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I have posted this response to the above article


Your lack of knowledge for a college student is stunning the primary killing weapon of a musket is the bayonet not the musket because of its innacuracy it was design in a triangular shape so that the wound would not heal and could not be stitched closed. second your assertion that the citizens of the U.S. could not possibly take on a rogue gov. nor defend their nation is more B.S. as proven in Afganistan repeatedly they held off the russian army till they forced it to withdraw and currently they are giving the U.S. a black eye, oh yes they are also uneducated and illiterate, So let me get this right you believe it is not possible to face a modern army and its tech hmm have you looked around at the world the Syrian Army equiped and trained by the Russians, getting it pants kicked by rif-raf, Afghanistan giving us fits, Hamas messing with the Isreali military another thouroghly modern military force. You have also lost sight of the fact that even if this SOB did not have the firearms he still could have done the same thing I offer up the mass school stabbing in China that ocurred on the same day and left 22 children dead even more than our American sicko who had modern weaponry. In addition there is a country who has never had this problem and one that ended a string of school massacres and terrorist attacks on their schools who are these two countries Switzerland and Israel. The Swiss have always had fireams in their schools and workplaces and homes they have the most heavily armed citizenry per capita in the world. In 1977 after several mass shootings and even more terrorist attacks on schools the Israeli's began arming teachers volunteer parents and grandparents and giving them additional training ever since they have patrolled their schools with concealed weapons with nothing to distinguish them from any of the other adults in the school. Number of incedents since it was inacted? A big Fat ZERO. we have already tried the Assault weapons ban it did not work!! Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Wake up and smell the coffee and as a college student maybe you should do a little more research into the real world with real facts before opening you mouth.Because everything I have stated is Fact not opinion and is verifiable. Those that fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it

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I am afraid there is nothing you can do to educate a person who has an revulsion to let us say spinach

we all know it is good for us but regardless they will never change.


My own brother I tried for years to explain to him one day he would have to grow up and take responsibility

well he resisted and destroyed numerous lives and took his own life.

he was my brother now he is worm sh*t I have disowned any part of him he refused any measure of decent

guidance I tried to give he never believed in God although he went to a church school and regular school {not forced}

and many of his friends were Christians they tried to help him and let him know he need to turn back from the

path he was on,

It was obvious he was only interested in showing off and advertizing his money and what it got him


Here is the funny part he never drank or drugged his whole life was money making money spending money

he had to have the best as his own self centered way started to fold in on him, instead of putting his

heart into his family and work he made everyone else the butt of his problems and would accept no blame

it turned into a train wreck and in death as he did in life he left a mess for others to deal with.


He was very intelligent outgoing had a family that showed him a good work ethic and Cristian values

he resisted them with a vengeance and denied that anything could bring him down one of those self made

if I can envision it I can do it multitasking and networking were his tools self drive was his mantra.

Goal setting and making plans and counting his money gauging his life by how many vehicles and boats

where he went on vacation I think you see the point.


When I was told of his death I was not surprised I was not sad except for the wake of people he had harmed

on his self deluded journey the last insult was he left me as the person to make his last arrangements.

he was D.O.A. but kept alive on machines the doctor was empathizing and I stopped him and explained to him in no

vague language to use any organs take the rest and give it to science or burn it he cared for no one and I saw

no reason to do more for him than he did for anyone else.


The message from my point of view some people are on the express lane to hell there is no stopping them

They are so damn cock sure of themselves arrogant and self absorbed the world revolves around them

and the only thing they can do to right the wrong they think was done them is to destroy everything like a child

pitching a fit blind rage and hate that they could or did not get there way.


whom ever penned the original line from the movie Tombstone where Wyatt asked Doc holiday why does a person like

johnny ringo to act and do the things they do Doc holidays answer is as good as it gets basically they are lashing out

in hatred for the fact of being born it is so crazy it makes sense.

and no normal human can wrap their minds around a concept such as that because to most of us life is a gift.

I have watched many die and have come to a unique conclusion Christians do it better than anyone else so far.

My brother did it badly and no one came to his funeral no one cared he was an greedy self centered azz.


I have not watched any news TV since every time I do more supposition and a lot of misinformation we will never

understand it, the uni bomber left a manifesto and I still could not understand why he thought he had the right to harm

someone else they seem to be scouring the residence for a reason LMAO what possible reason could anyone have to

harm innocent children HE WAS EVIL CRAZY NUTS SICK DEMENTED POSSESSED BY THE DEVIL and any other negative.

and that does not mean any of the family were bad some people are pure hate and no one and nothing can change it.


history is full of incidents the Rome killing the jews Spanish inquisition the Nazi's barber of fleet street numerous cannibals

mass murderers and numerous child molesters who finally murdered a child, pen state lol he did not kill anyone he did much worse the sick and depraved are with us always it is our job as human beings to fight and destroy this every time it rears

it's head make no mistake no laws will change this, our own government has tested medications injections on children

EVIL has no boundaries.


A ray of hope, love is more powerful and is forever

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he keeps forgeting no E.O. that violates constitutional rigts and powers is legal or binding the problem comes from his lackeys believing he has some mystic power.


and that is the scary part. so many people are emotional right now they will jump right inline and applaud any EO he invokes.. the sheep will be out in force to feel protected right now

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he keeps forgeting no E.O. that violates constitutional rigts and powers is legal or binding the problem comes from his lackeys believing he has some mystic power.


This scares the crap out of me too. I am still laughing of the whole Bayonette's are used to "subdue" individuals without killing them..... "stop squirming....this won't kill you..."

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Yes but the kenyan WMD said he would use every "power" he had available to him thru his office. With his record (or any of them) would you put it past him to use an EO?


Would you? I expect more stupidity not less. This is just a blip on the downhill slide.

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