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WANTED : a .410 semi auto .

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ive been looking online for a while at a few sites for a reasonably priced 410 shotgun, semiauto slug shooter (that means a regular cylinder, not choked to death) id prefer on made here in america, a friend says the saiga semi auto 410s break down after a few shots, rusty springs, and bolt weakness and is a common denominator of said manufacturer, his werds, not mine. so anyone can responde here too my qwuery,

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I do not have a clue why 410 shells are more expensive than 12 or 20 and the guns are higher also


with the ammo shortage 410's are the least made ammo except for 6.5 carcano so there ya go a gun and no ammo.


but try to find a Remington 1100 on gunbroker like wally mentioned.


I am just not a fan of the 410 it is still loud not any more distance and power except stopping power as per payload weight.


shoots like a rifle with slugs up to 100 yards so a miss is still a miss and weight to power ratio no big winner there either.


so if it were not an extra barrel in a set I would not bother.


I am totally lost with the whole judge 410 / 45 colt combo looks like a paper weight for godzilla it is not fast to get into action


or nimble nor small and speed loaders if some exist would seem to make this even more bulky.


why not just go with a 44 mag snub with glaser safety slugs. or fragmenting ammo. then if you wanted to kill a grizzly bear


you could use buffalo bore 300 grain magnums +.


LOL with shot shells it would still have a lethal range good enough for snakes and birds.

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Supply and demand is the rule of most things but it doesn't actually seem to apply to ammo all the time. 


I like the 410 for certain specific uses. It is light, the Ammo is light and it can be reloaded with less powder and shot than other gauges. I like it for a game getter for bunnies and squirrels. It also is pretty good for a light home defense weapon with some of the new defense loads. I'm thinking about looking far a 410 pump. Right now all I own is single shot 410s. I like the 20 gauge for the same reason. If I'm defending my familly I want a 12 ga but for most other things the smaller gauges work as well. If I'm reloading the 410 and 20 just give me more bang for the bucks and my favorite pistol powders (Unique and 2400) work well on those as well. 


I've tried to like the Judge pistol. I like the concept and liked that idea in both the single-shot 45lc/410 and the derringers chambered that way. The problem is that those things are just behemoths. The ones that will take the 3" 410 shells are just awkward to me in that stretched revolver form. If I had the money to toss I like the rifle version pretty well but I can't see it being very accurate or pattern well. It makes me think of those old time buntline specials with a shoulder stock you used to see every once in a while. 

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