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.22 for zombies

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raging debate today on youtube which would you rather have 200+ rounds of a large caliber rifle or 400+ rounds of .22 long rifle? this is for zombies...technically you could carry more .22 than 400 but you would be sacrificing some space for other backpack items...

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my thought is you need both I use a pistol in .22 and a medium bore rifle for bigger problems or a shotgun


1000 in 22 and 200 in what ever.


ammo gets used so over time it becomes less weight the wonderful thing about new 22


pistols are all the new iron sights and scopes means less wasted ammo.


100 yard shots on beer cans no problem with a 22 on the move small game is preferable over large but if your hungry


it's as you can when you can.


so many schools of thought mine is if I am more trouble than I am worth they will pass me by attrition is a formidable foe.

hunting is a pain large {over 150 pounds} game needs a pack animal to move it to your homestead and a lot of work

to preserve it and resources like salt canning jars etc making pemmican it is not just going to make itself.

smoking makes you got it, "smoke" and smoke means humans or forest / grass fire either means danger or caution in a survival situation.


most small game can be taken with a pellet gun but here is the dilemma a pellet gun weights as much as a 22 pistol or a

small 22 rifle.

an air rifle is not versatile semiauto or fast reloading or even multiple shot capabilities inconsistent power and no parts

and seals that are not common, so it is a non starter for me.


if pressed I would take a pistol ruger 22/45 etc or a S&W 22A and a ruger 10/22 with a medium bore rifle.

sleeping with a rifle makes it hard to get into play one damn good reason for a pistol and even a derringer with it.

no matter how you may try you have to sleep sometime and hard if your dog tired.


I have no understanding of the proposal of bugging out FAST if you can to get to you new bug fine but if you have no where to go

you need to think this out, fast where? and why change of season? herds of zombies? in 90 days most of your problems will die off

bad water no food heat cold sickness disease brought on by dead dying who are sick and diseased it's a viscous circle.

It will not help that there will be attacks and madness skirmishes etc that will take their toll.


so if you could hunker down for a few months you could emerge and use less of your equipment being a drama queen having to flit

here and there trying to trade do deals garner information remember slick people usually end up hanging themselves.

if you follow the herd you will get corralled eventually think fema camps.


people who do not exert themselves use less calories drink less and know their terrain better and have a lower chance of being ambushed , found or trapped by normal refugees try to think along the lines of a hibernating bear and not 007 meets mad max.

Isometrics verses mountain climbing and 20 mile jaunts.


reminds me of the old joke of the young and old bull ......

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