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Long-Term Vitamin Storage

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Vitamins are extremely important for our survival, not just in an emergency situation, but in life in general. Without vitamins we succumb to disease, lose our strength, our stamina, and mental clarity. That's why I feel that it is very important to be taking multi-vitamins and minerals. However, the vitamins I tend to take (the organic kind anyway) don't have a shelf life more then a couple of months. I really wanted something like this in my BOB. Now does anybody know anyway to store vitamins and keep them fresh? Does anyone know of any high quality multi-vitamins with a long shelf life perhaps?

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try using nitrogen in a mason type jar oxygen is the only enemy of vitamins it oxidizes the components


nitrogen is heavier than air so you need only to use enough to fill the jar and seal it and use a jar sealer with a


food vacuum sealer machine I got the regular and large jar sealers from bass pro shops get the hose / nipple kit to attach


to the food sealer.


use the small jelly jars on deep jars you need to use a piece of tubing {wand} with a hose to purge air from the bottom up.


stirring and probing up and down to flush air out and allow nitrogen to replace the air.


this works for metal parts to prevent rust and nitrogen is dry no moisture.


you can get it from welding supply companies I rent my torch bottles the oxygen could be used in an emergency


acetylene is not necessary there are propane oxygen cutting kits it takes longer to cut as it does not get as hot


but if your not planning on doing a lot of cutting it's a great way to have a torch and a fuel that has more than one use


I also buy CO2 I make my own sodas using soda stream mixes I can make 8 to 9 ---2 liters from one small drink mix


using a 5 pound bottle and a beverage regulator with a soda valve and hose using 40 pounds of pressure gives you


a soda fountain quality drink 5 pounds lasts a long long time other units that use CO2 cartridges require 16 grams


{1 large BB gun cartridge} to make one 2 liter that is expensive as they are a buck each.


gas is your friend if you know what and how to use it..and most are easy to obtain and store as long as they are closed.


and make children understand that gasses are and can be deadly people breath helium and make fun talking like


donald dufus and it's funny but you can collapse a lung breathing non oxygen gases even pure oxygen can cause a problem


your body is meant to use 21 % O2 slightly more if your injured is fine like 3 liters per minute ask Dr. bones and nurse Amy.


an oxygen rich environment is deadly and will burn 10 times faster or almost an explosion you can be incinerated in an instant.


diving with mixed gas and using and being in a hyperbaric chamber one lesson taught was taking a breath of oxygen


and blowing it through a lit cigaret it burns like a super fast fuse if the components have combustible properties it will explode.


gas vapors cling to clothing even hair this includes fuel vapors gasoline diesel propane natural gas etc...


have some experience in firefighting and burning {as in on fire} 1st and deep 2nd degree


lack of concentration leads to incineration and sometimes it's just part of the risk you take.


I am not a doctor but have played doctor { i like it} , information is given for informational use only

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