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New "Litmus Test" for Military. ( Must fire upon US Citizens )

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I did forward the link to a few guys I replied that the had seen a similar/related article on Yahoo news a few days back.


I did not see the article and have not looked for it as of and family issues have been eating into my time.

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well it does not take a rocket scientist to garnish from a few probing question who will more than likely and who won't


And what most do not consider is the avalanche effect if a lot of people start shooting others will shoot back.


this is a non issue they will and they have did everyone forget Kent state they shot college kids who were unarmed.


so you think they won't shoot you if you have an arm what about the elderly lady in New Orleans beat her down and took


her only means of defense. so if the military won't you can bet the cops will LMAO sometime back a lot of cops beat a man down


with night sticks remember Rodney King and that was because he ran from them.


people are like dogs if one gets into it they all get defensive riot / group mentality and leader control over their group and


how the situation plays out if troops are deployed in your town or area and start going house to house do you think they are


going to tell YOU what they are doing so what are you suppose to do guess it is just a friendly search for problem children


or a raid for food water and clothing propane wood I mean look at the EO over the last 20 + years they can take anything


they need it will be like the civil war army moves in beats the locals till they talk and tell where their stash is.


in some places they burned the damn town to the ground.


up north years ago a group of black panthers were in a building and the mayor had the building blown up with a satchel charge.


killed everyone in the building and damaged the buildings next to it.


everyone talks about laws they are words on a piece of paper common sense has no bearing or place if it comes to an US against


THEM mentality can set in and it can be in one area and not another someone posted that the indiana supreme court


or whoever passed a ruling that police entry without a warrant and it would have to be settled in court and you had no


right to defense some banter of how the local police were not going to blah blah does not mean anything it is the law


and someone is going to push it they always do {I cannot fathom how anyone could not figure that out}


Waco do I really have to go there REALLY nothing was done no one was charged and just by accident the survivors


were let go only after months in jail.


If your so DIM as to think special courts will not be set up or convened to change or make rulings in a moments notice


your not putting your thinking cap on a law is just a piece of paper with a signature of an official on it if one won't sign


they well find one that will.


military tribunals, local courts will be able to convict and execute sentence immediately whats to stop them YOU LMAO


I have tried to explain and it is not getting through your replacement is right across the border if they cared one iota


about you your family or your snot nosed kids there would be a fence and guards Mexico dumps hundreds of metric tons


of dope across our borders it KILLS KIDS the same damn kids they are so concerned about getting shot with a gun.


they don't give a sh*t about your kids or you they released a illegal that raped a woman {numerous events of this}


hit and run DWI's manslaughter give them a few years or probation or let them out and they disappear.


your nothing more than meat less than crap on their heel.


what does someone have to do hit people over the head It's a damn insult how we get treated and the illegals get a pass


if they outlaw any firearm south America will just crank up manufacturing and ammo too your local dope dealer will


be your local LLama tarus and rossi numerous para military weapons like L1A's and m1 carbines 45 autos


hell they army and police and politicians are totally corrupt the government in the 1920's could not keep liquor from


coming out of Canada hell the Kennedy's have built a empire off of joe's rum running.


I strongly suggest people remember or if your under 40 ask older people what has happened in this country in the past 100 years


weapon running and dope running are next to the oldest professions in the world.


that is another point we cannot even control doped up hookers and they have the B@lls to think they can control guns


ROTFLMAO they know they can't they are just baiting a trap for YOU.


never forget that ignorance of the law is no excuse so a emergency federal court making new laws on the cuff is no big deal.


just a few days ago a reporter said that the republican party should be crushed REALLY if you don't see that they will stand you


up against a wall and shoot you and your kids and pimp out your old lady your not thinking at all it has happened in every nation


even this one the civil war history was written by the WINNERS remember all that southern gentlemen and northern chivalry


is a load of horse sh*t.


Disney world it must have grown to encompass the whole country because it appears a lot of you live in LALA land.

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Brother Snake..

Many have no clue....yes it has all happened and will happen again..BUT as long as it DOES NOT HAPPEN TO THEM ITS OK..

Or just reading about it,well cant beleve what you read can you? But You beleve MSLSD.CBS.ABC.FOX..Right..


So be ready and prep because its going to get UGLY REAL QUICK..

Some here have seen WAR..Capt.Bart and others..Its not easy living with those "Truths'' that man is a animal and we are only 24 meals away from being SAVAGES.........................


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Well 101matt


as long as someone remembers or knows or I can keep the memory alive that's all I can do it's required of me by my conscience




I realize that I seem negative but it does not take a lot of mistakes or bad apples to ruing any government military or


people and if we follow the wrong path it will happen sooner than later, and I know it does not have to happen at all.


It is all about choices.


your opinion is well formed I would trust it.

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Well it will never happen women in combat so now don't worry it will never happen that gays will be in the military oooops to late


well hell I am positive they will never require our troops to fire on American citizens LMAO


between them and the cops they will shoot your azz off for nothing even now with cameras they abuse peoples rights and shot them


remember the subway shooting a pistol was mistaken for a taser was it live or was it memorex real or on purpose.


we will probably never know but it happens all the time the sodomy of a inmate in NYC jail with a riot baton


the shooting of a mentally ill man in Chicago and the list goes on and on if you trust any of these groups


you have a very bad memory.

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