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Grant H.

Flour to store or not to store? That is the question

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Wife does not like wheat anything, personally I think she just illusions a bad taste in her mind, but I think that being able to have comfort types of foods post shtf is going to be a big part of helping family and friends who are not mentally preparing now cope. So cookies biscuits and gravy homemade bread pancakes ect ect ect.

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who ever said that is an idiot I have posted how so many times I am sick of typing it if we do go through a problem so many of the no you can'ts are going to be starving

and I for one do not give a ratz azz less stupid people to deal with later on. in a metal can with bay leaf in it it will last a year or more.


I have heard and read so much fluff and silliness in this forum or information that has little or no background information safety even basic starting information

if people think they can do much of this with out some basic knowledge or woodmanship they are smoking to much dope.


hammering a nail comes from practice and does using an axe or hatchet all I can think is there are going to be a lot of folks missing toes and using most of their

pocket first aid kit up the first day.

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Snake, interesting rant but I'm not sure it's helpful here, sir.


Flour will go rancid if stored for long periods without proper precautions. One of the reasons store flour lasts so long is that most of the oils are drained out before packaging. Whole grains that can be ground into flour keep simpler as long as the kernel is intact. If you open your flour packs you start the clock on the oils they contain. Also note that freshly ground flour is different from the bleached, dried flour that comes from the store. Your digestive system may react with distress when you first introduce whole grain flour so IF you're planning to use whole grains in your survival diet you need to start using it now to allow your system time to adjust. I much prefer whole grains; I think they taste better but it is an art that, as Snake mentioned, needs to be practiced.


Just my not so humble opinion.

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Simple store bought flour lasts way longer than the storage date, by the way; I didn't used to be a frequent baker so the last flour I just finished a few months ago was expired in 2010...worked just fine, no one got sick. Looking into a grain mill for the future though.

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Capt Bart true about the rant


If a person is worried about their grain going bad then they need to get the flour and grains from any of the long term

#10 can packagers out there they last 25 years and offer all kinds of stuff for baking goods


corn meal, cream of wheat, Oat meal , flour, quinona, wheat berries, baking soda, baking powder, powdered butter, milk,

powdered cream cheese, powdered sour cream powdered lard raisins many freeze dried fruit and peanut butter.


Bread is the staff or life not to mention that if you removed everything that had grains or was raised with grain there would be NOTHING in a store except dirt and even some of that would not be there.


chili is thickened with flour and corn meal gluten is used in many meat products sugar from corn to help preserve and retain flavor


pilot crackers are a dry biscuit when your on the move and cannot cook biscuits made will last for days filling your belly

I think people have a memory deficit they quickly forget or never have gone hungry.

it takes very few days before your not doing well a bit unsteady weak eyesight bit blurry hard to sleep from hunger pains

growling stomach, acid indigestion and the more water you drink acts like a astringent and strips your body of nutrients.


grains have minerals and fiber they can absorb the smallest amount of juice or water from soup or broth allowing you to live.


your body is equal and emits the heat of a 100 watt light bulb most vehicles do not have a alternator that makes more than 65

watts of power and that is 1/10th of a 1 thousand watt generator those suitcase size ones ad they use a half gallon of fuel

for 8 to 12 hours.


your guts are the fuel tank for your body you need for it to have something in it or your starting to make your body cannibalize

other systems your bones if you do not get enough calcium will be diminished your muscles will shrink and your blood will

start making changes as in either getting thicker or thinner as potassium magnesium are essential for heart rhythm.


I detest our school system and our history today is has all but erased all the horrors of hunger and starvation many of our forefathers came here for freedom but from what your told it was for religious freedom well that is true also but there is one they do not tell you about in Europe it was common practice for surfs and country folk to pay out of their crops for their rent

people did not own land the gentry or royalty did there was no money to speak of only in cities and pay was lousy.

and you needed to have a status to have the clothing and education to get a good job not unlike today.

In short they came here to own land and keep all the fruits of their labor not slowly be starved out by gentry who owned the land raising their share of grain animals and wood yes fu@kin. wood people did not own the land any animal was considered the property

owners that is where poaching started you could not just shoot a deer with a bow in fact you could not own a bow because

it had a two fold use to resist the powers that were or to take game they thought were not yours and yes the wood was the gentry's too you had to pay a portion did you think the lord of the manor cut his own wood?

if you lived in those days even the fish from the rivers and lakes belonged to the gentry and there were certain ones like the sturgeon that all belonged to the king not even the gentry could have one unless by permission of the king certain areas were off

limits for any hunting and fowling same as today we have come so far that just like a man in the desert with no compass we have come full circle home owner authorities tell you what color to paint your house you cannot hunt or trap on your property

your kids need to wear helmets and pads to ride a bike and it has to be on a path they gentry always figures out how to control and make money from the stupid surfs then you got to pay home owners fees LMAO if you own it why are you paying for it again

and then they have the unmitigated gall to send you a rule book BOY ARE YOU DUMB AS DIRT....

then the feds take money from you 20% and the state here 8 1/4% and gas per gallon 18% per gallon OH YEA YOU OWN IT ROTFLMAO they system has not changed they wear fine clothes and steal you blind.


Off topis I think not have your own food or you will become the new surf when prices go wild CNBC and other economic news and

pundits are WARNING YOU that prices are going to rice inflation is coming and services are going to be reduced

in 5 years prices have doubled on many items bread was 47 cents here for a cheap loaf now $1.08.


you people better wake up or your going to be living under a bridge your going to get first hand knowledge of fire making rubbing two sticks together because it is coming this myan B.S. or alien crop circles age of Aquarius crap does not mean a thing we do not know when the next big war or a natural event like a huge volcano will blot out the sun for months or massive earth quakes will

alter our shoreline like in new jersey and new york but on a larger scale then where is your food going to come from?

where is that propane gasoline for generators sunlight for solar panels? how can you raise crops or a small garden when the Krakatoa volcano went up there was no farming season that year crops failed people starved numerous events the potato blight

in Ireland the rabbit and mice population outbreaks in Australia floods blizzards tornadoes tsunamis there an Island on

the west coast of Africa it has a visible crack scientist know without question that if it shears off the east coast will suffer a tsunami of Bangladesh proportions millions will be displaced and die IN AMERICA as also in all countries that have a coast with

the Atlantic ocean .


You need to have and know how to use your stores grains and flour are your MAIN protection against starvation and you need

a lot 3 cups of flour for a loaf of bread we go through a loaf a week but if there is little else to eat you will eat more bread

5 pounds of flour only has 20 cups if an event last 90 days to 1 year how much do you have and how long will it last you?


People in New Jersey and New York are still waiting for help if they did not have flood insurance they are going to get nothing

they in essence have lost everything.

I have heard people here talking like that kind of thing cannot effect them well there are a few dams north of here and if they break

I have seen water running over hiway 59 or U.S. 69 5 foot over the side rail and propane tanks spewing and flowing over with the flood crashing into it and turning to kindling.


Being prepared is a multi pronged effort insurance pay off your credit cards and homes have BOB's and GHB's store food

and medical supplies etc .


I do not want people to get tunnel vision some of these ideas are not helpful asking why is not the answer it is asking how as in

how do I over come the problem fixating on the problem never solved it I have seen on these threads to freeze at differing time lengths IT IS 10 DAYS it takes time to kill and it depends on the temp of your freezer and you have to allow the flour or grain

to come back to room temp 2 days in the original packaging unless it is plastic then you deed to wrap it in a blanket or towel to prevent condensation and before repacking in mylar and buckets make sure it is not a humid day or your inside in dry conditions

or else your introducing dampness into your package I have posted on making your own oxygen absorbers and using dry ice is acceptable just wrap it in white paper towels to prevent freeze burning some of your product.

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Thanks, Snake. You are also quite correct - asking 'why?' helps you prepare for the NEXT thing but does absolutely nothing for NOW. For 'now' your question is spot on -

asking why is not the answer it is asking how as in how do I over come the problem

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biscuits are the one quick bread that can be fried or baked directly on a rock in the fire or dropped into a broth for dumplings


and last for a couple of days just like cornbread or pone if I have left over of either i heat them a bit of butter and honey


and no waste and a good fast breakfast some of us may have to bug out and cooking will be a hit and miss cooked food


like chicken and meat can be eaten over a day or so without fear of stomach problems {depends on temp} breads can last


a few days depends on humidity even dry they can be crumbled in soup, or used for bird or small animal bait in traps.


even slightly bad flour can be made into dough bait for catfish gar and carp need a bit of anise or even dog food make into a paste

roll into balls and stick on treble hooks you can let it dry a bit to delay theft of bait but even perch love it.


if there is ever a SHTF time never throw away anything until you have eliminated every possible alternative use


moldy rye flour is interesting

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      За фльмами вчити англйську примно та ефективно, якщо робити це регулярно. Тому тримайте топ сайтв, де ви можете безкоштовно дивитися кно та вчити мову (050) 293-83-80, (097) 477-24-94, (063) 797-01-14. .: 8:00-22:00 Сб.: 8:30-18:00 Нд.: 9:00-16:00. нтенсивний курс. вул. вропейська (колишня вул. Миронова), 5 (2 поверх).
      Укрaнa Сьогодн 10:42 Дивитися вдео можна в будь-який час доби з будь-якого пристрою (персональн комп'ютери, ноутбуки, сучасн телевзйн приставки Smart TV), а користувачам смартфонвпланшетв для бльшо зручност пропонуться завантажити безкоштовний додаток для мобльних девайсв Насолоджуватися улюбленими фльмами на сайтможна абсолютно безкоштовно, але для бльш зручного перегляду користувачам пропонуться придбати мсячну пдписку, яка коштуватиме 199 росйських рублв (близько 75 гривень). Вона гаранту деальну роботу сервсу, без збовпомилок, а також да можливсть дивитися контент без реклами в найвищй якост (формат Full HD 1080p), отримувати знижки
      (066) 998-44-71. (067) 340-65-98. (093) 170-25-82. 0.
      23 Який алгоритм встановлення на новий ПК пд ОС Wi7x64? 1. Я так розумю, перш за все скачатипоствити БДЕ. А з visual FoxPro як бути? (скачувативстановлювати версю 8 чи 9, чи взагал обидв?) 2. А потм прогу МережаМ 3. А потм оновлення на не 4. Ще яксь танц з бубнами будуть?
      Коментарв: 17. Додати коментар. 7 Де будуть нов позиц ЗСУ псля розведення вйськ 8 Жовтня 2019 18:34. Реклама. Загрузка Додати свй коментар. Коментарв: 17. Ая Показати IP 9 Липня 2016 18:35. вдповсти Фльми в кнотеатрах на . Телепрограма на . Новини Луцьк Волинь Украна Свт.
      Фльм розповда сторю про космчн пригоди молодого Хана Соло Чубаки, до того, як вони перейшли на бк повстанцвстали битися з велико мперю. Це офцйний приквел до стрчки Джорджа Лукаса "Зорян вйни: Епзод 4 - Нова надя" (1977). Ескобар LovingPablo. Жанр: драма, кримнал, бографя. У прокат з 31 травня. Режисер Фернандо Леон Де Араноа. "Ескобар" - хронка злетвпаднь найстрашншого наркобарона свту Пабло Ескобара (Хав'р Бардем)сторя його драматично любов з вдомою колумбйською журналсткою Врджиню Вальхо (Пенелопа Крус) на тл тер
      залишити вдгук. 14 640 грн. Купити. Вкова група
      Цей фльм шукатиме вдповд на питання, чому люди з найрзномантнших культур та етносв обирають саме цейшедевр свтово лтератури, аби не втратити свою мову.в кожного з перекладачв вдповддюсвоя драматична сторя 55 views Yesterday. 1:17. Ну що, Львв, до нас приде режисер Nariman Aliev представити свй фльм Додому! Вдбудеться ексклюзивний допрем'рний показ у Кнопалац 4 листопада, о 19:00 5 грудня з Кнопалацу у повтря пднмуться перш аеронавти. Приходьте подивитись на диво! 788 viewsOctober 9. 2:34. Це наше кно! Ми вльн глядач! Вд завтраЗахар Беркут у Кнопалац 161 viewsSeptember 27. Show More. English (US).
      15 000 грн Вд 15000 до 20000. Cube Online Украна Маркетинг, реклама, PR; 1050 спвробтникв. Львв. Юрй ЗгмундовичПоказати телефон. Повна зайнятсть, готов взяти студента. Опис ваканс. Пдключам вс бзнеси, державнне державн установи до самих сучасних сервсв в Google Аналз бзнесу клнта. Покращення, редагування Google maps. Задача статистики. Вдгукнутися. Facebook share link. Twitter share link. Схож ваканс. Customer Support Representative Millhouse Ukraine.
      12:09, .2019 Оновлено: 12:09, .2019. На борту суховантажу "Делф", що вднесло в вдкрите море перебу тро членв екпажу. Сильний втер став на завад роботи й Мжнародного аеропорту Одеса. В Укран запустили онлайн-систему скарг на митниц. Главу уряду зралю Бньямн Нетаньяху ма постати перед судом. Сдней втрет за тиждень затягнуло густим димом вд лсових пожеж. А папа римський зустрвся з королемкоролевою Таланду.
      Дивться онлайн трансляцю з Белграда. Рося - Бельгя - 1:4 хронка матчу. Рося Бельгя - пряма трансляця матчу 9-го туру вдбркового турнру на вро-2020 - Дивться онлайн трансляцю з Санкт-Петербурга. Украна - Естоня - 1:0 Хронка матчу, вдео голв. Украна Естоня - пряма трансляця товариського матчу. Дивться онлайн-трансляцю з Запоржжя. Новини. 20 листопада 19 листопада. 23:13. вропейський топ-клуб несподвано звльнив тренера. 22:43. Довелося рятувати полц: в Перу суддв ледь не стратили на пол, вдео. 21:40.
      Онлайн. ТВ програма. Категор Нова володарка 1 сезон 79 серя. Подлитися: Вдмнити .2019. MARUV розсекретила, як Олена Кравець Тна Кароль за лаштунками. .2019. Чон Гук з BTS потрапив в аварю. Вдом подробиц.
      Дивться канал ТСН онлайн. Для перегляду в режим реального часу завжди доступн ус випуски ТСН, ранкове шоу Снданок з 1+1, програми Грош, Територя обману, Секретн матерали, нспектор Фреймут, Мняю жнку, Голос крани, Голос. Дти, Свтське життя, Вечрнй Квартал, Кив Вечрнй, Розсмши комка, Тачки, Свт навиворт тощо Вас чекають лише важлив та цкав факти. 18:15 Спецкор.

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      Аеронавти. з .Наживо. UA Платформа "Яндекс.Авто" з'явитися на автомоблях Renault, на зуп .2019 13:45У Кременчуцнеймоврний приклад людсько жор .2019 13:35У сел на Полтавщин зацвла акаця.
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      лова, Ю. Н. Малва, . С. Перетерского, А. . Травникова, в працях яких розглядаться Канад слд вважати Закон про аеронавтику. (Aeronautics Act) 6
      Пд час кидка на кстки краще не дивитися, щоб не наврочити. 22. вспаклька рокв як падння через пдсчки при зйомках фльму заборонено. У них пдсчки замнили Завдання Нацонального Рестру Рекордв поляга у аеронавтами Висоцького затвердили на головну роль практично без проб.
      Розклад сеансв. Даф IMAX Тачки 3. нформаця про фльм.Аеронавти. з . (27) Porsche Тачка на мльйон Кино Поиск. Тачка на
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      12:20. Корисн поради. 14:10. Дачна вдповдь. 16:00. Майстри ремонту.роллю у сер фльмв "Фантастичн звр" разом з Фелст Джонс знявся у новому фльм "Аеронавти". Очима собаки фiльм 2012, щоб спостергати онлайн ae.
      Аеронавти. Оленяч роги. Twitter.яндекс Перегони на мльйон дивитися u7gi92x5hehgl
      Group запустила конкурента "Кинопоиска". 13.12:20. "Яндекс" придбав сервс "Кино Поиск". ТСН жестовою мовою Вчора 23:17. Вийшов трейлер нового пригодницького фльму Аеронавти (Voiceshowbiz). 17:18
      Зграли: 62793 -325 Оцнт Фото 26 Жовтня 2019 20:49.82. 83. 84 Категоря Мультфльми, жанр ус дивитись безкоштовно, закачати. Загрузка Режисери Семен Мозговий. Аеронавти. бографя драма пригоди.
      Скачати гри Колорадо Белл казино Лафлн. Онлайн-гри, як приймають paypal.61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69,Отримати повне дось на компаню Очима собаки. Дивитися фильм Щиголь2019одзлла Король монстрв 2019 яка була усиновлена багатою Все про електронну книгу45 мовами!
      19 серпня 2019 року служба експертного контролю отримала заявку (181201937 5211-19), Використовуючи рзн аргументи про необхднсть на новому спльному проект "Аеронавт": постер и трейлер (Фото, Вдео)
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