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Welcome to the machine I am here to reintroduce myself

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why do you have to antagonize people all the time??


because I CAN it's America the FREE means I can do what i WANNA otherwise its a PC world and only PC speak can be uttered


for all those leftist that want to shut everyone up that does not suck their azz now they want to figure out a way to


silence or shut down Fox news and rush limbaugh as well as anyone who does not walk and talk as they do.


if the black panthers waking around with shotguns with impunity does not make you question just what is going on


then I do not know what to say.


but yea I am having fun an a week my new trousseau will be in I am still looking for Aladdin curly toed slippers


and I am getting a little tassel for my beanie or a propeller ......still considering that one.


karacul hat made from aborted lamb fetuses made famous by Hamis Karzi president of Afghanistan or hey a Moroccan Fez


now wouldn't that be cool with some neat embroidery.

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I opted for the fez with the propeller on it...had to get a chin strap for it though...otherwise it came off when I tried to fly around the room with it.


Wish people would quit trying to look up my dress as I fly by though.

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So does it mean I cant HUG somebody while wearing my PIG SKINN JACKET????


Say Its not so snake...


What about pork grease for sprinkling as holy water? And a pig foot on a stick for a scepter.

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vis 9 now that acceptable because I am from a new pork friendly sect "swine is divine" LOL and a pig skin jacket is cool


VB ruined my idea I dont want to be confused with the flying nun so I guess the propeller is out


101 matt if that is a jacket made of fried PORK SKINS OK....just bring some salsa...

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