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Gransfors Bruk Wildlife Hatchet

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I received my GB Wildlife hatchet today and all I can say is WOW!!! What a great tool. Hand forged in Sweden. You can literally shave with it too. Definitely the best feeling handle I have found to date. I didn't get mine from Amazon, but i included this link so that you could see what it looks like.

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Ready?4What? WOW I don't think I paid that much for my first pistol NEW LOL


I remember buying a 1911 for 69 bucks released from post office.


looks like a recast of the original hatchet made years ago by svenson or some nordic name was a lifetime tool


this looks like it will be with you a long time.

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Yes, definitely a lifetime tool. I already had a "chinese" hatchet, but I was tired of toys. The metal in that thing was so bad that it was dangerous. This one is MUCH better.


Wish i could find a 1911 for $69 these days...


Yeah, I'd love a $69 1911. Closest thing I have is a $70 Ruger P93. I bought 2 before the craziness and sold one. Paid for all but $70 of the other one and gained a magazine.


The 19" handle on the small forest axe I really like. The Hunters axe is about the same size and looks real nice too. The 19" isn't so long that it's awkward to put in or strap to a pack and it allows a decent 2 handed swing which really adds power. It's still handy one handed also. My little mini belt hatchet I got for backpack hunts where every ounce counts. It's just big enough to cut kindling to feed my little Kifaru stove and drive my tent stakes. It was awful expensive for what it is though, definitely not one to buy if you don't have a specific use for it. It chops equal to or a little better than a big knife and is lighter.

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I fear the days of buying a pallet of anything worth a sh*t at your local GS is waning I can remember going into


a few places and they had oak barrels jammed full of rifles and racks full of off brand like western field or ted williams


or military rifles from 6.5 carcano 17 enfields 98 mausers with mis matched serial numbers Turks and Spanish


8MM lebell's 6.5 X55 swiss talk about a deer killing mOchine and bolt action shotguns galore


then the pistol wall Lahiti's huge ugly thing it was ballister molina 45 ACP numerous old 32's fn and others ugly as


your best friends sister, but you would go out with her anyways if the price was right tables full of military ammo


8MM mauser a buck and a half a box 30 carbines of all mfg's rockola singer union switch & signal underwood winchester


03A3 original with front sight hood VZ 24 with crest all matching serials w/ a original Bayonet


AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAA I hate myself trading all that Damn good stuff Wather 9X18 ultra and 2 mags with the only box of


bullets in Houston even worse A CZ75 mint in the box with papers and target from the factory HOLY crap on a cracker

A Walther WA2000 in 308 win and a H&K P 13 and a P-9S in 45 ACP banging my head against the table.


I got sellers remorse it's worse than what I have heard shingle feels like I think I am going to cry myself to sleep damn 38 super colt series 70 factory nickle with a 9MM barrel and mags and a model 547 smith & wesson OMG..........


yea whip out your plastisch piece "O" crap and tell me how wonderbar und BITE ME all this new stuff is total crap

nine sprechen de shizen, das plastisch ist fur HUMPIN" und Grunten un frau swinehunt.


sorry lost it there for a bit I am back now whew that was close wanted to stay in my blue steel dream back when a closet was where you hung your clothes and not where people came out of and gay meant happy and the rainbow was a thing of beauty

and you could smoke a damn cigaret in any damn place you wanted and penicillin WORKED.



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