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pope resigns

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If he exists he's probably a politician........hint hint


Sure he does exists, it's pope Obama. It's " change you can believe in ", quoted by lucifer him self. I can asure you that what he tells us that he's going to do, it's always been the opposite.










In GOD I Trust, Everyone else keep your hands where I can see them!

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Not being a Catholic I have no idea of the ramifications, BUT The Pope did hold the line and would not


reverse church ethics and did his job even though many were against the hard line stance.


the basic beliefs are universal in mainstream churches and Christians I applaud his stance and my only worry


a future Pope will dilute the message and that would be detrimental to all faiths.


If your not a Christian I will put it this way you have played card games all your life all of them have rules


you wake up tomorrow and all the rules have changed and nothing is set in stone each game with each person or group would


have to be defined before play even laws concerning these games would change as there would be only the pre agreed rules


to judge by in other words total anarchy.


marriage would take a hit contraception weather your for or against it it would make you pay for others even if you


were against it also abortion this could be a huge can of worms and more like Pandora's box


I imagine it like Russia during the revolution most people though it was the beginning of a new wonderful world of equality


after 40 million were murdered not so much block captains {local snitches} purging of any dissidents even complaining of waiting in line for bread got you shot.


Sheeple want gay marriage abortion on demand women in combat and free medical they are about to reap the whirlwind


sometimes the worst thing you can get is what you want or ask for.


I like watching the winners of the lotto many it destroys and those who's ambitions are down to earth survive but neither


without their problems.


Rome gave in to many social and personal wishes of the masses and used the Colosseum to entertain while their empire


crumbled around them I see this on a national down to a personal level on another thread it shows groups of people


interacting on electronic devices and ignoring those around them.


I pray the next Pope is as true to his roots as his predecessor.

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Sorry, but where do you get this from Wally?


its the "supposidly" prophecy of the popes or st malachy(sp?)and the last pope is suppose to be not catholic by the way but found it interesting he's supose to be called peter the roman or some such variation ...

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