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My Grey just went away...

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I'm about as apolitical as you can get.


I tend to be more on the conservative side with some libertarian leanings. I don't go out and work for various politicians to try and get them elected. If they put their signs on my property with out asking or me giving them permission I will throw them in the trash. Should they ask I will allow them to put their signs up <I have even let candidates that I didn't agree with put their sign up next to one I did agree with>.


But all this anti gun bullsh!t has finally gotten to me. So I did the NRA thing and sent a letter to all my federal representatives. I just had enough...


Here is a copy of what I may provide humor value if nothing else. I wish I were as eloquent as some of you, but you work with what you got...




I do not in any way means or manner support any type of a plan that will:


1.) Undermine the second amendment either through firearm restriction as to type of firearm the people can buy, or through magazine capacity.

2.) I do not and will not support any type of national registry of firearms.

3.) We do not need any new or more gun laws…what we need if for Eric Holder to get up off his dead ass and enforce the ones we currently have instead of selling guns to Mexican drug cartels, undermining the Mexican government and trying to build a case to undermine the second amendment.


Joe Biden is on record as saying that even restricting the sale of ‘assault’ style weapons would not stop another shooting such as happened at Sandy Hook. If the Vice President of this country admits that the president’s proposals will not work, why do we need the additional legislation to further restrict our rights?

I would greatly appreciate an answer to that question.

As a side note…I hear people on various news clips and talking heads making the statement that you don’t need more that a 10 round magazine for hunting. Last time I checked here in Texas you are supposed to be limited to a 5 round magazine for hunting. The second amendment has nothing to do with hunting despite the various networks trying to imply that it does.

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Great post vb..............and maybe they should review the 3rd amendment to see why we need the 2nd..........................if we are invaded I don't want to defend myself with a kitchen fork

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