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If you thought you have it all together rethink your plan

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Well some more good news apparently an agriculture bill from the 1940's is due to expire this will


If something is not done and I doubt it will as government is locked up like your grandma full of government cheese


so it will cause the price of milk to go up to 8 bucks a gallon it will also effect grain prices and fuel was said to go down but


I do not believe that as ethanol is part of gasoline now and it comprises 15% .


it could happen that they gov could kick the can down the road on this but I do not know but what I do know


if it does not get fixed now prices will move up in anticipation of a future lapse in this bill.


timothy geithner is attending the fiscal cliff meeting at the white house that is like inviting a buzzard to your


child's birth


keep thinking about prepping and go ahead go on that vacation or buy a new vehicle from government motors

remember you cannot keep it if you cannot make the payments and it looks like a lot more unemployment

is headed our way whether we go off the fiscal cliff or not this Obama care is not implemented yet.

not to mention we have been riding high on FREE money YOUR money face it 2% interest on bank to bank loans

is not their money it yours and the new death tax is 55% LMAO I do not know what the start point is it could be

any amount that has not been stated on the news.


I hope you do not have a variable rate home loan or a balloon note due soon also the home interest deduction is

on the chopping block so you may not can subtract that from your income tax.


The new QE5 {Quantitive easing} in other words the government is buying their own bonds they issue printing money

and that devalues the money you have now it has been warned that inflation will kick in eventually if your not old enough to remember the 1970's we had 20% interest on loans banks went bust we just had 350+ banks go bust now the

boat is rocking the other way eventually it is going to broach {change direction to quick} and capsize {flip over}

and sink {you know what that means}


if we go off the cliff gold and silver may take a tumble or could launch it is hard to tell things have been running

counter intuitively all I know I see a lot of money changing hands in the market and that means someone is loosing and some

are winning just hope like hell your boss ain't one of the losers.


I doubt it but I am willing to bet that the person who signs your check or company you get it from are wealthier than you

so taxing these folks in to oblivion is STUPID it's a lot like stabbing your self in the azz not productive.

Like Hostess company all the owners ares still wealthy and the workers that tried to stick it to them are now losers jobless

may loose their homes, vehicles and remember that many divorces stem from economic problems.


We will EXPLODE it is sooner or later and I doubt we have more than a couple of years if we go off the cliff and this damn agriculture bill debacle does not get fixed look out because the sh*t is going to hit the fan

$200 bucks a month extra in taxes for the middle class increases up to 50% to 100% in dairy products

grain prices will go up how much I have no clue but i am sure that there are things waiting in the wings to slap us upside the head.

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