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catfish hunter

long gun to keep in the vehicle for trips

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in order to get the price down you have to cast your own bullets I like the 405- 420 grain looking FP with gas check


and you can crank it up as fast as you want {inside of posted limits}


and you can call ballistic products and ask them about making shot loads 20 cases should last quite a while


the powder dropping between 25 and 50+ grains a load 140 to 280 rounds that is not to bad I used to keep an ammo can with


cast bullets and a lee hand loader with some powder primers and hand tools.

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sks or any AK is a 7.62X39 is equal to a 30-30 in power so if you think you need more than a 30-30 reconsider


I am not against them just that is there power level but I do like their short stature goof for interior vehicle use


and good to about 300 yards at least it has Iron sights and if you can get one a bayonet and a butt cleaning kit


all things considered it is not a bad choice an ammo can with a hand loader and brass bullets & powder a few tools you can


reload in the field if you trim the dust cover so it does not scar the ejected brass.


the more I think about it a SKS may be the perfect truck gun and add a hand gun a 32 magnum will take 115 grain bullet .312


that may be a magic combo? hell just throwing it out there...

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Like it or not, we live in the world that we live in.


I think I will watch for the most mechanically sound but pitted, rusted, scratched, whatever 30-30 Marlin lever action I can find. I'd also be interested in a Remington pump rifle in 243 win in similar condition. I will add my 1-4x scope, find a load it likes, and get it zeroed and accurate.


I know it isn't ballistically efficient at ranges over 100yds, but I can work with that.


I still believe that with the vehicle that it is carried in what will look like a gun intended for work, which is what I mainly want it for. It will be a 200yd coyote and occasionally hog rifle if it likes the Leverevolution loads. It fits right in for a feed truck in both function and portability, and works with some of the ammo that could possibly be available if I ever needed it for self defense. It will be a true compromise gun, not perfect for any use but hopefully enough for all uses. I'd use an AR or similar carbine because it's a more efficient tool for all the uses I just mentioned, it's 1870's technology vs 1970's to compare the two, but current public opinion makes the 30-30 much more "grey" than the black gun. I firmly support the right for myself and others to own them, but in the current political environment if I got a pulled over for a speeding ticket I'd likely be strung up for transporting a tactical looking rifle in some areas. I hate that it has come to this in the US, but it right now it is reality.

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Thanks for the info, good review. I'll do a little looking and see what I come up with. I have a 1-4x20mm Leupold scope sitting around that might work real nice on one of those. At 1x I could see the last 12" of the barrel on my 10-22 so it is real quick to aquire a target with.

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Well I never could decide what to get so I pulled the trigger on a gun today. It doesn't meet my criteria of 200yds, but the more I thought it over I decided it didn't need to. I found a Rossi 357 carbine today, used but in like new condition. I already have a few 357 revolvers and a little ammo so I decided I needed this. When I was young and dumber (still dumb) I had a Winchester 94 Trapper in 357 that I sold when they hit double what I bought it for. I wish I still had it, but that ship has sailed. Anyway this rifle should fit the bill of not looking to tactical while still being effective out to 100yds. I cleaned it and put 5 rounds through it right before dark tonight, hit a 4" spinner with all 5 at 20yds. This weekend I hope to have time to do a little more work with it at longer ranges. The fit of the wood isn't perfect by any means, but it is still a decent looking gun and truck guns won't stay pretty anyway. Only thing I really wish it had is a hood over the front site like the Marlins do. I worry a little about it getting bent but is seems pretty tough. The length is short enough to make it handy in most situations and the light weight is good for packing long distances. When I get a chance I'm going to figure out exactly what tools it takes to remove the buttstock so if I do need to put it in a pack I can take it apart, put a 1/4" ratchet and what extension/socket I need in my roadtrip bag.

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I've heard, don't know, that the .357 is a little light for big hogs. I use the Hornady Critical Defense Ammo in my .45 Colt lever gun. I checked with Hornady (nice folks and I really like their products) and they told me the CD ammo is as safe in a tube mag as their LeveRevolution. Better performance ballistically and more assured expansion. What's not to like?


I'm kind of looking for a solid .357 lever gun in carbine length. Around here it would be a nice set up.

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I agree it is on the light end. I think a good premium bullet like you are talking, or a bonded bullet of 158gr or more should work. It will be a good rifle to have if an event happens while I am away from home and have to walk there also. I may send it in to Steve Young someday for a tune-up, he is supposed to be the Rossi Wizard for all the cowboy action guys. He sells a peep sight that replaces the safety lever on top of the rifle, better sights, even a scout scope rail if that's your thing. I would likely just get the action/trigger job and the peep sight and maybe a fiber optic front site. Just in case I ever break the front site I'd like to have a spare in the safe anyway.

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On the topic of truck guns, I've been thinking about getting a Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 for the truck. I'm going to stick with the 18" barrel and I'm toying around with the idea of a folding stock. Does anyone have any experiences with folding stocks on either of these guns?

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I have one for my 870, can't remember the brand maybe ATI? It is ok, but not great. I switched it out to the Knoxx compstock 6 position that I like much better. The folder had a terrible thin hard buttplate and was somewhat wobbly. The Knoxx is much faster and more solid. I had a mini 14 with a Butler Creek folding stock that was much sturdier I liked real well. Might see what they offer.

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catfish hunter


Well don't give up yet albeit not made for 200 does not mean it won't hit at 200 my revolver is not made to hit at 100 but I seem


to hit soda cans with it at 100 with a careful shot and with a rifle I figure if you used consistent loaded shells with a heavier


bullet 140 to 170 it ought to be able to hit might even get a ladder peep as with pistol in a rifle it does drop quite a bit over




What ever you decide just keep it simple one bullet one load here is a ballistics table for the 357 {my favorite}


my load is about to change I am playing with the idea of a 140 grain truncated cone cast from Linotype don't want any leading


with a gas check and use a factory crimp die on it get it up to 1300 out of a 4 " and it should run 1900+ out of a rifle.


at depending on powder no where near max pressure I have a 165 RFN and I am still working with it have not had a lot of time


but it has merit as all big heavy bullets but I need to see what kind of maximum trajectory / distance I can wring out of it.


some other information

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Good reads, thanks Snake. I found a deal on another lever gun today I added to the safe. Got a Model 94 Ranger in 30-30 with 100rds of Remington 170gr bullets a guy advertised really reasonable. He had a cheap simmons 3-9x40 on it that I immediately removed. I checked the irons and they were good enough for beer cans at 40yds, so I put my little Leupold 1-4x scope on and zeroed it. 1.5" high at 50yds shows it should have me within 2.5" of line of sight out to 180yds where it starts dropping off pretty fast, down almost 6" at 200yds. Still it is plenty accurate and should be another good addition with the low power scope. I considered getting an XS systems rear peep sight and rail so I could make a scout rifle but decided I could make it plenty functional with what I had on hand instead.

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catfish hunter:


so you started all this crap only to get a rossi? just kidding 357 rifle is as good a choice as any I like the lever gun as a vehicle


gun it is not a black gun it holds 10 rounds of 38 spl and that can be +P or 9 rounds of top shelf 357 mag


and can be paired with a handgun of the same caliber.


it is probably a carbine and that can be used in the cab.


here is a good spot to read about your rifle and this guy has some further information about it I think it would be a good


read for you.


have a good one.

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Good read Snake. The Rossi I got sounds pretty much like his. It is the 16" carbine. I haven't got it shot enough to give it a real thorough review, but I had some HSM 158gr 357 JHP's it really likes. It feeds great and shoots 4" groups at 75yds with the fairly coarse open sights from a decent rest if I really take my time and concentrate on my sight picture and trigger squeeze. A peep and trigger job will really help I think. The 357 magnum 125gr JHP's I have quite a few of don't feed worth a darn. Not sure if the gun just needs to break in more or not, but I prefer to use 158gr loads in it anyway. Now I just need to find some more of the 158's to stock up on, or find another brand that shoots to the same POI to reasonable distances. All 38's I've tried have fed fine, but shoot to a different POI in both elevation and windage. Still within 5" at 50yds though.


For Capt Bart or others who may be interested here are my pros and cons so far.



-light and short, handles and points well

-accurate and reliable with the right bullets

-buttstock comes off with one screw for carrying inside a backpack



-wish it had a finer front bead like my Winchester 94 for longer ranges

-don't like the top safety but it can be replaced with a peep I think I will like

-picky on ammo feeding so far, may improve with use

-heavy trigger


I'm nitpicking, it is great for what it is for. A trip to the gunsmith to smooth the action and trigger will improve both reliability and accuracy though so it is getting one. So is the M94 Winchester for that matter, but not at the same time!

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