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Prepping tips from Pinterest

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Thought I'd just start a thread that I can revisit to "dump" all of the great things I find on Pinterest.


I had considered trying to add to existing threads or start new ones in various other forums, but realistically, that would wind up taking too much time for me to actually do it. (As it stands, I already have more than 600 prepping-related "pins" that I've saved on Pinterest.)


Hope you find some of these useful! I'm going to try to keep them grouped by topic within this thread as much as possible so you can browse through quickly... I'd also LOVE to see what links everyone else has to share!

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Water survival tips from Pinterest...


How to drill your own well


Emergency pump system


Water powered water pumps


Solar powered water pumps


Back-up hand pump


Improvising water solutions when you have to bug out


Water distiller (non-electric)


Hide your water collection efforts via underground cisterns/landscaping


Building an underground cistern


Keeping your well healthy


Why poor water filtration can kill you


How to clean, prepare, and fill your water barrel


Good resource for barrels


Can prepped water go bad?


Simple shed for water collection


Just LOTS of water prep advice


Drinking water bag to fill your tub;jsessionid=E7919382B07192F9AA4C25C9343F1273

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Building and Construction


Earthbag construction - plan for zero energy use


Building an earthbag dome home


Build a cozy cabin yourself for $4,000


Les Stroud and family's YouTube documentary on building an off-grid retreat


Single man's blog about building his own homestead himself


Off-grid container shelters for $15,000


More on shipping container homes


Build a super secret bunker under your house (how-to PDFs)


Do-it-yourself bunker/shelter


Build a yurt from scratch


Classic book on building shelters in survival situations


Survival shelter for cold weather


Concrete canvas shelters


Pioneer weather-proofing


Turn a trampoline into a greenhouse


Build a barn greenhouse


Solid wood safe room product


Build a cob oven for $20


Make a brick rocket stove for $6


Build a stone oven


Easy pasture shelter (for chickens, etc.)


Examples of winter chicken shelters made from scrap, etc.


Making "survival cement" when traditional building materials are unavailable


Building a gypsy wagon


Lots of random ideas, including for emergency shelters

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Basics of 72-Hour Kits, BOBs, etc.


An 8-week "course" on prepping for emergencies


What is in a good BOB


Your "starter" 72-hour kit (FEMA list, but with pics/commentary)


Seriously the best-organized 72-hour kits you'll see for an entire family


Easiest way to pull together 72-hour food kits


Home-made MREs for your BOB, etc.


A pediatrician's survival kit


A get-home bag to keep at work"type":"powwowLoaded"%7D


A tiered approach to EDC


Water procurement kit for your BOB


Concentrate on your BOV - rediscover the trunk if you don't drive a truck/SUV


Cheap car survival kit (10-day)


Long-term bug-out box for a family,r:7,s:172,i:234


Carry a durable SHTF manual made by you, for your needs!


Have your dog carry its own BOB


If you have $1,200 and want someone else to prepare your BOB


Awesome, if pricey, way to store your kit in your car


Everyday carry kit tools on a keychain


Keeping a cache at a BOL or tucked away "just in case"? How to build a PVC pipe cache for $16


How to effectively pack a backpack


"Weirdest stuff that should be in your BOB"


One more thing that should be in your survival kit


And, 50 more things people forget for long-term survival

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LOL There's a lot more to come, too. Stuff on how to butcher animals, clean fish, set traps, basic survival skills, tons of stuff on food storage and those sorts of preps, and plenty of random "how tos" and interesting blogs, too. I just needed a bit of a break! Hope that people will find these useful.

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OC very fine job of posting all this information.


how to drill a well is nice but you have to know where the water is and how to find it.


taking a course on building is great but you have to have some understanding of your region or it will not stand.

A building that falls can kill.


it is not in the doing but the failing or repetition in which we learn.


when TSHTF having it all on my Kindel will not always provide the answers or the preparatory knowledge to begin.


having been involved in building 2 log homes I can say without fear of being deposed that it is dangerous as hell.

and I have never seen an all woman log cabin construction crew using hand equipment, not that it cannot be done

but I just have not seen it.


if you do not have a good base building with stone {leaning tower of piza} or crushed people there are all kinds of

ways to support stone walls but eves need to cover the walls or in cold climates the stones are pushed apart by ice

or pushed in by snow.


construction and mechanic work kills maims and disfigures and cripples hundreds if not thousands a year.


I notice a point to a way to build a stone oven well here is a kink certain stone will shatter with force enough to

do severe injury especially if your face is staring into the hole and it does not happen quick or every time.


please do not take me wrong your quest for knowledge is admirable your willingness to share is generous

and kind just please remember people are their own worst problem when it comes to disasters

grandiose building projects have been accomplished by individuals and also we just saw on the news a whole stadium

crash to the ground from a snow storm killing some people.


knapping flint for tools or using it to make a fire has blinded people flint like glass will shatter sending shards

and injuring someone.


simple things like carving people cut themselves bad enough to need stitches.


I have read many of these purported experts and have scratched my head because they failed to cover the basics

or considered the reader to be experienced enough by virtue of reading a advanced article on a project with complex



people die digging wells and or drilling them even pounding them in some people were digging a hole for a grease trap

and hit a old gas line exit one hole digger.


I have been hospitalized a few times and that was taking all precautions and even having a safety man on site on

one occasion how I have not been killed I blame God you say tomato I say you know the rest.


Capt Bart had to inform me of my responsibilities in posting and not that it applies to you or this post but in some of your references they may not have a Capt Bart and the minor issue of how not to kill yourself or how to better prepare

to succeed may not be included in the instructions.


to all that endeavor to be the Renaissance "person" there is a price and there are reasons why our forefathers did

not live much past 50 because in a world built with hand tools chopping your foot off with an Axe is not uncommon.

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VERY good point, JCMS.


I flagged these as interesting on Pinterest, but cannot vouch for their safety (or even their accuracy). There needs to be a new version of "caveat emptor" but for the internet, where we remind people - and ourselves - that you can't believe everything you read and that what's simple and easy to some people may not be either of those things when you try them on your own. So please, please take reasonable precautions when you try any of these!

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OC, great thread. I agree on what works for one may not work for another, but it can give more ideas and cause someone to think in another direction that will work for them. Thanks so much for sharing. I'll have to send my wife these links.... she does Pinterest and maybe that will help get her more on

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I like the links, makes it easier for people to find information that they have an interest in...


Wasn't sure where to put this, but after Snakes warning I thought that this would be a good spot...



Something to keep in mind as well...and that's skill level.


Someone who has a high skill level can make a difficult task look so easy that you sit there going, "Hey, I can do that!"


Until you start whatever the task was and end up sitting there scratching your head going, " how did he do that again."


Goes back to practice and then practice some more. I realize that not everyone has the space, tools or location that they are able to do all the things that they'd like for some of the needed skill sets to ensure that they and their family are properly provide learning is all well and fine, but nothing beats hands on to help you remember. That's one reason why I suggest sites like, REI for some informal types of classes to people, there are other similar places that can give people hands on experience but you have to look and see what's available in your area.

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When You Gotta Go... You Don't Want to Endanger Everyone's Health and Welfare


Sanitation if you bug-in and the water goes out


DIY small septic field


Survival sanitation - dealing with human waste


Portable bidet to address life without toilet paper


Short-term toilet solutions, with diagrams, including those for a communal trench latrine


Everything you ever wanted to know about composting toilets


Tiny cabin on wheels - including bathroom (and a reminder to vent composting toilets)

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OC, you had me til you brought the babies into I don't want to deal with diapers and such any more...lmao. If there is an event and grandkids start coming along, I'm going on a "long hunt" for a couple years until they get the little boogers housebroke....lmao.



Awesome links tho and the couple I've looked at seem to be very informative and help give ideas even if not exactly what someone would be able to do.

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Thanks, OC. Something for every skill level in these. I will try to avoid anything involving moving parts or electricity.


You and me both. I fall on the "crafty" side of skills more than the "handy" side - so I'm great with a glue gun, but you may not be safe handing me a nail gun. Still, tons of good resources seem to be linked through Pinterest... And I'll add more this evening, too.

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