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Another Montanan

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I'm another guy from Montana. I'm sure there is no shortage of us here. I guess I fall under the financial collapse tent; in other words, I suspect that our financial system in this country will be the catalyst for the downfall of this country and soon after, all others....except the countries that are not "civilized"...aka Western.


Because of my opinion that financial collapse is the most likely catalyst, I focus my preparation towards the financial end. I think that owning hard assets and things that are valuable when the power is out or you can't get food, is the most important before focusing on other things. Of course, if you are living in an area that security is an issue, you need to consider that first. Fortunately, where I live, warmth and food are the priorities. I have that covered. I live in Montana, so I am already armed to the teeth by default.


I think that many people do not consider internationalizing there assets to hedge against civil unrest on the home front. The countries that are "uncivilized" will probably be more safe, due to the fact that they have nothing to lose. It will be here in the good old USA that the problems will be most pronounced (europe too).


I spend most of my days trying to educate and inform average everyday Americans about how they can protect themselves from our government (thieves). There are ways to mitigate your exposure to their confiscatory grubby hands. I enjoy helping people avoid over paying taxes and penalties when they think about cashing in their retirement savings...401k's and IRA's. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I also assist people with moving money overseas. I have contacts in other jurisdictions who can help to this end if you have questions. I also know people in the business of purchasing survival retreat real estate. Let me know if I can help.


I think that it is important to help people out with whatever your particular skills are. Neighbors should help neighbors.

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