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Compact Militarized Sleeping Bags

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Great compact sleeping bags! Made in Australia and used by militaries around the world, these bags are small and lightweight, with the largest bag weighing only 4lbs. All bags are the same size with differing amounts of isolation. These bags look really great. Here's a little tip! 20% of the listed price for a limited time with coupon code: nutnfancy

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I remember seeing some similar looking sleeping bags at Cabelas awhile back. There was an actual size difference between the various bags depending on the temp rating.


Don't remember the price off the top of my head.

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My view is different than for those who intend camp


I have never owed a sleeping bag when I was a kid my father gave me one he had an old mummy


He slept in a couple of wool blankets and a oiled canvass tarp.


I use a similar setup carrying dual clothing for hot and cold weather and a sleeping bag is a bit much.


My tarp doubles as a cover for my pack and gear if it is wet out and a ground sheet


a doubled blanket with some cord around chest and the other one doubled over your shoulders makes a good


double jacket over your primary.


remaining dry is more important than toasty warm here there are a lot of creeks and rivers and swamps


not to mention very thick brush adding something I cannot flatten and put under my pack is not something I can


use it is too bulky.


in areas that are very cold and lots of snow with not a lot of thick brush I think it is a good choice to have a sleeping bag.


I have found that they are not durable when used continuously over a few moths.


One thing I like to emphasize if your prepping for bugging out or being on your own for a long period of time then there


is no supply chain to support you when your gear fails or becomes rotten and moldy in every area you need to deal with the


weather dry and gritty grinds fabric to pieces certain fabrics are not suitable some areas it rains for months at a time.


or heavy snow everyone will need to investigate the areas they intend to move through and understand the pitfalls to


each type and brand of gear even make up their own and test it in the field.


A tarp makes a hammock, half shelter, ground sheet, shooters mat to prevent muzzle blast from giving away your position


a wind break, sun shade, fire shield dry bag to move gear across water as well as many other uses.


wool blankets can filter make a litter used to separate hulls of grain {and old threshing method} rolled or folded for a


pad or pillow or rolled into an extra pack for found goods, and have an extra dry clean one.


having a singular piece of equipment for a singular use just does not get it for me I have noticed that people who raft or


kayak have their sleeping bag in a dry sack this is a good idea for anything your intending on having for sleeping gear


and other survival gear that needs to remain dry.

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For BOB tents, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags I'd look at places like REI, Altrec, Back Country, and Moose Jaw. There are some things that ultralight backpackers users that are well rated and very lightweight and compact (as well as pricey), but you could go camping, hiking with it, etc.


If I had to evacuate, i.e. the only reason I'd bug out, I'd go indoors somewhere else, so this element to bugging out isn't critical for me.


The Sportsman's Guide has Gore-Tex bivy covers on sale right now for about $50 I think if you're looking to militarize a more quality civilian kit.

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