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First for at least one firearm have


A minimum for pistol is a couple pounds of powder that suits your caliber with reloading data


Lee powder measures {plastic dippers}


save and have at least 500 + cases and primers at least enough to load the powder you have.


a Lee hand loader kit case mouth lee primer pocket reamer removes mil crimp also and a case length gauge

with cutter head and shell holder w/ stud


A bullet mold or a couple for that caliber a round ball can be fired from a revolver using the load for the

lowest weight bullet or check tables, even home made shot shells to take birds at short range home made

shot although not as perfect it does work.

I like a truncated cone bullet and a round ball if you have a magnum get a gas check bullet design for magnum loads


have some gas checks and or a steel punch to make cardboard wads that can be used in shot or lead bullets

or shotgun loading no gaps between bullet or shot on wads!!!!

putting a gas check in the depth of a heavy bullet fill with shot comes close to the weight of the lightest bullet

cover with a cardboard wad even with mouth and roll crimp to keep in place.


This is not for a reloading thread it is sensible precautions in case of lack of supply, restrictions* or what may come.

youtube has a truck load of videos on HOW TO for shotgun rifle and pistol as well a black powder.

a black powder revolver and caps may be an idea.


being prepared means being able to maintain your equipment and without a weapon and fodder your tying

both hands behind your back.


reminder in a shituation do not disassemble beyond basic need to clean most loss of small parts happens

during this type of maintenance revolvers and autos can be functioned under diesel and it will wash clean

{take the grips and any light or laser off DUH!} and make sure it is empty and operate it under the diesel

using a tooth brush / gun wire type and bore brush and scrub bore and internal areas you can get to.

let drip dry and wipe down re lube and replace grips and your ready to go.

Know that falling into water silt and mud as well as blowing sand / dirt will collect and stop movement of internal parts tubes and hang magazines ruin springs as well as cause rust even in stainless firearms.

if this happens you need to do a clean of the firing pin area trigger group and mag.

having extra grip screw / screws and a screw driver with bits that fit properly is important.

unless in dry dirty areas i use a synthetic grease it can be applied with a plastic straw or nylon strip to get into

and between parts.

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