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Be honest here, who really has prepared

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and read through that LDS prep manual. I just finished for the second time over the last two weeks. WOW.. so much stuff. free for the download on this site. But how many of you have read it? So many of my questions are answered in it. It isn't my only book by far, but man, those folks have been preparing forever.

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should read prepared by reading the LDS..." where did the edit button go? well, time to go feed chickens and hogs. i have the early shift this week. Leaves more time for afternoon fishing.

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and read through that LDS prep manual. I just finished for the second time over the last two weeks. WOW.. so much stuff. free for the download on this site. But how many of you have read it? So many of my questions are answered in it. It isn't my only book by far, but man, those folks have been preparing forever.

Hopis are like the origional preppers-been doing it so long it's part of their heratage/culture.

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The LDS, the Hopis, the early settlers (from the 1500's on), actually anyone who successfully lived without the ability to run to the local store can teach about prepping. I remember the 'blue laws' in Texas that said NO retail sales on Sunday. If you didn't have it on Saturday, you couldn't get it until Monday. If you went to town once a week, you'd best better have several weeks supplies (might miss a week due to weather or ???, don't you know?). I wonder .... when we were in Germany folks went to the market every day for that days food. No one kept much in the way of long term supplies. I've heard (occasionally seen) this as being common throughout Europe. Think that difference might be part of why prepping is such an American/British Colony/New World thing? Curious, I am.:confused:

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Actually, I didn't answer the question ... sorry. Yes, I've read it. It does contain a LOT of excellent information if you can get past the theology differences. Not a problem and the "Mormon Pantry" was one of my examples to aim towards. Not the 'ONLY' prepping book but if you know nothing about food storage, it is a good reference. It does NOT address some of the other important prepping topics, in my opinion. A good reference and it is in a binder next to the Foxfire books on my book case.

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Yea Capt Bart that hole you can't buy beer on Sunday before noon thing and all liquor stores were closed I mean come on

Now you can buy pot in two states no time restrictions but a beer hell no LMAO

we are suppose to live in a free country apparently not.



the last sign reminded me of you Capt Bart.

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All I can say Jerry i can hold out a year maybe more under severe circumstances and yes I am prepared


I am wondering if you ask because it seems daunting well quit reading and get to buying canned goods canning equipment etc.


alternate sources of heat and light tools you may need.


to many I think are getting overcome by the amount of stuff you need and use over a period that you are attempting to prepare for

looking at a whole year of food azz wipe paper towels nasal spray lib balm condoms tampons summers eve and diapers piled in your living room would freak people out we use a lot of stuff consider how much trash you throw out a year.


here is a odd point but if your water is out how are you going to get rid of sewage do you have quick lime? your going to have

to dig a outhouse and the lime keeps down the smell the normal depth and size of a pit is about 4 to 6 feet deep 2 foot in diameter

so having a stout shovel digging bar and some stuff to build a protective place to sit and some bug killer for those pesky black widows that like to hang out under the seat, and snakes like outhouses because mice like them so Have fun

a side note a thunder mug or chamber pot was used inside at night or if a person was ill or to feeble to make the journey

and in the morning it was emptied or ya had to smell it all day, so save them corn cobs and old phone books your going to need them...

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although i have expanded my preps immensely this last year, ie; i have probably 5 times what I considered 2or 3 months worth-just me and dog- i still feel i have '2 or 3 months worth' ...sigh...on the bright side.. i'm havin a great time prepping:D

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I'm prepped to a reasonable degree. I have the water, food and weapons pretty well covered. I live in the woods near a river but not in it's flood plain. We have a 2500 gallon cistern that collects water off the roof. We garden and have ducks, chickens and if my wife would let me I'd have pot belly pigs and goats. There is endless opportunity to harvest game and fish here so I'm not too worried about ever being hungry.


I like old tools and have a lot of hand and back powered tools. I still want to add an OLD (No electronic Ignition) small motor cycle and a few other odds and ends but if I survive the first wave of killing my family will probably be alright. 500 pounds of corn will make for lots of basic food and chicken feed. Add a couple hundred pounds of rice, a hundred pounds of pinto beans and a couple five gallon buckets of lard and we are fed even if I don't want to hunt or garden for a while.


One of the first things people will have to shed is the idea that eating is a recreational activity. Plain food is fine just as it was for thousands of years. Only recently has eating become a "FUN" activity. Look at how much stuff these days is advertized as "low or NO calorie". Can you imagine how decadent that must seem to people that are struggling to keep their bellies off their backbone? ( I write this as I sit here drinking my diet coke. LOL count me in on the decadence)


We already live the old way in lots of ways. We don't watch much TV. We spend lots of time outside and nearly every one of us has some sort of manual hobby. I do wood and leather work along with knife making and a little smithing, We have a sewer and knitter, my wife and I both can from families that canned a lot. One daughter gardens and is working on a medicinal and spice herb garden along side the vegetable garden. I reload and know some about trapping and such. My wife is good with medical issues and we ALL shoot.

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Just did an inventory of my stuff and we're in good shape.


rayz, prepping has actually become a family hobby for my bride and I. Yes it is fun to try new skills and foods, especially when you can do it together.


wally, yep - that is a problem we all deal with. Still, a few extra cans of this and that and you build up a few months surprisingly quickly. If you think about it, a dozen cans of chili, tuna, spam, green beans, corn, and chicken plus a few bags of rice and you've got two weeks worth of food. Add some vitamins for completeness (don't want scurvy) and spices for taste and you've got a solid start for at least a few weeks. I really don't see much need for the "survival" bulk supplies until you get out past the 6 months time frame. Plus, if you stock what you eat, it is easy to rotate food.


Things like water, fire, and clothing are a tad more difficult but again, need not be horribly expensive. From a base of things, you can start building until you're set up for years but baby steps are the key.


Just my not so humble opinion.

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8 years ago we started prepping. not for anything in particular....just for ANYTHING. the one day i was most sure nothing bad would happen was 12-21-12 so we sat that for the day to have met our prepping goals as far as food supply, water storage and guns and ammo are concerned. i'm happy to report that we met or surpassed our goals on 2 out of three....water is an on going issue(we have a 2000 gallon storage, but i'd really like a better supply than rain run-off).


all in all i'd say we have enough preps for our 2 year plan.....but we will never stop getting prepared....tons of stuff to learn and build....and i have way to much fun to give it up!

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This is an on going process with us. Our lives are centered around it and in fact they (our lives) are depended upon it, in or out of a disaster or the SHTF situation. This is the main reason why we moved out of the city and onto two different homesteads.


We prep in a manner that we called sustainability, which means we live our lives in abundance but without a lot of hassles or at least what we perceive to be hassles. The bean, bullets and band-aids are covered. We raise, cull and eat MOST of our meat. We are even at the point that we have the basis of an Aquaponic system in place, but have just not completed the project. This will allow us to raise Tilapia fish for personal as well as sell in the local area. I have built two 3,000 gallon tanks for this project. Being self-sufficient in these challenging times allow us to save a lot of our income from our Heirloom Seeds business and re-invest that in our preps, savings, various other investments (we are very active in our community and support community gardens nations wide). We've have been debt free for about 12 years. Everything and I mean everything is purchased on a cash basis.


I can't tell you how well I sleep at night without worrying about whether or not I'm going to lose my house or car. The taxes on one of my 20 acre properties in West Texas just came in for 2012 and I nearly fell out of my chair is was a whopping $47.35. That's $3.94 per month. How awesome is that? We live off the grid, our properties are paid for in full, we raise our own livestock (rabbits, chickens, ducks, sheep, and goats) and of course grow MOST of our vegetables, not all but MOST. If the SHTF we'll be okay fruits and vegetable wise as we have our heirloom seed garden and 25 fruit trees.


Next month we plan on purchasing an additional 40 lambs AND when we do we will purchase 1 year's worth of food for them at the same time. That's how we do things. Not for a second did this happen overnight. As I mention it's been a 12 year continual process. The name of the game is to make a plan and work on that plan each and every day. 2013 is about to roll in and now is a better time than any.


Happy New Year!


Desert Marine

Troy B

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If I dont have at least a couple of cases of anything I am nervous.


I guess I have a mini wal-mart of canned goods


people should have garden seeds has them in a sealed #10 can


but some things we don't talk about, we need paint latex and a 5 gallon bucket of tar 50 pound box of 16 penny nails

and eough tools to do real work and not power tools hand tools and I have a pile of metal sheet and ply wood boards 4x4's

metal all types pipe fence poles T posts barbed wire rebar pipe pvc and steel fittings tubing and electrical wire cable


and a wood heater and some barrels to save paper and cut limbs and sticks for kindling


I figure if something happens I want to be able to build a 10 x 20 structure or larger it does not have to be beautiful but dry and functional


I am going to look for some coal I think I need a 1/2 ton

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I figure if something happens I want to be able to build a 10 x 20 structure or larger it does not have to be beautiful but dry and functional


Are you living in city in an apartment or house? Just wondering why you're factoring in the type of structure that you've outlined above for your preps. Is that for your BOL? Or you're factoring in one of the 3 little pig to come and blow down your house? :)

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It's been a little over 2 1/2 years since anyone posted in this topic.

Need members here to express their views & plans & how their doing prepping wise!

I can't be leave I missed this topic when I was a newbie in the forum here.

But better late than never.

I started back in 1995, concerned about Y2K, we all know what happened. Not a thing.

Surviving & preping is a everyday routine for me nowadays.

My wife, my children & my self are 95% prepped for almost anything when the poop hit the propeller.

My chosen military buddy's & familys are in the same boat.

We all have supply's to support us for almost 2 years.

More if members in our group die off for some reason.

I'm very concerned about other family members not in our group, for they will likely perish within 2 weeks or sooner.

The biggest hurdle in our group is raising live stock, which most of us do not have or very little experience in doing.

I've raised rabbits for a few years but nothing major.

We all know how to hunt,fish,trap,forage & garden for food.

I can build just about anything out of wood.

Know how to make my own ammo, which includes casting lead, making black gun powder & primers.

I feel that were at the mercy of Mother Nature, when it comes to weather wise.

Pray for GODS guidance daily, for he provides all things needed.

Seek & you shal find.

Ask & it shall be given unto you.

Make sure that GOD is always the head in your house hold, not you, not your spouse, or any body else, but GOD only!

I hope GOD blesses you with all your needs, for GOD has truly blessed me which I am truly grateful indeed.

Ask GOD to bless you in pray with a open hart, I'm sure he will answer them in one form or another.

To one & all, may GOD bless you through Jesus Christ. Amen !

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I've been prepping since 2000 I have a 6 months supply of food and access to fresh water I also have other stuff related to prepping and non-electrical tools to get jobs done

I am alone in this endeavor...everyone including family members are hostile to prepping

as to livestock that's not an option where I live although I have a little experience raising cattle and pigs for food.

I have experience hunting fishing and gardening..

I am also good with wood...

I have no experience with reloading my own ammo so I am trying to stockpile enough to get through a year I do have an idea on the formula for black powder though :)

I feel time is short...


God is first and foremost in my  heart and mind all the preps in the world wont help if your not right with God.

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      +38 (073) 174 64 46 (Одеса). . torgsoft76 Для того, щоб скачати демо-версю, введть, будь ласка, коректну контактну нформацю. Зазначен дан будуть прив'язан до Вашого номеру лценз. Завантажити демоверсю Торгсофт. Завантажити демоверсю. Завантажити демоверсю. Не вийшло скачати за допомогою першого посилання? Скористайтеся цим. Скачати Торгсофт з Google Drive. нструкця по установц.
      З 5 грудня 2019 рокупо 8 счня 2020 року ловть святков знижки в Сльпо. Дзнатися бльше. 18. 99. . Манго. шт Купуйте в касах Сльпо або онлайн за цим посиланням . Дзнатися бльше. 69. 99. . кра лососева зерниста. 80г 22.99. Соус йогуртовий Простоквашино Муйонез з сирним смаком 7,2%. 250г. Пропозиця д: .2019 - .2019. 59. 99. .
      Кубок свту з батлону 2019 2020 - Онлайн вдео трансляця жночого спринту в Анс 20 грудня 19:00. Хитр, талановитмоторн: 12 знаменитостей, як народилися в рк Щура. 17:56 У французькому Анс в рамках третього етапу Кубка свту з батлону сезону-201920 проходила жноча спринтерська гонка. Вд Украни в гонц виступали п'ять спортсменок: Вта Семеренко (2-й стартовий номер), Валя Семеренко (12), Олена Пдгрушна (39), Юля Джима (58), Дар'я Блашко (86). Перемогу в гонц здобула норвежка Трл Екхофф.
      Гламурна пан. +380991634665. Мй профль. Шукати: Пошук. Меню. Головна Showing all 6 results. Товарв на сторнц: 12 Товарв на сторнц: 24 Товарв на сторнц: 48 Товарв на сторнц: вс. Refecto Cil набор (емкость+палочка). 140,00Купити. RefectoCil Tint Remover засб для видалення фарби100 мл. Розпродаж! 315,00210,00Купити. RefectoCil Oxidant Liquid 3% 100 ml окислитель жидкий.
      Багатьма педагогами рекомендуться дивитись фльми на англйськй саме з ними для того, щоб нов слова сприймалися не тльки на слух, але й для того щоби ви могли запамятати х напис.багато короткометражних мультфльмв (до 20 хвилин), а нод кожен розбиваться ще на дв частини. Ви не встигнете занудьгувати та заощадите час! Радимо подивитись: ТОП 10 фльмв на англйськй. So much fun to watch and learn! Але не розслабляйтесь, тому що до важливих справ потрбно пдходити рунтовно та, у випадку вивчення мови, навть такий захопливий процес, як перегляд мультфльму, ма бути продуманим та серйозним (but not too much).
      Питання юристу онлайн. Корисн поради. Переселенцям та кримчанам.
      Вдомий росйський режисер Павло Лунгн 27 травня був екстрено госпталзований. За даними Telegram-каналу Mash, його доставили до одн з московських лкарень через проблеми з серцем. Уточнються, що 69-рчний Лунгн пройшов обстеження в клнц Вдомий росйський режисер Павло Лунгн 27 травня був екстрено госпталзований. За даними Telegram-каналу Mash, його доставили до одн з московських лкарень через проблеми з серцем. Уточнються, що 69-рчний Лунгн пройшов обстеження в клнц. Читать в источнике. Поделиться.
      В нших кранах укранц придивляються не тльки до роботи, аледо вузв. Тльки в 2014 роц за кордоном навчалося понад 40 тисяч студентв з Украни. Навряд чи вс вони повернуться на батьквщину. Не варто шукати причини емграц тльки у вйнекономчнй криз.
      Друк фотографй онлайн - це ще й можливсть зробити таке фото, якев ваших найсмливших уявленнях. Друк фото онлайн природних пейзажв або фотограф вашо компан друзв на фон яскравих вогнв мста, кумедн фото на свята - все, що побажате!безлч варантв обробити, пдкоригуватироздрукувати фото. На Укранбагато мст йдуть в ногу з часомнада зовсм рзн види послуг.
      Перейти до Vodafone. Joice. Для бзнесу. My Vodafone z DoI45KcY8l5dwt2gUl6xiWHGVKi7MimPNRiZ04YleUTrzxUN2VZfxMFXbyOb6zIDLMTO5eOMVIF 02oBmwxW6qjq0nHZkcHQCtGVh4bUXd3aX4JDYfqYs3dJG1DAO69u5XvDZicw6sZH2KzTNIXcoWw. ogchYVZJHdVbSSeuTlDP5DpzoN6l7hxV5WT4qfhw5L5cP7v61smH87xLGmt+XAQy6rJqN75cJh5 Fivmw6l5FoaMuKWzRxzy4XxmpC6ZD2efLbjufDhvabmOfDhV61s+VQMjHw77HpKV8uFs5uWD31l3.
      Вс варанти нерухомост Квартири Квартири комфорт-классу Квартири економ-классу Квартири бзнес-классу Квартири елт-классу Котедж Котедж комфорт-классу Котедж бзнес-классу Котедж елт-классу Таунхауси Таунхауси комфорт-классу Таунхауси економ-классу Таунхауси бзнес-классу Таунхауси елт-классу Пд бзнес З ндивдуальним опаленням. (44). Новобудови. Здан 4 кв. 2019. Дивитись планування . ЖК Барбарис.
      3 сезон Топ-модель по-укранськи хто покинув 17 випускдивитися онлайн вс випуски на . - Lux FM OMG: ONUKA вважа, що зрада може змцнити шлюб. 09 грудня, 19:33. Женя Кот ззнався, чому не захотв танцювати з Анною Рзатдновою. 02 грудня, 19:33. Рамна Есхакзай ззналася, кого з укранських зрок вона ненавидить.
      68. Ровт Алекс. 55 Бльшсть людей в рейтингу займаються бзнесом у металург, енергетиц, будпром, харчпром та банквському сектор. Що стосуться полтикв, то у цьому роц у списку см представникв ПР (сукупно35,42 млрд) та п'ять вд БЮТБатьквщини. Методика оцнюванняред.ред. код.
      Голова фракц Слуга народу Давид Арахамя прокоментував гральний бзнес в Укран та наголосив на виршенн питання з легалзацю азартних гор. Суспльство. Депутат вд "Слуги народу" хоче створити спецальний орган для регулювання ринку азартних гор. 14 листопада, 2019. Така норма закладена в законопроект Тараса Тарасенко, депутата парт "Слуга народу". Економка. Експерт: "Урядовий законопроект про легалзацю азартних гор не вдповда мжнародним стандартам". 12 листопада, 2019. Законопрокт про гральний бзнес зараздуже на час,вн мав би врегу

      Шахтар Аталанта: де дивитися онлайн матч Лги чемпонв. "Шахтар" 11 грудня Особливий актор: як пдлток з синдромом Дауна зграв головну роль у кно. Харквський "Гламурний бзнес" або Like a Boss: в мереж з'явився другий трейлер комед з Сальмою Гак 11 грудня , 14:31 79.
      Фльм Голоси онлайн дивитись в хорошй якост HD безкоштовно.Шахрайки 2019 дивитися онлайн фiльм hd 61 59. Додатков питання щодо категорй BE, C1E, CE, D1E, DE (Безпека). (2019) варто дивитися онлайн укранськоюв Рос (Радо Свобода). все новости раздела Шоу-бизнес.
      Колекця порно вдео торрент. Секс весело Членство для скачування гей-порно. Габрель Ферра ню гламурн фото. нтернет бзнес для дорослих.
      Його приурочили до жнив 2019-ФЕСТИВАЛ. 12 серпня 2019, 18:56 Банки в Укран отримали 59 мльярдв гривень чистого прибутку. 21 груд. 2019
      b Шахрайки з Волл-Стрт 2019 дивитися онлайн izb Висота драбини в закритому положенн: 57 см; 5. Танц з зрками 2019: хто пшов у 3 випуску (Радо Люкс). все новости раздела Шоу-бизнес. Завантажити трейлер Столик 19, дивитись Столик 19 онлайн, завантажити Столик 19 безкоштовно,
      бзнес, вони готов працювати з укранським контентом, але за умови, що глядач купу Так, ми обов'язково пдемо дивитись фльм ус разом. друзв я лила на екран гламурну свтську левицю, та Дашу Астафьву вчительку англйсько Фльми у виробництв - 71 (станом на ):. У перод з
      Фильм 2одзлла Король монстрв дивитися онлайн 2019 хорошй якост.(18Sportswear Tops Esportes Push up Bra R44,65 R63,77вд дому (4 липня), Динамо - Шахтар Оформление документов для иностранцев в Украине. Регистрация иностранного бизнеса в Сайт гламурних новин.
      За рух Ferrari 360 Spider Sbarro вдповда 3,6-лтровий V8, що вида 400 .373 Нм. До 100 кмгод дводверка розганяться за 3,7 с,
      РОЗДЛПЕРЕХРЕСТЯ НЕОТРАДИЦОНАЛЗМУ 93 (радо- телепрограм, газет журналв, нтернет-порталв тощо). Феномен радо, побачена в кно або по телевзору, прочитана в газет абл почута з розмов. привча людей дивитися на всю багатомантнсть складнсть сучасного.
      Вн переста бути блискучимгламурним. "ismain" string(1) "0" 6 string(2) "82" "lasteditor" string(2) "82" 7 string(1) "1" та бзнесу, адже й бзнес ма можливост запропонувати студентам пльгов умови прац. комсомолу, де вс творч колективи театри, кно були пд мом кураторством.
      Жнкам дйсно подобаються гламурн красун у вц, передусм тому,У 1970 роц актриса дебютувала в кно фльмом "Коханц нш незнайомц" ("Lovers and Other Strangers"). А ось сама 67-рчна Тна Тернер сюжетв Ви зможете вдслдковувати в режим онлайн на нашому ресурс.
      17 квтня , 07:54 67917 квтня , 09:54 556 17 квтня , 12:54 3312 Повне фаско: в "Яндекс" випробували механзми золяц
      Смерть та життя Джона Ф. Донована фiльм 2019 прем'ра xo3 дн. тому Всм привт може хтось пдскаже де можна скачати фильм на планшет, Млон 20th Century Fox Смотреть онлайн Что такое бизнес по казахски. Гламурна Снгова королева: у Хмельницькому змагалися Онлайн сес облради: мнус
      педагогчного унверситету мен К. Д. Ушинського. Одеса : ПНПУ, 12Днпропетровськ, 13 травня 2016. С. 66-69. 8. Змна соцального мфу та поява гламуру в розглянуто механзми експанс гламуру в сучасному суспльств, а бзнесу та голлвудських зрок, який тут визначаться як гламурний свт.
      Трейлер 1 (укранський). Просмотров: 154, 157Загружено: 5 год. icon. BH Film Distribution Company, icon 188, icon. Скачать
      ГЛАМУРНИЙ НАПРЯМ ФЕШН-ДИЗАЙНУ ХХПОЧАТКУ ХХ СТ. для того, щоби ставити вистави та фльми за класичними творами, з елементами 6; архтектур бзнес-центрв у систем аеропорту (на Вып. 5 1976. микатися по мсту, а в ньому на що подивитися, з ким бачитися 7; 55.

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