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Storing replacement or supplemental parts

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I kept notes when Sandy took out our power and utilities for eight days. Right now I am in the process of completing those “need to” notes and “remember to” items. So I thought I would share with you one of those notes. It says:

“Reorganize all items so that replacement parts are stored with them.”


Let me give you an example: Coleman lanterns need replacement mantles after a few hours use. I have three two-mantle propane lanterns. I also have a store of back up mantles, in two different places. I found them – eventually. So, I sat down last night and divided up the mantles into three groups, placed each of them in small zip-lock bags, and taped them into the inside of each of the three storage boxes for the lanterns.


Or, I have a pressure/one-way valve that screws onto the outlet end of my manual well pump. The hose screws onto it and is then run into the house where it can be hooked up to the pressure tank. You can’t pump up the pressure tank without it. It was in my work bench drawer and had worked its way to the back under other stuff. I got a little panicky when I could not find it. It now hangs on the wall, in another zip-lock bag and labeled, in the wood room next to the front door.


I have lots of AAA, AA, and D batteries that are stored everywhere. They have all been consolidated into a plastic storage case, in drawers that have been labeled. Right next to them is a drawer with replacement bulbs/leds for the flashlights. The case sits on top of my workbench.


The moral of the story is to keep replacement or supplemental parts with the equipment that will need them as best you can. If there are items that you can’t do that with, then make sure they are clearly labeled and in a spot that holds similar items.

It is better than blood pressure medicine!

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Spot on there ROD.

Most of my preps I have multiples of the same thing/type/model, weather it's firearms, parts, water filters, Etc.

Provide I has the funds to do so.

As the saying goes, having 3 is really 2.

2 is really 1.

And 1 is really none, when things start breaking down or need of repair.

Sh!t always happens when one least expect it.

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