hold all kinds of kit in zip lock bags in smaller ones with large mouths even if the cap is


damaged you can make a plug out of fruit or hard wood used as a cooking utensil I use one to hold rice.


I have all stainless cooking pots lids pans pocket knife Swiss army large bowie and a folder that has a 50/50 serrated clip point


blade and a folding stainless pruning bone cutting saw all of it weights nothing if it cooks or touches food I want stainless


water storage and treatment stainless I want it to last not transfer flavors and if food burns I want to be able to clean it out.


it also has anti microbial properties and using a silver coin it will create electrolysis and that will kill most pathogens.


I like to think beyond my resources as when they run out and they will you have to survive with what you have and plastic is


not the wonder of science as we have found from recent testing BPA and other chemicals leach out of plastics even on a warm day.


aqua blox are great to have on hand water they last 5 years as well as datrex bars etc great in pack supplies.

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In my EDC pack (Camelbak Linchpin) I have 100oz mil spec antidote reservoir always half way fill and 32oz Nalgene bottle with water with metal cup. To some this might be too much water for EDC back, but I am always on the go, most of the time also with my german shepherd dog, so some extra water for him if needed. As far as Bug Out Situation, I would have in my BOB same type of reservoir fully filled up, 32oz Nalgene bottle and Catadyn water filter.

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snake, you make some good points as always. The Just Water products deal with the BPA's and the silver impregnated filter deals with the rest.

What I've been thinking is designing a bottle for people that get stranded in the snow. You can't drink it without fire and a bunch of work if you can find all you need.

However, if I could design an emergency bottle for the hikers, snow mobile rider, etc. that fit in their backpack and it was made of stainless steel it could be heated.

So far i'm thinking of things that heat food, hand warmers, solar, etc.. to come up with a design that would help them melt the snow to drinkable degree of warmth.

If anyone has ideas post them here and i'll do a trial run in my kitchen when the wife isn't looking.......................LOL

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Water is a magnet although it is the most abundant substance on the planet but it also collects all the good and bad stuff we and the natural world makes, like red tide.


I keep a case of bottled water in my vehicle as well as my water bottles because should some chemical or other contaminate enter the water I want a immediate source of drinkable water.  I also use that water through the month and each month I buy another case and stick whats left in the freezer or fridge,   I store 500 + gallons probably more I have animals I have seen 3 days without water because of storms etc.

It is not that an area does not have the water it is what it contains !   As I have posted many moons ago any natural or man made disaster like Virgina Colorado and Flint Michigan and we just had a problem in Corpus Christi of chemicals and elements that are DANGEROUS.

Earthquakes are on the rise in fact Oklahoma is fast becoming the world hot spot for quakes. Shaking can cause cracks in standing tanks foundations etc etc. and there is NO WAY of knowing when and how bad or long it will effect the water supply.  Now imagine a depression or other cause of delay or failure for some organization to act or if there is a local problem like riots ? TEOTWAWKI WROL that can be local or regional does anyone really think that social services or even local services would know or be able to warn the public ?


Some of the first problems are communications take over or failure w/ power failure without power water systems cannot filter or treat the water and water towers and storage will be used up quick as people fill every container bathe etc not to mention all systems have loss or leakage that is why water is shut off to conserve in dangerous times water is used as a population control,


SO WHAT YOU HAVE MAY BE ALL YOU'LL GET FOR QUITE SOME TIME !  if you do not have a drum / 55 gallons all your other preps are for nothing and people will not be willing to share it.


Water has ways of clearing itself flowing / running and most toxins are heavier than water or have a life span then there is knowledge on how to filter out the offending STUFF. there are free downloads of the hazmat manuals here is a good one


Here is the problem man made chemicals ! can be so toxic or deadly a few parts per million and your dead from inhaling a drop on the skin

or ingesting and your body self destructs / starts breaking down. there is a chemical hepatitis a friend died from it it was not a good way to die and he lasted about 7 years with many health issues treatment surgeries and drugs to maintain him.


I do not know everything but what I do know that is possible terrifies me all these anti Trump rioters and social anarchists have no Fu@kin' idea clueless simple minded morons interruption in certain services and emergency automated detection and prevention and thousands will die the good bad indifferent democrats republicans dogs cats -----  We live in a interconnected and very complicated world.and these problems kill indiscriminately and have domino effects.


The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, and his wife Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg,  on 28 June 1914 in Sarajevo when they were shot dead by Gavrilo Princip. Princip was one of a group of six assassins (five Serbs and one Bosniak) coordinated by Danilo Ilić, a Bosnian Serb and a member of the Black Hand secret society. The political objective of the assassination was to break off Austria-Hungary's South Slav provinces so they could be combined into a Yugoslavia. The assassins' motives were consistent with the movement that later became known as Young Bosnia. The assassination led directly to the First World War   BECAUSE OF 1 MAN 17 MILLION PEOPLE DIED !


We have had people threaten our president elect and many others THAT IS CRAZY STUPID !  we have been threatened by 3 countries who have or access to very dangerous weapons etc. continuation of government is absolutely necessary a bad one is better than none.

a motor that has a miss a low tire can still get you home we still have checks and balances no matter how anyone may feel about ANY elected official it all comes back to your harming U.S. or we the people and anyone with a half a brain should see that is EVIL.

I have never heard any harming of leaders make things better in fact I had a thought that Hitler had he been assassinated may have prolonged or altered who would win and how much of Europe would be left and how many more would have died.


Water took up lives and resources water weights 8.34 pounds a person uses minimum a gallon a day so soldiers and locals NEED IT !

a diesel truck burns 4 to 6 gallons to a mile loaded it has to be pumped in that takes time a truck holds from 4 to 8 thousand gallons

it takes a minute to go a mile at hiway speed a truck cost a dollar a pound 80,000 just a guesstimate. tires oil a driver etc etc etc.

In an emergency how many trucks will it take to give each person a gallon of water in your town and can you get to IT ! and just how long will that last you ? so your going to and from that takes gas or calories and TIME --- time away from your property in a time when people are looting stealing robbing "it's complicated" is not even a start IMHO.

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