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catfish hunter

Good deals on sandbags?

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I have been wanting to get some sandbags to set back for a while but they have always been down the list of importance. I'm thinking I'm ready to get some bought soon though. I was curious if anyone had purchased some and where the best deals are. I found some poly ones for 56 cents per bag but I have to buy 1k to get them at that price. Not sure that I need that many. I'd like to be able to build a shooting stations at the 4 corners of the house, and have enough for an OP position outside the house. Maybe enough to fill for a couple shooting positions on a roadblock between the ranch and the nearest highway also. I have plenty of dirt to fill them with, just wouldn't mind having better bags on hand. I've been storing the heavy paper bags with a plastic liner that our cattle mineral comes in, but they wouldn't hold up well to the elements for anything long term.


Thanks for any help you can give.

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don't know where ya live but here you can just go to county yard and get em for free--sand too, though they limit you to send a few friends at different time if you need more...also the local Ace apparently had several hundred quickcrete bags get wet/ ruined somehow.. they made large 'planter' boxes with them,on the hillside,which look a lot like improved firing positions..I have awesome neighbors...

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sand bags are for????


I use old tires for planters if you stack them like bricks and fill them with gravel broken bricks and sand

they are a barrier to most stuff 5.56 7.62 if you want them to look nice you can build a hardi board frame

of treated lumber and it looks like a commercial planter box.


nylon barrels line them with old feed sacks and fill with gravel and sand off set them or things will slip between.


I am building a soil trough for now it will hold topsoil and some gravel maybe a load of sand for gardening

and my planter garden each bay will hold a small dump bed load 3 bays will keep me in soil for a few years.

if I position it right it can defend one corner of the property.

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Sandbags are for filling with dirt, making shooting positions. I want to be able to build one at each corner of the house on the inside of the house. I have windows positioned pretty well to the corners, way to many windows in the house really. I'd like to be able to have a defensive position at each corner of the house plus one outside the house that can protect the garden and the weakest corner of the home.


Good ideas Snake about some less obvious ways to create cover. I have quite a few old tires, will have to keep that in mind.


I want to be able to put a road block up on the main road leading to our place from the highway if necessary also. I have some large rock left over from quarrying that I can use to make alot of it as long as I do it while our loader tractor and dump truck are working. A few large rocks positioned so a vehicle has to slow down and weave between them, plus a rock/sandbag shooting location should make a defendable barricade from most looters. I have a good spot picked out where the lay of the land makes it impossible to bypass it with a vehicle, and the defender has the high ground. Also an abandoned 2 story house overlooks it where a second defender can really have a good shooting spot while staying hidden, hopefully able to spot anyone trying to sneak in behind the roadblock on foot.


With our livestock operation I feel that I need to be able to restrict access to our land, not just the house. We need room to graze our stock for a sustainable food supply plus our primary barter option. If we can't defend our cattle from theft we will lose all that.

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The house belongs to a friend who is in on this with me. Out plans include building 2 sandbagged shooting positions in the upper floor of the house, as well as putting a sheet of steel over the floor at each position. He has some steel that would work well for this, it shouldn't have to take a direct hit with the field of fire around the house just stop rounds that had already penetrated the wall. The house is an old one built with lots of load-bearing walls out of heavy oak boards. It's pretty solid made, but would need some improvement.

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all good ideas catfish hunter


any fixed position can be boobied you run in and goodbye making road stars now would be a good project but that would only


stop common wheeled vehicles.


the new exploding targets work well with doubled glass jars with fuel at preset ranges and security points scrap lumber

and plywood with many nails fine fishing line with treble hooks {need to think how to make both more unfriendly}

you need to look at your property as one who's intention is to infiltrate or snipe.


mirrors in trees angled so from your position you can see behind mounds 12 volt controlled poppers to force movement

from any hide whistles clamped to inertubes buried under a few inches of dirt old tin cans on a wire with gravel

co2 16 gram cylinders in a jar of lye and many other chemical treats can be employed sweat and lye it's a scream.

as well as zip lock bags over head. in the hollow tops of posts weather covered with cut tin cans , anyone near by will

inhale or get a dusting when the container is struck by a high speed projectile.


your only limited by information, imagination chemistry gravity and a understanding of human nature and methods of

your counterpart to infiltrate your position.


so many chemicals that are common to the American household are very useful in denial of access psychological deterrents

funneling and entrapment you need to think simple physical manipulation and not count on electronic or electrical means

of actuation some like judo uses the attackers weight to inflict injury trips triggers and balance and pull pins.

most are noise makers but very loud and gives away point of entry or egress.


consider under the house as a position also here is where a buried cache works for an outlying position gallon jars with ammo

and one with water if your forced to retreat you may not have a chance to gather up supplies.

remember the house is the target if your cache is somewhere else and your defense is to draw them in and deal with them inside

from outside you will be more successful making it a Trojan horse IMO

homes are kindling like wagon trains circled then allowed an opening as some moved in they were dispatched dividing the

attackers and bringing them into a trap.

the old pail over the door with some improvements will make any intruder leave or expire and is not permanent.


banks use this the robber grabs the money and inside is a dye pack or tracker sometimes giving them what they want

is the perfect trap.

as the Magino line and other fixed defenses they cannot be defended General Patton had a opinion about this and

he was a no fool not perfect but not many were better we must think more like a mobile guerrilla group

{think ninja tactics magicians misdirection} more han a fire base company that has unlimited external support.


Any conversation about defense and security needs to be tempered with the fact that rouge elements of ex or awol

military with training and some equipment will turn even a reenforced home into toothpicks in short order

in some areas of the country groups have been and are active that have training and tactics learned in service.

some of that is overblown but even a idiot gets lucky.

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thanks Snake, good ideas and comments.


You are right about when big guns roll in too, none of my fortifications would withstand any explosive that could be fired. Our main defense against that is the hunting rifles with 800yd reach, but an organized attack with sustained fire to keep our heads down is effective against that. Need to know when to run and live to fight another day. Might be possible to come back after running initially, catch the attackers sleeping or celebrating and hit them then. Good reason to have some cheap liquor out in the open before bugging out.

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