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MSN calls the woman who shot the intruder "trigger happy" and her supporters as

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well being that it was a woman behind the trigger, not to may of our lawyers are gonna want to touch this case and go against her. nope.

a mother protecting her children? oh hell no. no lawyer in his right mind will challange this one.


WAIT DID YOU JUST TYPE THAT a lawyer in their right mind hummmmm let us consider that .......nope still does not make any sense


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I got this in a USCCA news letter and thought it raised several important points.



But there is a lot more we can do to tilt the odds in our favor than choices in hardware and ammunition. Most gun owners who are prosecuted do not do themselves any favors because they talk to the police immediately after the shooting incident. This is the worst possible time. You are totally stressed out, your system is raging with adrenalin and other hormones resulting from the stress of being attacked, forced to defend yourself or another person, and the knowledge that you have killed or severely injured another person. If ever there was a time to keep quiet, THIS IS IT!


NEVER travel armed without your cell phone. If you are involved in a shooting incident, the very first call to 911 to get aid for the person or persons who were shot should be YOURS. When you make the call, tell the police dispatcher the following.

1. I am (your name). I was just attacked at (give the location).

2. There has been a shooting.

3. We need an officer and an ambulance immediately.


After the threat is neutralized, YOU want to be on record as making the first effort to save the other injured person or persons involved. It’s very difficult for a prosecutor to accuse you of malice or evil intent when the first effort to save the bad guy or guys is yours.


Give only other information concerning your description, number and description of other bad guys who have fled the scene, etc. Stay on the line with the 911 operator until the officer arrives. Be sure your weapon is holstered. Do not keep it in your hand, or throw it on the ground where it could be picked up by someone else. Remember, YOU brought it to the scene. YOU are still responsible for keeping it safe from unauthorized use.


When the officers arrive, give them your ID and CCW permit. Tell them politely that you will not discuss the shooting. Request your lawyer, and DO NOT SAY ANYTHING ELSE without the benefit of his presence and advice. Say simply that you choose to exercise your rights to have an attorney and to remain silent.


Go to Youtube, and do a search on “Don’t talk to the police.”

The program is done by a law school professor and a police detective. NOBODY should ever carry a weapon without having seen this program, preferably several times. It is the best presentation out there to keep you out of trouble. I think it runs about 48 minutes.


Most real legal damage is done when people talk to the police. If you make no damaging admissions, there is much less reason for a prosecutor to file charges against you in the first place.


There is no rush. The incident is not going to go away. Have your attorney present when ANY discussion of the case occurs.


Although choice of weaponry or ammunition may have some influence on a prosecutor or jury, it’s usually what comes out of a person’s mouth that causes him more problems than what came out of the barrel of his gun

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partsman can I have problems dialing I mean you know the phone recalls the attempted numbers dialed so


1911 411 9411 914 491 194 999 444 111 AW HELL battery is running low and they are bleeding out darn!


Then fall back on the old Texas Ranger mantra ....."It's a lot easier to explain to the Grand Jury if only one person is left to be doing the explaining." But the best words out of your mouth are still... I want a lawyer (NOT I need a lawyer) when the LEOs show up.

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I use Texas Law Shield (they also are in FL and OK ) as my attorney related things. For the cost of a couple of high end boxes of ammo a year, they handle any criminal or civil (not all do civil) actions. I have their card in my pocket and on the back it says "To any law enforcement officers:" and basically says I'm to shut up until the attorney arrives. They have a 24X7 hotline and will get someone to me quick.

Worst case, you may wind up downtown but you probably won't AND you won't say something stupid because you're still high on adrenaline. The wrong words can change an obviously righteous shoot into a murder 1 case. It should never happen but it does, even in Texas. Don't play games with your life or your livelihood; just try to make a living while on trial for murder. After the shooting is too bloody late to go looking for a competent gun lawyer. Do it NOW so you have the drill down pat. You practice with your gun before you need it, make sure you have legal cover before you need it.


Just my not so humble opinion.

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