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Go-To (Guard Ch.) Frequences ????

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Are there any Go-To frequences set up within the group??? A place where members could meet/monitor in times of need. Maybe not just ham stuff, but other places. Free-Band, marine radio, GMRS, FRS, Business Band..... Dot Freqs ?????




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I know of nothing specific within the group, but maybe others do.


I do have this information from TAPRN.


"Catastrophe Network and The American Preparedness Radio Network (TAPRN) have teamed up to create a Standardized Amateur Radio Prepper Communications Plan. This plan outlines a standard set of frequencies that should be used by all preppers following a catastrophic disaster. These frequencies will serve as a meeting point where information about the event can be shared and actions between like minded preppers can be communicated."

  • 80 Meters – 3.818 MHz LSB (TAPRN Net: Sundays at 9 PM ET)
  • 40 Meters – 7.242 MHz LSB
  • 40 Meters Morse Code / Digital – 7.073 MHz USB
  • 20 Meters – 14.242 MHz USB
  • 20 Meters Morse Code / Digital – 14.073 MHz USB
  • 2 Meters – 146.420 MHz FM
  • 440 (70 cm) – 446.420 MHz FM
  • FRS/GMRS – Channel 4 (462.6375 MHz)
  • CB – Channel 4 (27.005 MHz)
  • MURS – Channel 4 (154.570 MHz)


Here's the link to the complete article:


I hope this is helpful.

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Thanks, Silent, but everyone needs to remember that US hams do not have voice privileges in the CW (code) parts of the bands. While non-US hams often do, we do not. Using side band (USB) in those 7.073 or 14.073 is illegal and can cause a bad encounter with the government. I've talked to a couple of Canadian stations there that were using voice while I was using code. That is legal but picking up a microphone is not. Check out the band plan at and print out the band plan map for US hams. This would be a dumb reason to get crosswise with the Fed.




Note that not all levels of license have all privileges on all frequencies as well.

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Thanks, Capt. I've used that chart many times.


And thanks for the caveats on band usage, too.


I am only tech licensed, so I would only be able to transmit voice on 70cm.


My own addition would be a reminder that one does not need a license to monitor any of the bands.

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