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So since right now i am at a stalemate with my motor home search, i figured id at least work on a list of things that i would get for my truck to make it a more long term bov. Keep in mind. Ts a ford ranger, so space is very limited.


Starters, a camper shell. This is a must in my book for a long term shelter, and keeps preps in truck secure and out of the elements.


Next... Two 7 gallon water jugs. Give me and the woman a week of water. Two cots and sleeping bags. Blankets to go over the water jugs in day to daysituations, for warmth in bug outs.


Our bobs, of course.


I was thinking of a tote or duffell bag that has extra food, meds, first aid kit in it. And a second tote with oil lamps, extra lamp oil, and wicks. This last set can be kept in the cab for spaces sake.


I already have a decent tool kit with which i can fix most small problems that would occur. And jumper cables. These are also in the cab, back seat. I need to get an air comprssor and a tire patching kit...


Anything else im forgetting? Just wanted something to mull over for a bit.

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Sounds good. It'd suprise you what I have in my truck tool box. Sounds like you're getting there.

If you're keeping things in the back of the truck, if I may, I'd suggest making it look as though

you're taking off the trash. The bed covers/shells are easy to get into.



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