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catfish hunter

If you were starting over what would your survival guns be?

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LMAO forbidden fruit familiar with that feeling but that seems so odd that commiefornia does not allow a Judge weird that they would outlaw a friggin'


revolver what next single shots? OH I forgot it's commiefornia


I hate to / wont comment / speak ill of gabby but as I recall she was carried from the scene that is all I want to say about that.


If you sit down with a few loading manuals a 9MM = 38 special speed over bullet weight in either lighter or heavier striking power stays fairly constant


only with newer specialty bullets like gold dots hydra shoks etc BUT NOT BLACK TALONS I have extensive knowledge and they are not as touted.


even bullets that should don't react as engineered if a heavy coat or too close too far ballistics changes drastically over distance and barrel length


A 357 mag out of a 2 inch barrel is no more than a +P as it looses so much velocity that is why I mention a 3 inch barrel just as concealable but


that one inch makes a world of difference in velocity sighting etc. ballistics by the inch on the web has a ton of information a good read


great to print off information as suggested information from manufacturers is lawyer approved and or from a test barrel { your experience may differ}


always wanted to say / post that.

the list below for conversions to 22LR and 9MM as it gives you 3 in one so if you have found rounds they are useable I think the 357SIG MAY will fit also


but here are a few links for glock accessories first page has a 9MM barrel

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I had no idea the Taurus Judge was banned, but you should be looking at a S&W Governor it is a way better gun than the Judge, its a 6 shot revolver that shots .45LC, .410 shot shell, and .45acp with moon clip attachments. I mean Snake is right on with saying .45 LC and .410 is expensive, but I would put my trust in the Governor model any day of the week.

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Well I like 22 magnum if you could save that moment in time the hole it makes you could put your luggage in there.


I am a minimalist my vehicle is my supply line but as long as I am in public I don't need a lot.and trying to hide something too large


is a pain as has been made very plain if you live your in the hot seat so at some level you cannot give a jury or a D.A. etc. the feeling


of over kill / dirty hairy syndrome and you never know when these Major Domo's are going to want you to lay down your life for their beliefs.


That is what it comes down to some sense of justice where it has no place as justice is relative or in the eyes of the beholder.


Some time there is no justice only survivors I for one feel it is a mistake to make sex age or any other reason to limit a response to a threat.


a pair of scissors in a nut balls hand no matter what age or sex will kill you just as dead and why should anyone have to be maimed.


I think people should remember this was a political ploy to restart gun control and make a segment of our society a protected element leaving


everyone else at their whim and making anyone who touches them Guilty it is B.S. but allowing them to do anything without fear of reciprocation


of law or force in essence it would make them untouchable that flies in the face of common sense. IMHO.

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I carry .45 Colt "rat" shot rounds in the first 3 chambers of a revolver for a dog walking gun. If I run into a coyote or snake while walking the pup, I don't have to worry about a 230 grain slug penetrating a fence and hurting a kid. On the other hand, If a couple of punks want to get stupid, I have those available to me as well.


I don't have a Judge style weapon as the weight/size makes it too difficult to conceal. Remember folks, the deeper the concealment, the harder it is to get too the weapon and the longer it takes to get it into action. That is always a tradeoff that I hate to make as you are playing 'you bet your life' with your choices.


Just my not so humble opinion.

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