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Asteroid Anyone?

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Low orbit ...It may hit some space trash and bounce into a new path?


they already said the it will come closer than some communications, and spy satellites' orbits.


This should be FUN!!!

Oh wait its a nation disaster..ok give up your guns...JOKING!!!

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Well I hate to be the bearer of bad new {really not but} if it would have been an Iron with iridium or some other components


there would have been a small problem like the Tunguska event like many simple things it takes just one minor flaw and oops!


We are in a precarious situation in the world today one domino falls and they all go down.


No one will know the time or place of an event that will shake the world to it's core if it be agronomic, astrological, biological,


gamma rays, geological, magnetic, meteorological, monetary, nuclear, political, religious, surreptitiously, viral, wasting. xrays


NO ONE KNOWS that is why being prepared is so important, every major event has happened and will happen again.


I think we are balanced on a razors edge and the slightest anomaly will send it over and like the saying catch a falling knife,


it has connotations to the investment sector world political theater and intelligence circles everything has cracks around the


edges and structural weaknesses every day we hear of brute force hacking into agencies and companies that are the glue


that binds our society together.


And yet sheeple walk around oblivious or hostile toward any preparations or plans until lives or money are lost, then all we


have are the "I told you so bunch", asking all the pertinent questions way to late.


If I must lay it out for you then your not watching the news or reading periodicals on economy politics religion or the


doomsday clock events, something is poised to happen what I am guessing when soon how long I don't know but


if history is any indication it would last a decade or more and it's severity I could only overlay a known past event to


a global melt down.


When that happens like rats off a sinking ship they will grasp and claw onto anything that gives them a promise of


sustenance or survival, it's a cold cruel world I think many forget that.

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