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Book for a changing world

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I have been reading a interesting book by Chris Martenson, PHD that lays out where we have been and where we are going.....whether we like it or not. The book is "The Crash Course"

ISBN 978-0-470-92764-9 The world is changing. It's time to get busy. The Crash Course will show you ways to prepare.

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For those who distrust the UN I suggest reading up on their Agenda 21. That is their plan for what is the reality laid out in the book "The Crash Course" . Agenda 21 is already in some areas of the USA now and is being resisted by those who realize the true danger of the UN plan.

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The Crash Course discusses what we have done over the say last 150 years or so. It is broken into 7 sections that lay out where we have been where we are where we are headed and offers some ideas on preparations for a future that very likely isn't what we hoped for. Some of the info I was aware of but this is the first time I have seen this much in one place. The graphs along are like a picture...worth a thousand words. You can find 67 reviews on Amazon as well as additional info on the web.


As far as Agenda 21

... The offers some info on it and you could find info at as well. To keep it short I would say think of a cross between the Middle Ages and Hitler & Stalin during their time in power.

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Will if a person reads and gets some study guides and information from a few sources the bible tell you all you need to know.


It is still the best seller but it is never listed and has changed more people than any other book.


This is a fact that falls on deaf ears but once you start learning about it it will blow your mind in another post


I listed 2 verses that 3,500 yeas ago that prove that God related the world was round and suspended on nothing.


man did not even figure that out until the 1400's.


I have found references on numerous things that brought me to understand everything in it is the truth.


The agenda has been exposed by the bible and the time stamp was Israel in 1948 and not one generation shall pass


the only argument now is how long is a generation it is soon and there 's no way to avoid what is coming


except your a Christian and your out of here or your here and 3/5 of the world is killed during that time every sort of


horror will be visited on the earth nuclear weapons will be used police state a world government and then a world leader


sounds like the U.N. agenda does it not even the church that is left will become apostate we are seeing shades of that now


with crislam a mixture of Christianity and islam it is being promoted by a supposed christian now we are also seeing


false Christ's everywhere and unlike previous ones these have a large following The Bible speaks about you will know the season


even as it is at the door many people have a sense of something dire in the air but are still rejecting Christ.


many Christians have been aware of these new found event for years but until recently not much has been happening.


In the last 10 years it has been increased in intensity and direction it is now obvious that the middle east is the location


of the 3rd world war and they are eventually going to rally together and with help from their north will start this.


money and Jewels will be worth nothing global networks already mesh thousands of computers together to work on


problems like the human genome project and SETI one day all the cameras and phones will be linked and like a global


security guard using facial recognition and triangulation will know what you say and whom to.


even now everything posted including this post is forever on the net it will never go away just like any pictures you post


or tweets even your voice print is there over 300 organizations and 3 major systems watch any and all communications


they know what you watch on TV what you buy unless it is cash for now.


onstar LMAO oh that is funny they can listen in they know who's in the vehicle and can disable it your credit and bank cards


can be terminated by court order your accounts seized your new phones have chips that can be tracked your friends are known


from your phone numbers list if they want to track you down through friends and family face book will help them also.


I have said the noose is getting tighter and the really funny thing people putting it around their own neck.


it is already in the R&D phase and one day it will go global by that time you will be so connected and digitally known


you will have no where to hide an animal does not know it's a lie trap until it's triggered and one day it will be too late


when you hear the trigger trip.

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