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Do you have STOCKS?

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water is worth more than is worth more than stocks..

I realy hope you put some extra into your preping needs...or take a vaction...


Stocks are like fiat have to trust it...

JMO if its not in my hands ..Its NOT THERE!!


but go for do what ever you think is correct...OH silver looks good right now ..under 35 an ounce..Market is slipping today..It wont hold 1400................

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yea trading is easy first do not invest money you can't live without wait right now for mini crash

{could make a new low of 6000 on the dow} then hop in buy only hard investments like chip makers {computer electronics}

not internet {air nothing of value basically they sell advertizement}


find stocks that are 5 to 10 bucks a share and move daily 15 to 25 cents with a bare minimum of 2 million shares a day

traded watch the cycle buy low sell at it's daily high even if you only make a few cents but you have to cover buy in and sale

with scott trade it is 7 bucks in and out 14 bucks so you need to buy enough to make money couple thousand shares to 5K

any more and you will tilt the averages for a while depending on the swing of the market.


The market is not organized or readable it is gambling at best but your either a day trader or a long term trader

long term needs to have faith {used in a less than religious context} every thing right now is at the all time highs

there are roughly 250 trading days a year and the nice thing is you do not HAVE to trade during any of them

I would rather be a live tiger {wait and pounce} than a dead cow {grazing every day}

and buy on the rumor and sell on the news have been fairly accurate but recently a contrariety has emerged in

order to make money large investors are pushing against the grain and when sentiment moves back they cut out

leaving the late comers in the dirt face down. use it watch a daily weekly and so forth cyclical stocks stay away if you loose your out of

investment fodder until they break even again and you have lost many weeks and months of being able to invest

your not a looser until you sell and don't sell short it has fees on top of fees.


In fact in the present tax climate I would not invest IN FACT buy insurance whole life and universal type products

give you a flat return but it is more than a bank and if you need money you can write checks a few times a year

off the account and not incur penalties {less pay off but that is to be expected but you will be dead sooooo}

no tax on withdrawing from insurance and pay back is a nominal percentage and you can cash them in

and other perks and only with large companies not unknowns.


I am not giving advice just my own experience you need to research and make the best choice for you insurance or investments

but with new capitol gains taxes in the works it will rip you a new one.


I know of a perfect investment great returns with many perks even generational income and right now it is doing well and

seems to do so in both good and bad times it takes a large up front but that is the way it is for anything worth while.

and NO it ain't Maryamkayway or lifemoreherbal not a scheme and NO you don't have to sell anything.

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I think that you should think about a few things first. The market is close to an all time high. What does that say to you? It should not say "This is a great time to buy!" It should make you wary of a bubble that has been forming for several years. When will it burst? Who knows? Will the market go even higher - short term? Maybe, or maybe it will tank tomorrow. Is there a reason for stocks to be this high, or is it just inflation? Is the economy doing great? Are there better asset classes that produce better returns? Are there safer investments? All of these things are highly personal to you.....well not all, some are universal. You need to take a look at the big picture and also the "mega trends".....where will the money be years from now? How will the economy be 3 years from now...5 years? Buying stocks is a rich man's game and most people lose their behinds gambling on "hot" stocks. Now, if you have everything else covered, then sure, what the hell, gamble. But if you don't have guns, ammo, housing, and food covered, get those first. And high cap mags look like a good investment right now!;)

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I can see 22 rimfire ammo costing $1 each, one day. Would i be selling any? Fat Chance. In reality i've known afew people loose almost everything in the stock market. I would listen to Longboat he's got it right.

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I have a Roth IRA centered around mutual funds. You're probably a novice at this hence the question, and no I didn't mean that in a negative way. Financial planning is one of the top areas of prepping you should focus on because it's longterm, and you will definitely need it. The rest of the things we supply ourselves with are for the "what if" situations although you should certainly do this. In fact, after your salvation, insurance, and retirement are the biggest things to plan for in my book.


Mutual funds are pooled funds from many (potentially tens of thousands) people invested in stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and similar securities. These funds are professionally managed. For example, I have an interest in Microsoft, Oracle, Schlumberger, Biogen, Comcast, Phillip Morris, Verizon, Novartis, Royal Dutch Shell, AT&T, GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer, Nestle, Anheuser-Busch, Samsung, Dow Chemical, Home Depot, General Motors, and many many other large companies you've heard of. I have this because I invest in funds, such as The Investment Company of America, Amcap, and a few others that manage these accounts. This is in contrast to purchasing stock specifically and individually in each of those brands listed above. I think it's a better avenue particularly because it doesn't take a lot of knowledge or management and also because you're diversified. If, for example, Oracle went belly up then no big deal for me really because I've got my money pooled rather than focused on Oracle.


All that said, these types of investments are extremely volatile right now, and I could potentially lose every dollar I have invested in them. For that reason, because I am not a true risk taker, I have stopped investing continued funds. In the last couple of years I have focused on saving what I would have otherwise invested, and last year I started buying gold and silver although that also carries risk.

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at least your doing something no one knows it is a matter of "prepping" we prep for all manner of disasters and fictional scenarios

that we know can or have happened in the past with some variation.


Longboat Retirement your on track I think the market could be at an all time high but none of us are clairvoyant.


I like to give acknowledgement where it's due but I cannot find the source but the Idea is sound


first things first water food equipment / preps homestead and so forth then worry about silver gold investing etc


I have been serious in getting ready since 1999 not thinking Y2K was not going to be overcome I figured many other problems


could have dire consequences for me as an individual this is the one scenario the nay sayers do not comprehend the world


may be just fine but your world could go to hell quick disability injury long term unemployment regional disparity.


Many of us realize and or have seen these pariah's of human existence at work if we prepare we can sidestep very


uncomfortable situations that would ruin or destroy others.


I met a man dying of cancer he was in the last days of his life BUT he had property and a makeshift shelter out of a


box van and a power pole with a well and septic a friend was taking him food etc. is how I met him he lived OK not


anything more than basics fan, light, tv on an antenna, radio a hot plate and a mini fridge we hear about all the


support for people but we called and no one came out even in his last days hospice was not called my friends wife


took care of him until the end he had no family and finally he was buried by the county.


if he would not have had the land water and a place he would have had a much harder time.


my neighbor and friend died under similar circumstances he had more savings and resources so he had more creature comforts.


and hospice was on site for about a week.


under the new medical system I think it could be even more challenging prepping is your life line in hard times.

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at least your doing something no one knows it is a matter of "prepping" we prep for all manner of disasters and fictional scenarios

that we know can or have happened in the past with some variation.




I usually have no idea what you're saying, and, in this instance, I still don't. Financial planning is definitely prepping. Just because it doesn't involve survival or disasters it's still preparing. The majority of Americans live to an old age and retire. It's both prudent and reasonable to prepare, or prep, for that.

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Of course I am prepping for the same thing ArkansasFan30


but my outlook is rapid inflation same as having enough for retirement, only a slightly different perspective I'll need more .


and historically every so often a financial calamity so hard assets like silver gold equipment like mills tractors w/ implements


etc. and having paid off home and lands keeps people out of the street. working and viable in hard times just in case your


401K tanks your home value sinks to a new low and taxes run rampant OH wait that has happened and is going to again


30 year mortgages are not paid off in 7 years or less the market tanked and now they are saying it's back? from where


all those loans were paid off by the home mortgages fairy? no the banks were allowed to carry a second set of books with


only bad loans on them so of course they are making money if I could hide all my debts and only show income I would


have open ended credit.


I do not advocate not investing or financial planning BUT numerous banks have been fined and securities and investment


groups have been fined for taking advantage of elderly and uninformed investors using innocuous charges and hidden fees


as well as the outright scamming of investors so tell us to whom we might trust in when it comes to financial planning.


financial planners are like crystal ball gazers or tea leaf readers. they have no more insight than anyone who studies the


markets intently.


My mother who is now deceased and a few friends were slammed by cornerstone without stain investment companies


screwed them royally so prudent and reasonable be damned have a good lawyer and bookkeeper who are well versed in


tax and investment law because more than a few make money the old fashioned way they skim or steal it IMO.

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I keep joking to my old lady (term of endearment) that I want to invest in alcohol, tobacco, tans, and donuts, lol. I feel like you'll never go out of business. A liquor store, a discount tobacco outlet, a tanning salon, and a donut shop. Around here the parking lots are always full, lol.

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I keep joking to my old lady (term of endearment) that I want to invest in alcohol, tobacco, tans, and donuts, lol. I feel like you'll never go out of business. A liquor store, a discount tobacco outlet, a tanning salon, and a donut shop. Around here the parking lots are always full, lol.


Especially the Donut shops................they seem to never go under

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I am a bit wary of mutual funds. Often they are called diversified....but they are only diversified within the US stock market. I think you will find that when the "market" goes down, the vast majority of stocks go down as a group...that's what causes the market to go down. Investing in hard assets like land and metals provides further diversification. Investing overseas increases the diversification even further. All of these things can be done, but not through standard Wall Street institutions. The real reason for the creation of retirement accounts that are managed by the Wall Street gang is to....imagine that, make the Wall Street goons fabulously rich by charging hidden fees for this "management". There are ways to get your retirement money into your own hands...literally, and invest in hard assets like metals and land, or invest offshore, or bury it in a hole if you would like. I have done a little of each of these.

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Two books to READ...


Aftershock (2nd Edition) and The Dollar Meltdown.


YouTube to watch...


It's over an hour. I have watched it about 5 times to graple with it. Mike Maloney is a sales guy but he does a brilliant job of explaining our monetary system, Fed, currency, money, gold and silver.


Due to tax implications, which we cannot afford, we cannot move our money out of IRAs and 401(k)s. HOWEVER, for parts of the IRAs, we have discovered several NEW types that allow you to invest in precious metals DIRECTLY (you have to find your own dealer and storage facility). The IRS has sanctioned these new ones, although not many people know about them. Due to the retirement age rules and required minimum distributions, you have to keep these metals out of your personal access (not at home and not at your bank).


Both books describe sectors of the economy to STAY OUT OF for the time being.


Anyway, I realize some people are not in the market. However, some of us got in years before we discovered how crazily our nation is changing and we cannot get out without paying crazy taxes. Plus, we have personally decided to remain in some sectors to diversify our selves...that old "don't put all your eggs in one basket" approach.


Do what you can with what you've got. Best thing - inform yourself. These books are fantastic!

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Mommy Liberty,


I'll say it again. You do not need to pay taxes or penalties to get your hands on your money and buy physical metals that you can hold......I repeat....don't pay the taxes if you don't have to. YOU CAN have control of your money. I HAVE DONE IT MYSELF. I am not reading about it...and I didn't hear about some guy saying that you could on youtube. I have done it and continue to help others do it. If you would like some help, let me know. I am always trying to help people out with this information, but for some reason it is hard to get across. THERE ARE NO TAX IMPLICATIONS IF YOU DO IT CORRECTLY.

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when the economy rolls back in colored stones do well rubies emeralds etc..


every ting is high right now in fact I think at a near all time high I am waiting for a correction


some of this is due to the sequester some are betting on a agreement that would send stocks higher


I still look for a fallout back to a point between 6 and 8 thousand on the dow but if you have less than 50 thou


look to buy land instead with basic water sewer / septic and power homes are not a plus as they can be gutted by thieves


for copper or vandalized but improved land can be rented for mobile homes and even better travel trailers as if the mobile


home goes into foreclosure it can take some time to work through.


an extra piece of property may be more friendly investment look for tax seizures from local tax offices you need to go there


get a list of properties and look them over for signs of any problems like flooding access issues or incurred cleanup fees


one problem here are old junk yards even though they get picked up they are never clean talk to neighbors if they are asses


you may not want to buy there many people make a good living buying and selling land once you have a sale you can sell off


the note get your cash and do it again but don't get into the trap of holding too many properties as taxes and rental cleanups


from trashy renters can be a significant drain on cash buy sell and cut loose and move on to the next deal.


tax lien property can produce a profit on just the earnest money in that case it is worth holding having a contract that


includes taxes need to be in a escrow account keeps you protected from sellers remorse or their financial troubles as it gives


you a way to repossess for non payment, if a property has no residence makes it easier to move or remove to repossess.


each state has laws concerning all these issues there is much information online get educated and take advantage of tax lien



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    • Онлайн Кредиты Алматы
      Где взять займ с плохой ки?
      Как оформить денежный кредит?
      Гибкие условия возврата
      Быстрое решение по вашей заявке!
      Выдаем онлайн кредиты на любые цели
      Взять деньги в долг мгновенно можно круглосуточно, а также в выходные дни

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