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Innefective School Intruder Drill: What Can I Do?

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I'd like to say two things before I get into the subject I'm bringing up. I'm sorry if this is the wrong section to post this in or if this has already been covered. Second, I'm sorry for not being an active member of the site. I've been lurking around and reading stuff, but I haven't been signing on and getting involved in discussions.


On Topic: So, today at school, we had a stranger danger drill. Now, I know these drills are meant to be for any type of intruder in the school, but in light of the recent school shootings, this one was focused totally on a school shooter situation. And I really don't think were doing anything right.


This is how the drill goes(you're probably familiar with it):

1)A thirty second bell goes off to tell us that were going into lockdown.

2)All the students gather up in the corner to the left of the door, so that the intruder cant see them if he looks thrught the door's window.

3)The lights are turned off and the blinds are shut for the windows.

4)If it's real, we basically sit there and hope we don't die.


My Problems With The Drill:

1)Even if he can't see US, an intruder can see all of our backpacks and school work sitting at our tables. He knows were there.

2)Are we trying to fool him? He knows there's school. He went to school at some point, and it's a wednesday at 11 in the morning/ He knows were there.

3)If he has a gun, it really wouldn't be very difficult to get through the door. If he does, and were all huddled as far back in the corner as possible, were just sitting ducks.


I know there are reasons for why we do each of these things. But, couldn't there be some other way of doing this stuff? The only thing I can think of would be to arm teachers. My main question is, what do you guys think I could do? I know that theres a big chance of getting shot no matter what I do, but I'd prefer not to just sit there and wait to be shot. Im not saying I should run into the hallway and fight him off with my nina skills or anything. But, what kind of steps could I take INSIDE our classroom to ensure that we wouldn't be TOTALLY defenseless in this situation?

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If your allowed pepper,dog,bear spray at the school, have one at hand. Carry a piece of roll steel plate 1/2 inch thick, what ever size fits in your backpack. So holding the pack in front of you, could protect you from getting hit from bullets comming your way. It's not much, but something to consider.










In GOD I Trust, Everyone else keep your hands where I can see them!

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i think the key thing is to be right next to the door so that when the shooter comes in you can jump him in mass and bring him down...i'm real sorry that you have to think about this instead of school work. my prayers are with you.

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First a question or two.....What sort of lock(s) are on the doors of the class rooms? Are the doors solid or have glass widows?

I'd feel a whole lot more reassured if the whole door was just solid wood or something. But, there's a big window in it about neck height. You can see everything from the outside except the corners to the left and right.


If your allowed pepper,dog,bear spray at the school, have one at hand. Carry a piece of roll steel plate 1/2 inch thick, what ever size fits in your backpack. So holding the pack in front of you, could protect you from getting hit from bullets comming your way. It's not much, but something to consider.










In GOD I Trust, Everyone else keep your hands where I can see them!


That actually makes some sense :) I'll look into it. Any idea where i should start looking for that?


i think the key thing is to be right next to the door so that when the shooter comes in you can jump him in mass and bring him down...i'm real sorry that you have to think about this instead of school work. my prayers are with you.


I read about something just like that on some terrorist prevention site a while back. I always stick as close as I possibly can to the door without the teacher flipping out. I figure I'll probably get shot either way if Im fighting a gunman, but I'd rather actually be fighting him than hiding in a corner and getting shot at. And dont worry about it haha. I was just bored in study hall, and I got to thinking about it. So, didn't miss anything important.

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The door is the only access point into the room. So in all your classrooms you go to in the day, figure out who your classmates are that can follow directions, lift heavy objects, and help you barricade a door. Teacher's desk upended? Filing cabinets? Chalk/marker board placed across the door in such a way that it cannot be moved due to it being held in place by other furniture. In other words, work with what and who you have at your disposal. Improvise.


If an active shooter is present, his sole goals is to take out as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time before he is neutralized.


Chances are, if you deter his attempts at gaining entry, he will move on...sad to think about the consequences of this, but true.

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carry a NAM 22 mag in your boulder holder do not say anything to anyone and screw the rest of them let the sheep be slaughtered.


As in the real world I am tired of fixing other people problems because they do not have the guts to deal with it or are to politically


correct to make a peep only sheep are driven and herded I am not a critter I am a grown damn human being and do as I please

when I please I don't ask permission because again I am not under anyone's authority I pay my extortion money {taxes}

and paid my way and owe no one SH*T and they owe me nothing except what I paid for.


so either make your own plan or grab your ankles and what about those kids parents they must not give a sh*t either

if they do not trust you to hell with their progeny don't want you to speak harshly to them or spank them or protect them

well then SCREW THEM have a hammer and a rope and knock out the window and climb out tell the little b@stards

make a choice follow or not and leave.

I do not know where following the stupid like a bunch of lemmings came from but I won't and never have.

hell the Captain of the Concordia was just doing what lemming do look out for themselves.


I hate all this B.S. about how brave the {insert who what ever person WAS here} in a confrontation but yet never learn or are so

gutless that they won't take a stand like arming airline pilots teachers and bus & truck drivers nurses how about everyone who drives even churches have security now because of nutballs.

It is so obvious that even the most moronic and dumbazz POS should be able to figure it out but they never will because they are sheep and lie a sheep they will never become human beings.


strage as hell but I can go anywhere with a tool belt and a hammer and no one says sh*t now how weird is that.

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Im confused.. Are you pissed at me, Juzcallmesnake? Or, just all the sheeple..?

And thanks to Mommyliberty a ton! That was great advice. Very helpful, that's stuff I probably wouldn't have thought of, lol. Thank you

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You are welcome. I was a junior in HS when Columbine happened and I spent lots of time thinking this stuff through.


I forgot to mention that people don't usually look up when they are searching for something or someone. Most schools have those square-framed paper/plastic ceiling tiles (sorry I know they have a proper name, but I don't know what it is), in other words, the ceiling might be a place to hide in if you have something to climb up to get there (then knock it away) and a strong wall or some kind of support beam to lay or sit on. Typically there is 1-2 feet of space between the true ceiling and the dropped fibrous stuff (my dad is an architect and I have seen into some ceilings before) for duct work, electrical cables, and plumbing.


To ditto Snake's post, breaking a window and escaping is another idea. You can buy window punches online at Amazon. But you'd still need something sizeable to break away all the glass to crawl out relatively unharmed.

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The door presents a major problem......too much glass. You can inspect the lock system and if it doesn't have a two inch throw dead-bolt and re-enforced jam look into creating a fund raising project to upgrade them. Also check out door braces and wedges for each class room. The doors could be modified to allow quick installation of a plywood cover for the glass. Moving all books and backpacks to the hall side wall could help if the glass cover idea meets resistance from the admin. Consider stink vails as a deterrant/distraction to use if the room is breached.

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I gotta agree with Snake on take out a window and head out.


Don't need a hammer if you have a chair handy or some other type of furniture...small file cabinet maybe. Ground floor you don't need a rope, second floor you should be able to do that drop as well.

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Krauss never at you


it is the system and sheeple that do not address the problems in the years that we have gone away from corporal

punishment and demanding respect for teachers from students I know many of you must have noticed a increase in



One is responsible for the other not to say we would not have some violence but I think it would be much less

I also am in disagreement with the movie and media about violent games and movies I notice too many inappropriate

movies on early enough that children can see them not to mention sexually charged kids mimic we all know this.

many years ago programming not suitable for children was show after 10 pm when children were all suppose to be asleep.


now we have children raising children or worse morons I have seen people who should know better smoking dope in front

of their kids and getting piss drunk having a drink is one thing getting out of control quite another.

there used to be a line between children and parents and elders now we have what the third world has nothing but problems

and it stems from erasure or moving of the line of what is proper for our children to see and deal with.


Some years ago there was a meeting of psychiatrist in new your they concluded that the age of consent should be 12 or 13

As I recall there was a backlash so severe as to remove the science of psychiatric's from a profession to a basically a counselors

level {grass roots type of thing} basically they stated it was worse than voodoo .

I am torn on this all I want to know is who watches the watchers there is a fight for the souls of our children I will put it to you

this way:


Ephesians 6:12 KJV

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


The devils greatest deception is to make people think he does not exist and the more we ignore that fact we fall deeper into the trap


I give you an example:

the ant lion it makes a funnel in the dirt as the ant crosses he fall in and he could get out if he would know

it is a ant lion and knew how but he tries to muscle his way out by his own force of will and slides to his death.

Man is no different know your enemy know what to do and act.


All the precautions are are not enough without armed people and a total change back to what worked.

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Amen Snake.....the system is broke. We have allowed the destruction of our children by removing corporal punishment from the school. Children are like any other small animal....look at a wolf or bear correct a pup or is quick and to the point....and then life goes own. In our system? the child is made to stay after class like that is going to accomplish anything other than piss off the parents who have to come and get them since no transportation is provided.

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As for a field expediant weapon think of a variation on a water balloon launcher. You would need to practice and you would need to develop a material to use in the balloon. Think of things readily available such as bleach, 409, or other cleaning supplies....a small workout ball or a baseball might prove useful as ammo. Again, practice with what ever you think will work until you prove the idea.

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