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If you own a stackon safe or cabinate you need to see this

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using a drill or hole punch and running a cable through the trigger guards or levers scopes even wrap around the frame

with an eye on the outside either side and a good pair of pad locks.

I have a heavy duty cable lock in mine.


even the best safe is not perfect a few minor add ons make them a bit more difficult to wrangle.


I have heard of people dragging them out with chains ripping the house apart and children can be devious and

watch you every move it is we who must be more inventive than our children and do not take them as unable.


I have built custom safes and rooms there has to be layers of security audible alarm multiple locks and segmented

or compartmentalized sections {that is why I like lockers} if they must break into multiple units with a siren

a dog and having to know where it is and cable locks they will get paranoid and will not get everything and the more nervous

the more mistakes.


lockers anchored to the floor and walls eye bolts for cable locks and you can get keyed alike locks one for the locker doors

another for the locks on the cable a cross bar over the doors make it even more daunting.

this is security on a budget but it can be adjusted for safes of different ratings and sizes one safe is like putting all your eggs in one basket.


the eye bolt and cross bar or bars can be used be adapted to these stack-on safes it is where you mount a safe

that helps keep it from being burgled first a piece of plywood backing screwed to the studs then the stack on safe

screwed in with washers and lag bolts into the studs inside the safe on each side you can put an eye bolt on separate studs

and go through the safe through the guns as mentioned with a cable lock.


preparation is the key {funny right} you do not just place a safe on the floor without bolting it down and to the wall

washer and proper bolts give more resistance needing more force to break them free.

the placement in the room and swing of the door help to prevent larger bars and equipment into the space

making it more difficult to jimmy the door adding the cross bar another layer of difficulty i use ammo cans for

accessories and they are cable locked in separately there are other security features such as a Gordian knot

double eye the magicians closet and numerous other tricks and illusions that make it very scary for any one

who thinks its a 5 minute job and any thief hates time in a prison or in a home they want quick and easy.

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Locks keep honest people honest and/or insures that they meet the minimum standards as set forth by local authorities. Here in occupied AmeriKa we must keep all firearms locked unless that are in our possession. So many buy the cheaper 'StackOn' safes to align with the law. Keeping your guns n a glass cabinet is a thing of the past. The gun=-Nazis have seen to that.

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Locks keep honest people honest and/or insures that they meet the minimum standards as set forth by local authorities. Here in occupied AmeriKa we must keep all firearms locked unless that are in our possession. So many buy the cheaper 'StackOn' safes to align with the law. Keeping your guns n a glass cabinet is a thing of the past. The gun=-Nazis have seen to that.


Unfortunately you are correct, Coastie. I LIKE a glass cabinet showing off some of my 'tools'. Just like I would like to display my Sharps and 1860 Army but if they are not locked away into uselessness then you can be sued and, in some places, arrested. Not so much in Texas but in the Kommie-wealth of Massachusetts or the peoples republic of California you could easily go to jail.


While keeping very expensive, little used firearms in a safe might be a good thing, my 'first response' weapons are either on me if I am up and about or hanging on the bed post if I'm asleep.


Just my not so humble opinion.

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Welcome Ham_529


It would but as we have seen in the past if for some reason it was overcome anti gun and lefties will rant and raise Cain that you did not do enough.


Some groups want you to lock them but pay extra for insurance and a fine / fee for every arm you own some want ammo tax {each bullet}


it is all a smoke screen and or an attempt to make you spend money time and effort if anyone though about it a gun lock is not a denial of use for more than


a small child, but they really want a panacea to prevent it's use period but if your at home and attacked it will take you time time that will cause your death


and the left is fine with that they hate your guts and are teaching your children to snitch you out like the Nazi's taught the wunder kinder.


this is a multi pronged attack on OWNERS as Capt Bart advised being a member of a legal group that defends you in cases involving firearms.


All I know is there are some people that are so anti ______________ insert whatever in the blank they will kill you like anti abortionists anti hunting


anti logging anti fur vegetarians etc etc some have sent "PACKAGES" harming and killing people there are a lot of zealots out there and crazies


t5hat will never agree that you or anyone else did enough to save the whales or stop fracking but all they can do is run their mouth.


Great to have you on the forum looking forward to your posts.

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Welcome, Ham_529.


Unfortunately, while a trigger lock makes a gun unusable as an "immediate response" weapon (you've turned a firearm into a club) it will not protect you legally if an unauthorized users gets it to work. A cold chisel and a hammer and that lock is gone. If I take a gun to a locksmith, he will remove the lock for me - I helped a friend do just that very thing. Unfortunately, if someone gets it to shoot by whatever means then your precautions were not good enough. It does not matter that the BG, kid, nosy neighbor, etc was illegally messing with your weapon. All that the progressives care about is that you 1) had a gun and 2) someone got shot so you did not properly secure it.


It depends on the political climate of your state/location. Some states used to require the gun and ammo be physically locked up in separate locations within the home. The Supreme Court ruled that was the equivalent of banning guns (they got one right for a change). I have "gun cabinets" that provide some secure storage and a minimal level of fire protection. While not true safes they do allow locked storage inside of steel containers. Easier to crack than a safe but more than sufficient for anyone who does not have a half hour and tools and they are too heavy to just cart off.


Here in Texas that is more than enough. I do not like the entire concept of trigger locks. The gun is either unloaded and locked so now you have a four step process to put the weapon into use. In case of emergency you must 1)find the key, 2)unlock the trigger, 3) load the gun (this could be a multi-step if you have the ammo stored separately from the gun), and 4) rack the slide (assuming an automatic). Now, and ONLY NOW, you have a weapon! The one place the locks might fit is for a long gun that is only used for hunting or some such and is not used as a defense weapon. I know some folks with small children who have a hunting rifle they store that way. The self-defense handguns reside in a bedside hand safe but they do not have enough money for a full fledged safe.


If you use a trigger lock on a loaded weapon (all of my firearms that can be left loaded for long periods of time remain loaded with a few exceptions - black power doesn't due well over time and clearing out a cap and ball cylinder that did not fire is a pain) then you are messing around the trigger, without intent to fire, of a loaded weapon. THAT is a perfect recipe for a negligent discharge. Further, on some guns, especially older guns, a dropped weapon can still discharge. It happened to Earp in Kansas when he was first a deputy. His Colt fell out of his holster and put a hole in his coat. That is why a great many revolver shooters always keep an empty chamber under the hammer. Never use a trigger lock on a loaded weapon. It is a VERY bad idea to ever touch the trigger of a weapon unless you intend to destroy whatever is in front of the barrel.


Just my not so humble opinion.

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I agree that trigger locks are worthless for defensive guns. I only suggested for them to be used for 'show' guns but i had no idea how easy they were to defeat. I live in Pa were the only storage law is that the dealer has to sell me a trigger lock when I buy the gun. I keep my rifle (the only gun I own) loaded according to PA law (mag inserted bolt open). Both my wife and I now how to use it and we have no children so I feel comfortable doing that. I know you're proud to be Texan but PA isn't bad either. :D


Thanks for the insight and the welcome!

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Auto Glad you posted this. Most all of the small safes are vulnerable .... perhaps one could design a add on shield and padlock to increase security. However that slows your response time to a crawl. Better to be sure your kids as well as their school mates have had the Eddie Eagle course and for your own children teach them everything about your tools. It is a lot safer if they know what the guns will do as well as when it would be a situation where they might need to be the ones doing..... JMHO For the times you need it right now you should buy or build hides that are not obvious but are close at hand. Just as the people working in a gun store are not always armed they are always within a step or two of a hidden weapon if it should come to it.

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yep, trigger locks are a 'warm, fuzzy, feel good' sop to the liberal, mindless portion of our communities who actually believe what the government tells them. Things like TSA smelling your shoes makes air travel safer! I detest lies, especially when people tell the lie to themselves.



my kids all knew how to shoot before they were 10 yrs old. A hidden gun that adults freak out over is "forbidden fruit" and a kid will be curious. Remove the mystery, demonstrate the effects (shotgun on a melon works extremely well - shoot the melon then tell the kids to put the melon back together; when the say they can't tell them the gun will do the same thing to their friends, brothers and sisters. They get the point.), and tell them you'll take them shooting when they wish. Not a mystery, they KNOW how to deal with a weapon (especially a found weapon) so they are safer than someone who watches TV movies and are fascinated by the firearms liberals LOVE to show on screen and hate in real life.


Just my not so humble opinion, of course.

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      В каком банке выгодно взять кредит?
      Получи деньги прямо сейчас до 50 000
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