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Debrief of winter ice storm 10 days without power...

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Hi Jerry good to see your post


Well All I can say ...... I have learned nothing more than what I already knew about weather it is nothing to take lightly even comfortable weather


if you get wet come nightfall you need warmth many people have died from slight  exposure due to pneumonia temperature variations of


20 to 30 degrees between night and day in some areas much more people crossing the desert fail to realize the extremes and do not carry


a jacket or blanket you need these if you want to set during the day as the ground is damn hot and it works as shade.


I always carry a couple of wool blankets usually a military surplus ones rolled up in a minimum  10 ounce canvass tarp I like a 7X9 size it is a do all


make a shelter half tent, wind wall,  cocoon  etc.


waterproof a home made or untreated  tarp with linseed oil and mineral spirits mix half and half coat well and have a place to hang it to dry


best to do this during the least humid time of year vapor is flammable until dry  yea it is a bit smelly fresh BUT  it has a side benefit bugs don't


like it  these new plastic tarps are fine BUT they allow humidity to condense inside them and build up if your cocooned in one they have their place


having one of each and a couple of wool blankets gives you all kinds of flexibility.


A  grommet kit is a basic custom modification tarps seldom come with enough adding one between each would make it more useful to turn it into


numerous configurations as well as to increase tie downs / anchor points  too many more would weaken the tarp.



Tarps are what is used to block weather and rain from damaged homes lightening strikes fires car hits so even if your not a BUG OUT person


think they are not a good thing to have around..


a friend of mine does SOY candles the candle tin I posted on as well as having a propane torch and a case of bottles I do a lot of hobbies


so a hand torch is a necessity a fish cooker or any stable metal stool with a steel plate can be used as a room heater keeping a peculator


coffee pot for hot water for making noodles meals hot drinks and adding humidity to the air if it is very dry  SAFETY NOTE never leave a


disposable propane cylinder unattended never leave it in the home once you insert a heater grill or torch to it leave it connected and


in a place with good air circulation propane is great BUT it can a does leak either due to some failure to firmly screw in the bottle or


a leak in the unit it is attached to once a disposable bottle is tapped removing it may or may not allow it to reseal and that could be a problem


it is also good to have a pedestal they are plastic holders that help them from being tipped over usually seen when they are with a propane lantern.


REMEMBER to keep a window cracked and someone needs to be ON WATCH carbon monoxide KILLS the sentry should be informed to watch


each person for breathing problems or distress and stay focused wake the next sentry if sleepy.


After almost all disasters or weather emergencies deaths from suffocation or burns from using alternate power sources.


candles and Christmas lights burn down more houses than arson.


Using a oven to heat with is as dangerous because we cook all the time open doors now and again watch for headaches vision and  slow reaction


{ unless this is thanksgiving}


as long as your careful you should not have a problem.


I like to have a 30 pound propane bottle always full I have a infrared heater attachment and a pole that allows me to have both a heater and lantern.


great for fishing and camping if I have to use it inside I would have a battery operated fan keeps the air stirred.


any junk computer has a 12 volt fan in it I use a motorcycle battery or my lawn tractor battery to run a few strung together lasts for days.


hook them to your vehicle and in a few hours they should be charged up again do not let them go dead or down too far


a simple volt meter should not show below 11.5 volts charged it should be about 13 - 13.5 volts once a battery drops below 10 volts it may not


recharge everything depends on type age etc etc just don't abuse them and they last longer.


if you intend to use dry cell batteries IE AAA AA C 1.5 Volt you need to have ENLOOP batteries and their special charger there are also battery


adapters turns 3 AA into a D CELL etc etc  no need to have C or D batteries but they use more of the AAA and AA ENLOOPS last longer


charge deeper and you can use a inverter to run a charger off your cigarette lighter plug.


there are solar panels that can charge in 1 to 2 days so have enough batteries for whatever your plans are.


A side note many crank radios / multiband have a rechargeable battery in them so when they fail do not throw them out replace the 


battery with a battery adapter with the AAA or AA's or a proper size some have soldered connections you can peel the tab off and use a coin


size piece of metal and pinch the wire between and tape the battery longitudinally.


you can mix metalized  epoxy and sand the area and glue it but it has to make metal to metal contact I do not advise soldering as batteries


can explode.if the space internally allows a battery holder /  housing from radio shack will work.

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well the only problem with a stationary bike is it takes more calories than a good solar panel and there is the rub


it is good for small dry cell  batteries but beyond that it falls way short real fast passive collection is the one way to get power


that insures you will have it if you get sick or do not have enough food or water a system that cant be moved for buggin out


is not as useful as multiple solar panels to freshen rechargeable batteries like the ENLOOP brand with adapters to C and D


A reminder here that it takes hours on a bike don't most of you feel like that time could be better spent resting or planting


hoeing the garden getting water washing clothes cooking hunting fishing canning smoking food blah blah in survival you


have no time extra either it is wind solar or it robs you of time spent on real survival chores.


with no power if you have animals your going to be scything hay day in and day out in cold climates it may work but your


still going to get sweaty and smell up your clothes more to wash 18 hour days are the norm at least they were in my world.


up before daylight feeding checking turning out the animals had to clean out the stalls repair whatever do maintenance


oil changes washing the vehicles off or out washing animals brushing them not everyday but if you rode them you need to/


comes to another chore repair saddles & tack saddle soap and oil the leather now and again sharpen tools like axes


blades on equipment .mow the yard water the garden my mother was always cooking cleaning washing sewing and she crochet


for fun of all things we were always fixing something tool handles break hell we always cleaned the tools and put them up.


pick the garden clean whatever it was well in survival world with no refrigeration your going to have to can it then not later


at most in a few days.


Water without power that in itself is going to take hours especially if you have to drag it back from a distance .


in order to have wood for the smoke house and fireplace you have to cut it all year long stack it and let it dry and then


split the sh*t haul it in and stack it by the fireplace it ain't going to do it by itself as my old man used to say.


hunting hell that ain't the half of it you have to field dress it got to bring it back skin it cut it up / butcher it with no power


you have to make a brine set it in smoke or jerk cook or pickle it as the weather allows damn I am getting tired just thinking


about it.


I would rather invest my money on small light and long lasting passive alternatives.


the Katio emergency radio


Pak lite 9 volt battery LED light that runs 80 hours


A micro size MP3 player w/ AM FM radio


solar panel that recharges 2 of each AA, AAA C, D and 9 volt batteries as well as trickle charge a 12 volt battery


If we are only worried about a emergency a small 2000 watt portable generator will run a ceramic heater enough to heat one small room


to many people think the can live like nothing is wrong well they can if they have a 40 HP diesel tractor and a 10,000 watt stub generator


and a junction box to their electrical panel even then you cannot run an AC or central heat unit AND your clothes dryer at the same time.


if your poor consider a popup tent in your living room and couple of 20 pounder propane bottles and a radiant heater with a CO2 fire extinguisher.


or a duplex heater in a small room.


candles and humans add heat as well as a propane lantern I NEVER advise people to use any liquid fuel like white gas gasoline propane type


and oil lamps only if all the people are not STUPID especially children and if you don't have a CO2 or a couple of ABC fire extinguishers


don't even try it.


more people are horribly burned by alternative cooking heating and lighting during an emergency I would go as far as to tell people


to go ask your local fire station to give you a class.


kids are silly and get bored easy and running and throwing sh*t WILL end up breaking or turning over any oil lamp in fact propane burns


the gas as long as the bottle is set accordingly if it rolls or falls over the liquid will siphon up and out then it will turn into a flame thrower !




liquid fuels are nothing to screw with light them set them in a protected space no flammable material anywhere near them 


no drapes table cloths anything hanging anywhere near them and leave them alone and beat the snot out of any child that


does not respect fire better to spank them than to watch them screaming their guts out in a burn ward. for months


and then there is the ugly scars that NEVER go away.


one way to secure a propane bottle is to surround  it with cinder blocks in a corner to make it so it is very difficult to turn over


the head of the radiant heater pointed into the center of the room all new screw on heaters have a thermocouple if the heat stops


the valve stops the fuel from the propane tank don't go cheap and buy some old piece of crap from a garage sale,


in a home use an eye hook in a ceiling joist and hang a propane lantern with a chain about 3 foot from the ceiling


to close and it can heat the ceiling enough to start it on fire in fact it should be at least 3 foot from anything.


My best advice use a generator outside a window run an extension cord through a window and use a  ceramic heater


puck lights and flash lights,


in the summer here we mosquito net the doors and have a oil lamp with half and half citronella and lamp oil and a couple


of fans if you have no power alcohol and water on a rag will cool you off as well as whipping the towel in a circle in the air


we also use frozen water bottles drink it as it thaws and cool ourselves with it.


animals are another hazard around lamps cats especially use cinder blocks around oil lamps if you have animals


at the worst times they will go berserk playing or from boredom and start running around chasing each other,


if you don't think a animal has caused a fire look up Mrs. Mc Ginty's cow.


plan for the worst and pray for the best


also people today have fireplaces learn how to use the damper have it cleaned and have a spark arrestor on the chimney


it keeps sparks from exiting your chimney and starting a fire outside or on a neighbors house it also prevents birds from


nesting in your chimney as well as keeping out bats squirrels and coons YES BATS people are bitten every year by rabid


bats and many times they gained entry through the open damper and no arrestor on the chimney.


make sure your screens are good in summer you don't want to be miserable and have to fight the bugs too.


I think I hit on most all the precautions for most things people will encounter one last thing


lamp oil does not go bad and having 5 gallons is not a waste of money IMHO but if you do get a CAN keep it on a shelf


or use a little vinegar wipe the bottom of the can  and a few inches up the side let it dry and coat it with some tar and set it on


some bricks condensation will rust out the bottom if you set it on a concrete /  floor and never store flammable liquids anywhere


near or in the same area as an appliance like a gas water heater anything that has a pilot light even if you go to that area and


smoke vapor hugs the floor and all it takes is a spark under the right conditions and KAFORKIN BOOM ! your at best a


live screaming roasted marshmallow or a smoking corpse.


Think about it how many times have you refilled your yard tractor or mower chain saw etc and not exploded into a ball of fire?


well before you go to sleep thank God your not dead or fricasseed  it happens all the time.

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