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We have a few advantages over most of the rest of the country.


We have our own power grid. So we aren't as subject to a massive failure as occurred on the east coast several years back. Yes, we could still have problems with power, but we are less vulnerable than the east.


We rank around 47th in world oil and gas production. We also have the refiners to turn the oil into usable fuels.


We have deep water ports for shipping.


Land is cheap compared to other parts of the country.


Those are just the ones I can think of at the moment, Capt and Snake could probably come up with more <although I think Snake would be more inclined to give you reasons NOT to come>

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As with everything it appears if it is nice enough to seem workable, it's priced that way. Who has a cool million to drop on a secondary property? There are a million websites for properties for sale in Texas; apparently it's a popular search. Everyone likes Texas I guess :)


I own two ranches in West Texas. One 10 acres and one 20 acre Ranch . Purchased one of them from Sunset Ranches. They're running a special for 20 Acres for $99 a month or $11K cash.


I'm a Yankee by birth but Texan by choice! Here is my backyard view:[ATTACH=CONFIG]1753[/ATTACH]


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our grounbd was mostly clay and rock, which really hindered the growth of gourds and lettuce. cauliflower and broccoli did fine though, corn had no issues. we would get good results from any kind of root veggy.


Any kind of peas and beans always produced great. even in the clay.

ANd of course more tomatos than we could give away.


clay can be overcome by digging a larger hole and filling it with good soil same with poor soil dig a hole mix up rabbit manure

and dirt and fill plant and you get a boost without having to fertilize the whole world .

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My pleronal view is have plenty of canned goods stocked up a bad spell like last year all the corn was pathetic

now this year may be different but that means you have a year without corn as what you can get needs to go to feed


farming is like gambling so before you think you got a bumper crop and give or sell it can it if you run out of canning jars

buy more for a 4 to 5 person family you need 100 jars per person figure it out 365 days in a year that is 1 jar per day

and your going to need more than that to can meats and vegetables cheeses, soups, stock, chili spaghetti sauce, tomatoes

greens and beans you name it you can can it


should we have or YOUR area have a bad drought and heat wave your garden is going to do poorly I think I explained a 5 acre

anything is minimal animals need 2 or more pastures so they do not over graze grass and allow time for hay / grass to grow

during the winter where is your hay going to come from? so a field needs to grow up and be cut and stored allowed to grow

again and then allow animals in the off pasture needs to be seeded and airiated and or disced to allow new growth and

break up manure piles for numerous reasons unless your raising SHROOMS for tea it is also a petri dish for any disease and flies

but broken up it is fertilizer and the sun helps to kill many problems some seed and a month and you got more hay.


it takes 1 acre for house out buildings barns and out house stacks of fire wood building materials equipment my home shop and car port in 80 foot long and need 20 more foot at least I have a rabbit hutch 10 x 16 foot long and I am going to build a new coop

about the same size my green house is 8 x 20 foot I am thinking about doubling that.


Your water well or cistern needs to be on the highest part of your property to keep any fecal mater from entering it during a down pour if your well is near you septic or animal fecal drain it is not going to be good for you these need to be treated with chlorine

pucks from pool treatment a couple of times a year as bird droppings will get in no matter what you do

as well as dust and wild yeast the new gutters keep out most leaves and bugs but that is going to happen any way just not as bad if you plan for it, YELLOW FEVER is no joke water attracts mosquitoes nor is .................


I have black berries along the fence and fruit trees on the other fence line and need more grapes on another


No area on 5 acres needs to be bare even have widow boxes for herbs last years cucumber crop was 0 they would grow

and shrivel and get end rot the yellow squash was great at first and then dwindled plants are not something you can count on


if you raise corn the stalks and cobs need to be saved and used for feed much of the plant we do not use is great feed

rabbits eat tops of most plants and broccoli stalks and leaves cabbage leaves and carrot tops etc


a 5 acre farm is only good for goats a couple pigs rabbits and chickens as none of them really compete for the same resources

and can exist in a smaller space even pigeons I have considered in a corner of the property a;; of this can draw mice and field rats

and snakes if you don't build your buildings right you will be fighting these vermin from start to finish


consider solar powered bug zappers as mosquitoes will cause rabbits and birds problems but under the zapper are juicy bugs

and the birds love them.


any bug riddled grain and many veggies and waste can be made into wort to make alcohol for fuel {you cannot drink this}

waste not want not if you can hog and human waste animal scraps after slaughter makes methane with the right septic system you can trap and tap for

heat out of a natural gas heater or stove it smells but it is useful to start fires in a wood stove instead of having to

hang out and freeze trying to stoke it. or heat barrels of water to warm the area.


tons of other aspects to all this but I consider this a primer

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I'd start by forgetting all the people except spouse and kids. They'll all talk about your site/preps and half of them will stab you in the back, anyway. every day in the US, 100's of people betray family members, just to not go to jail for a few weeks! Your people are no different and the threats will be much worse.

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