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Depends on "WHAT" your doing..

If you are Totaly Bugging gear to replace the food after you run out.(Large BOB)..60 to 80lbs

If its 3 days and getting to a BOL..than 3 or 4 days food and GEAR..(medium BOB)...30 to 40 lbs

If its a get home bag...and your 1 day away...3 to 4 days food..and gear(small/shoulder BOB)...4 to 10 lbs


Pluss the weapons and ammo you need to carry..add to the above..


So get in shape...JMO

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6 of one half dozen of another


if you think that all the little critters will still be there do not count on it they are smart and in a few days they will realize

the TSHTF and hide see it every deer season.

If many people are wandering through your area attrition take it's toll I learned that from my father who lived through the

depression fruit trees stripped clean lakes fished to the point of needing to go further out or down creeks to find enough fish

large enough to be useful.

and a lot of illegal techniques took so many as to draw the fish population down.

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I prefer a gear heavy bag because food is a procurable luxury in the woods. Gear is a different story.


Diferent strokesfor different Folks..

I would rather EAT/be able to get food,than have all the "GEAR" in the world..


we have posted before "Gear" does not take the place of SKILLS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

and your area of Va..will be swamped with people running from Norfolk...let alone the PUSH comming from look at your Maps closley.


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Well said 101,

Ive long taken this into consideration regarding the population and my BOL is nowhere near the locale of norfolk or portsmouth or any outlying "threat". Skills most definitely are more valuable than any amount of gear or type of gear regardless of it purpose. But i prefer to have the things that would make my stay in the woods a little easier/comfortable over carrying an excess of food. I can understand how some would read this post and examine my words and thought process and think that im off my rocker but ive learned growing up in the sticks that food is there. maybe not always but more available than gloves persay. lol

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