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Harbinger THE book for the coming times

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Harbinger, by Jonathan Chan


Her is a book that tells about real implications I saw this interview originally some time back I struck me.


When Washington consecrated America at St. Paul's Chapel on Ground zero he made a statement that if


The people ever turned away from God his blessing would be removed from our country.


On September, 11 2001 that same chapel was almost destroyed by the collapse of the twin towers what prevented


it's destruction was a sycamore tree on the corner, BUT it was up rooted in biblical times this meant protection


was ended.


Washington also went to Federal Hall and there was another ceremony there September, 11 2001 that building was


damaged the foundation was cracked that same moment.


I am a Christian but If I were not information in the book Harbinger would have brought me to the conclusion


that God is we are in trouble and things are going to happen with increasing destruction and ferocity.


BUT God is a LOVING GOD, yea and he told you to keep your hand out of the blender gave you a book with


instructions and told you things NOT to do they are 10 Commandments not 10 opinions.


look at Genesis 11:4 and Isaiah 9:10 also.;_ylt=A0oG7pOYxf5QZHAANupXNyoA;_ylc=X1MDMjc2NjY3OQRfcgMyBGNzcmNwdmlkAzFhWDNHRW9HN3Z5eGs2N0hVTlBsQUFvaURCeEVXRkQueEtRQUF2U2kEZnIDYWx0YXZpc3RhBGZyMgNzZy1nYWMEaXQDZ3AEbl9ncHMDMTAEb3JpZ2luA3NycARwb3MDNgRwcXN0cgM5MTEEcXVlcnkDOTExBHNhYwMxBHNhbwMxBHNlYwNyZWwtc2EEc2xrA3RleHQ-?p=911


I have placed this in the other thread seeing how some do not believe in God under fiction books but many who are


not willing to acknowledge there is a God will not read it one thing about the book of the month or New York Times


best seller list they never tell you that the Bible has been the worlds best seller since it has been in print


and that's a fact jack.


So you really want to know the future read Harbinger and then your bible It is coming 61% of Americans feel


uneasy about the future this is from a recent poll, we are given a spirit of discernment to protect us from harm.


Today being educated, posh and sophisticated make you dull your spirit and indulge yourself in your own


knowledge and beliefs you have accepted or created for yourselves.


A world war is coming, disease is coming, there may be a lull or even a period of peace but BANG


1st world war everything is tense but until Prince Ferdinand is assassinated then all hell breaks loose


world war II December 7th 1941 everyone is surprised but for years before we were being warned by many military


officers and even intelligence reports that Japan was building up buying all the scrap metals they could find.


China is doing that right now Russia is and has made agreements with Iran.


The first Gulf war was a surprise? bet it was not it was just ignored like Japan {they will never do it}


The Arab spring is the "Brotherhoods" wave of power sweeping the middle east We are powering down just when


we need our troops the most and scattering them ever heard of divide and conquer it is a strategy used by the


Arabs since time began.


How close I do not know but this sh*t in the sand ain't over with not by a long shot. IMHO

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