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bob leeper

new article: income supplimentation in these hard times

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Lets face it friends, trying to prep during these hard economic time is at least a challenge if not an impossibility. I have, among many others taken to doing side work , odd jobs here and there to be able to

afford prepping for whatever is on the horizon, and believe me, its not as easy as it might look. ive had to deal with deadbeats, wanting me to work my butt off and then try to stiff me on payment. ive had others pay me by check then cancel the check, ive had a check that bounced higher than the sky. so much now i demand cash on the barrel head. Also ive taken up metal detecting, finding a slag pile at an old gold mine,

and profiting from it at first, until the local cops found out and came in and posted it for their hunting club and promising prosecution to any and all trespassers, and transgressors .. ive removed hardwood trees for firewood, taking the wood and the money for clearing it up, to stay warm all winter, (well next winter once it dries and cures) ive collected cans for aluminum and made a few bucks, ive made knives , sewn leather

and raised asian pears and other pears for sale at the farmers market, only to be undercut by lower prices,

at 5.99 a pound for asian pears , having to sell them for 99 cents a pound, hurts the pocketbook , the 599

is what the Food kitty (beer kitty) sells them for..and the market has it's limits on what is considered fresh and ORGANIC....grumble grumble...


Now that winter is here, nothing beats fresh game birds for the table... too bad the pheasant population is down this year...


so maybe ill find a better and cheaper source for making cold hard cash in the future, provided there is one.. ideas are always welcome, as long as i dont have to invest money into a scheme.. been there done that and lost my shirt... pants, shoes and the barrel....

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Finding a "Market" is the hardest thing there is..One day it's lead..the next its copper...

I go to a couple of areas that hold "Yard sales"always repete "Vendors" there..I watch what is selling..I listen to what others are looking for..


Basicley its a chap shoot...Things I have made and know are priced right just did not sell..

"Find the need"...and you can sell iT..


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speaking of lead, ive taken to pouring my own bullets, a few years ago i got bullet molds, and learned how to reload. i have oodles of black powder, and the new nitro stuff may have more kick, but black powder lasts forever .KNOCS for me..

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