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AM/FM/Short Wave For the Cache

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OK- I am really tire of of trying to find a plain old radio to listen to the news and information on. I have tried several and so far they seem to be complete junk. Poor reception, poor speaker quality, poor everything. Who knows what I should try next?

I think I want the following features:



Rechargeable by crank or plug in(and not take forever to charge)(Should run 30 minutes on a charge)

AM FM Shortwave Bands

GOOD to Great reception

Sturdily built

External jack for antenna add on.(Could live without this if the reception is GREAT

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You must have a "good one" then. I have three fairly powerful fm stations within 6 miles of me. I can only get one, and that one bleeds thru over the whole dial on that eton. The station knob is frictionless and moves on its own to drift off that one station.


Would you like to buy another one for a backup? If I had 2 of these, I'd still have none.

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I have a grundig fr200 i,ve had it since mid nineties not too thrilled w recepyion, buy you can add an antenna to it, it also recieves sw, three aaa have powered it several hours a week for over a year now, they're getting weak, but still plays, the flashlight i don't really use just the radio, it also has a hand crank to charge a seperate set of batteries i really like it, but the price has gone through the roof as i got mine for like 50 bucks...

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This little guy has been awesome to me so far. Pretty great reception, extandable antennae, digital clock, receives AM, FM and CB. It runs on 3 AAA's, but you could also power it a USB to Mini USB cable. I don't think it "charges" it. But it runs off the source while plugged in. A hand crank would work, or preferably a solar powered source could power it. Maybe rechargeable AAA's and a dynamo or solar charger would work best? That or just have enough batteries on you.

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I have a couple of the kaito radios no bigger than a small canned ham very light I keep it in the original box in a 20MM ammo can

with many other electronic and flash drives with desiccant to keep dry and protection from EMP...also easy grab and go.


I like the 500 and 650 models as they use a tactile tuner versus digital although digital has some merit in a survival


situation the less digital to me the better as if the back light goes out your guessing I like a visual mechanical band




it comes with all the features that you need in any emergency situation. It comes with a High quality AC type brushless generator. The solar panel powers the radio by itself and charges the built-in batteries as well. To maximize the sunlight’s rays, the solar panel is designed to tilt with the suns position to receive the energy during the day time. On the bottom side of the solar panel is a 5 LED reading lamp that you can use in poorly lit conditions. The radio is built with a multi-function LED flashlight. The super bright LED on the side can be used as a flashlight.




The 7 Band Weather radio precisely gives you weather bands. The weather alert feature enables you to receive the alert signal when a disaster arrives.






6 Ways of Power:


1. Dynamo Cranking Power: 120 turns per minute of cranking will power the built in Ni-MH battery pack with strong current and voltage.


2. Solar Panel Power: Under the direct sunlight, the solar panel will power the radio without a problem.


3. AA Batteries: You can use 3 normal AA batteries to run the radio for maximum reception.


4. A built-in Rechargeable battery pack.


5. AC adaptor charge from the 3.5 mm jack. (Optional)


6. Charge from a computer via USB port.





1. 5 LED reading lamp for camping and emergency use.


2. White LED flashlight



Radio Reception


1. AM: 520-1710 KHz


2. FM: 87.00- 108.00 MHz


3. SW: 2.30MHz-23.00MHz


4. NOAA Weather Band: 7 standard bands for all stations, PLL crystal control circuit for stable reception


5. Weather Alert: To be activated by weather alert signals.


6. Temperature


7. Thermometer


8. 2 Alarm Clocks


9. Sleep Mode up to 90 minutes and infinity.


10. 100 Memories on all bands





1. Earphone


2. USB Cord


AC adaptor is an option, you can order online from us .Click here to order.


To power the radio with sunlight, the solar panel is deigned to tilt at any angle to receive the best sunlight

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