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heavy chevy

what do you carry when recreational boating/fishing?

Am i good to go?  

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I have 18ft Chaparral bay boat with a mercury 3L engine that I use for recreational purposes, I love my boat and being out on the water. So I thought that since the weather will start to warm up very soon out here in beautiful Southern California I should reevaluate what I carry on my boat aside from what is required to comply with the U.S. Coast Guard i.e. life jackets, flares, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, oar/paddle, and radio communication. So here is a list of items i carry with me on outing no matter the length of time ill be out.


- 1 case of bottled water

- 2 bags of cvs snacks pretzels and chips sort of thing

- 1 Life Gear LED flashlight/spotlight *see description below.

- fishing tackle box and 3 poles (if im out early)

- 1 fully charged 80g Ipod to blast some tunes

- green and red glow sticks 2 of each (port and starboard markers on the bow)

- 1 G.I. poncho

- mooring/docking line about 30 ft

- 50ft of bungees cord tow line for the inner tube

- 1 spray can sunscreen

- 1 suncreen lotion tube

- 2 cans of tanning lotion, which was left behind by white people lol I tan naturally

- 2 fixed blade knives

- 1 cooler with about 10lbs of ice

- hand tools limp home repair items

I dont have a bimini top just a canopy type thing that incloses the entire boat from the front glass to the back.


Sometimes I carry my S&W governor and load it with PDX defender .410 or Federal .410 000 Buck, but that was only out in Mississippi I and still a little fuzzy on if I can do that here in California although I think Im good to go. I also never go out alone.


In the next few weeks I will be adding a bow light just incase.


* this life gear light is awesome it has a red light that will remain solid or blink and is water tight, so it floats and it also has a water tight compartment that I stuffed with zip ties, matches, lighter, hand warmers, benedryl, nausea pill, pen, and some spider wire and hooks with clinch weights. Look it up its great for any type of emergency type situation and runs on 4 AA batteries.


I guess thats all I can think about at the moment, I follow all the rules of boating and leave notes and fb where i will be launching my boat from the standard stuff.





Im open to advice and critiquing and would like to know what special gear you might carry in your boat.

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I'm usually catfishing on remote rivers from my specialized boat that only airboats can beat in shallow water. If I have trouble I'm on my own, but I like the remote places and that's part of it. My boating is much different than yours, most of this may not apply for you but here it is.


I always have a knife and my Leatherman Wave multi-tool on me.


Spare ignition key for the boat


I add a good anchor with plenty of rope for the waters I boat in, the only emergency brake you have on a boat. I use the Richter river anchor, kinda expensive but they really hold. I make floats for my anchor rope also, I take a 32oz gatorade bottle and drill a small hole in the cap. I run a piece of cord through the hole and tie a big knot on the inside, then tie the end on the outside of the cap to a clip that will snap tightly over my anchor rope. Then I superglue the cap on and put another drop of glue over the hole in the cap to seal it. Last I paint the bottle a bright color. I attach the bottle to the end of the anchor rope every time I drop anchor, then if I ever have to quickly turn loose the anchor I can go back find the bottle floating the anchor rope and re-claim it later.


Spotlight (rechargable or works with 12V adapter) and extra bright LED flashlight to navigate the boat after dark.


Jumper pack in a waterproof ammo can to jump a dead battery. Also can plug the spotlight into it.


My fishing bag is a stormproof bag from Cabelas. It holds extra ammo, dry clothing (boots, socks, long pants, light jacket, military poncho). If I break down and have to walk for help I don't want to do it in my river sandals and shorts through poison ivy and sting nettles. Fire kit, water, flashlight, weather radio, batteries, and fishing gear.


My life jacket has a fixed blade Gerber whitewater knife attached to it and a small survival kit pocket with a mini mag XL50 flashlight, lighter, firesteel, pill bottle of vaseline coated cotton balls, emergency mylar bivy sack, water treatment tablets,and an oven bag (holds water to treat).


I also like to always have a stout boat stick along. This is just an 8-10ft piece of stout but lightweight wood that I can use to push off of things that could otherwise damage my boat. Boating with friends going to pull up to a dock or trailer in windy conditions I've missed it. I think it could save lots of dings to their ski boats by slowing down the impact or handing one end to the person on the dock to let them help guide the boat in. By the time someone can reach over the side of the boat to absorb the impact by hand it is often to late.


I always carry a gun, and so does my fishing partner. It is legal where we go to carry open, and we are both CCW permit holders for the trip there and back. The areas I'm in are great places for meth labs, pot fields, etc because they are so remote. Only thing I've needed it for is poisonous snakes to close to camp and a few sick racoons or possums out moving in the daylight. Also the boat ramps I use in the middle of the night are in high crime areas. I have a 20yr old plain Chevy work truck that I strip of absolutely everything of value when I go to those ramps so there is nothing but a rusted out truck and rusty boat trailer to steal. I read a poll on a catfish forum one time, with several hundred reply's 78% of those who answered carry a gun while fishing. We haven't ever been messed with at the ramps.


My boating is way different from yours, but maybe you can use something from all that.

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Sounds like you have a decent 'EDC' type supplies assembled... ontop of your required boating gear.

have you given any thought to lights and signaling? You likely have your CG radio... but one never knows.


I carry the red and green glow sticks to signal oncoming boaters my starboard and port side, plus I have a VHF radio to keep me in touch with other boaters.

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I just remembered I carry Green and Red Glow sticks to tape to the bow incase my bow lights go out for some reason. Catfish Hunter I'm gonna find a way to make a float for the anchor line I like the idea of ditching the anchor momentarily.

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I always liked making a list like that back when we camped out more. Any time you get there and are missing something you just add it to the list. Before long, you have it complete for your checklist before taking off. Makes a trip that more complete.

Nice boat btw

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carry fire making kit as you may need to shelter up on the bank GHB is just as needed in a boat as on land


that is why I have told folks to use dry sacks in their BOB's never know what when or why you will end up


in a situation rivers here flood with a storm hundred miles away and you could be in the woods in the water and next day


you and your boat could be high dry and lost.


emergencies do not give any indication of their duration nature or wet dry sand blasting lava asteroids fire smoke


hail ice snow wind or combinations add in man made problems does a train go over the river lake or coast your at?


yea I love those TV interviews we were not prepared for X it never happend here before well no sh*t thats why it's


an emergency or disaster and they can happen while your fishing in the early 40's a lake I lived on disappeared


14 miles long 3 miles wide and gone in less than 2 hours people on the lake had a hard time getting to shore as the mud


was very deep in some areas .


2 people went fishing and were never seen again gators were suspected boat was found and a intense search produced


no results.


now you know why I carry a small propane or mapp gas bottle torch with a flint striker


wet or dry if I need fire or heat I am not waiting on rubbing 2 sticks together


have some soft wood wedges and an extra boat plug with a hammer a hole is easily plugged with a cut to fit


piece of wood wedge.


if you can get moving forward fast enough you can pull the plug and water will drain out as long as your moving that is why

I have a plug inside not from outside in.


do not allow your transom to become a trash pit have double the recommended amount of bilge pump gpm's in 2 pumps


run separately / independently fire extinguishers ABC type and a dry chemical type.


inboard engines require venting or you may get an explosion from vapor in the bilge if there is any question open the cowel

let air out a minute and start the engine especially if you have flooded the engine.


have an extra bulb and male and female connectors and fittings for your fuel can or engine taps to patch fuel line with

proper size hose clamps.


if your in water that has critters that are know to eat people a emergency inflatable is in order in a UV protected container

co2 inflator would be advisable.


I carry a couple of road flares


in a vessel or boat emergency aerial flares and a marine radio and a gun there are more things in heaven and


earth than are dreamed of in your philosophy {paraphrased}.


In 2009, the Coast Guard counted 4,730 accidents that involved 736 deaths, 3,358 injuries and approximately $36 million dollars of damage to property as a result of recreational boating accidents. Three-fourths (75%) of all fatal boating accidents in 2009 resulted from drowning. EIGHTY-FOUR PERCENT WERE NOT WEARING LIFE JACKETS! Seven out of ten who drowned were in open motorboats less than 21 feet in length.


boats and boating is not a cheap thrill if you go cheap your going to pay and it could be with your life as seen above.

SH*T happens prepping does not stop at the waters edge and every animal drinks and if your close enough and their hungry

scared or fall into your boat your now living in interesting times.

unless you have a phone in a water tight bag or a radio or left information on route your return with emergency numbers

of lake river or coast guard your in deep sh*t.

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Tube tent


Space Blankets

Survival straw water filter


Fire making kit

Small medical kit

100% military DEET bug lotion

2 flashlights

Signal flare

Small mess kit

Small tool kit

Tiny Radio

Tea and Coffee


Bushman Knife

Snake Charmer 410


Small Fishing Kit



I tell my wife all the time that if it gets ugly I’ll beach it and spend the night. Now days I always have cell phone so at least she won’t have to wonder. If worse comes to worse I’ll beach it and walk out. I fish Rivers in an area where during the week you might not see a boat every day. Most of the lakes have a lot of cabins and camps but the rivers are sort of hard on those when they flood. I’m not worried about food unless I plan on being without for over a week. I just want to be out of the rain, warm and secure. Give me a little something warm to drink and a candy to suck on and I’ll be fine. All this is in a small tote and it goes with me even when I go out in someone else’s boat.

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Two things I did not see (apologies if I missed it); ALWAYS file a float plan with someone who WILL notify the authorities if you are not back on time. I heard of a case where the person with the float plan didn't want to get the boater in trouble so they spent an extra 3 days adrift!


Second thing, you've got the right stuff with you IF AND ONLY IF you are still on the boat! I have a BOB, not just all the stuff but an actual bag, in my truck in case I have to abandon it. If you have to abandon the boat (engine fire?) or it abandons you quickly (holed and sunk) have you lost your stuff? A bag with a floatation device and a strobe that is water activated gives you the chance to have some stuff with you, regardless of what happens. Perhaps I'm paranoid but the number of sinkings I've heard about where the folks had a leisurely abandon ship opportunity are rare. Even when they have, it hasn't always turned out well. Think Marie Celeste .


Just my not so humble opinion.

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LOL, my necessities bag has a self inflating life-vest in it or on it and if it goes in the drink it just bobs right to the surface. You are VERY right. It does you no good if it goes down with the boat. LOL. Everything I need is in one bag that goes with me anytime I go into a boat whether it is mine or someone else's.

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OK, guys, just saw on the news, some guy put a flare gun in his pocket to go fishing. As he reached in his pocket to take it out on the boat, he 'half-cocked' the hammer and let it slip. Now he is trying to sue Orion because THEIR 12 gauge flare gun caused massive burns on his leg. REALLY? I'm sorry the guy was burned but give me a break! He mishandle the gun and HE is the one filing suite. The company did not have "proper holstering/storage instructions" with the gun.

Zombie Bait!


Just my not so humble opinion.

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They will probably have to include, "do not fire flare while it is in your pocket" the the fifty pages of warnings that come eith the one page of instructions...sorta like the warning that comes with an electric iron that says "Do not iron clothes while wearing them"...


If the poor dumb homominimus fried his testicles so that he couldn't have kids I would call it "Evolution in ACTION!"

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