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Brass is available but people are not taking advantage

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Brass is available but people are not taking advantage,


I noticed on a site I frequent that the only brass people seemed concerned with are 5.56 and 7.62


jacketed projectiles are not moving at a pace I thought they should for bolt calibers.


powder primers are going for outrageous prices I am just wondering exactly what people are going to load


some brass Is available now but I think it is going to take a long time for this shortage to fix it self "IF IT CAN"


A few things crossed my mind our money is buying less and brass is made from copper and the price is rising.


The new normal can change in a few days laws restrictions and having to sign for parts and ammo not to mention


raw materials can get more expensive.


there can be issues with getting and finding reloading components in the near future for some bolt calibers


if any of you have or want reloadable brass for your not so common calibers my advice is to get it now.


especially for 6MM 7mm and 8MM the listings for good fired brass in .264 .338 are few


old calibers the brass is getting scarce like many specific savage calibers and old lever calibers


I took me a while to find 30-30 winchester brass NOW THAT'S ODD as other than 30-06 and 270 these are


the most made shells, but still all the listings I looked up as I stated with new loaded ammo it could dry up quick


my view there are 300 + million people and less than a thousand listings divided up that is another


shortage if all the ammo stock for 3 1/2 years was sold in 72 hours this may last a while and as it lingers


I think prices will go up IMHO.

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