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desert rat

Obama warns Assad

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So you did not beleve the story about

"Weapon's Of Masss Destruction'"......Right there is where he Hid them or shall we say .SOLD them!!!

Oh wait cant do that!!!The UN said it never happened!!The American press said that "Its a LIE No one is able to create such things in the SAND!" Let's not scare anybody with this kind of reality!..Oh ask some of OUR Vet's right here about the effect's of 'chemical' that NO ONE want's to talk about!!!



History..After THE NAZI's fell..Every scrap of information that they found about "Human Experement's" was gone over by American and British SO CALLED EXPERT's...


Its ok for other's to do it and share the results "BUT we are too civilized"to do it ourself''s out the bag now



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I think the idea of going into a war zone with chemical weapons I mean after all they would bring in our specialists

to handle the injured and our pilots may crash in the zone and besides one group the sunnies are killing the wahabites

or the shia are killing the alawites or vice versa they blow up each others masques kill women and children of their enemy's

sect's but hey they are a religion of peace.


siding with any side all your doing is giving one side a leg up on their enemies and they will start killing the other there are 73

different groups of muslims and her are the major ones sunni, shia, bahi, sufi, mirzai, wahabi and Alawites

and they all hate each other and get 72 virgins if they kill an enemy of {their} faith


the politicians and talking heads have done nothing to make this more understood in fact if anything they confuse it more

to keep us ignorant of just how crazy it is they treat their women worse than goats only the eldest male child is considered

worthy of any attention or favor

they use honor killings and scrape the genitals of their women in some areas and if that were all it would be bad enough.


where are all the pro womens groups where is the outrage where is the clarification of the facts of all this mess is about

it is about power one group want to overpower all others and bring about a caliphate with one ruler and one goal KILL

all the Jews and Christians and any that will not become muslim {their version} I love it is so informative {NOT}


May I remind you over 3,000 including suicides and disease from after the attacks on the twin towers

13 killed by a attack on a base here a attack on our Ambassador in Benghazi and 9,000 troops killed how many injured or wounded or disfigured and sick from unknown things our government does not want us to know about.

just like agent orange in many years we will find out what we did not know.....


And by the way merry Christmas to all and to all a good night LMAO they are waiting to kill you in your sleep the atheists here and the muslims over there it's so funny I cannot even breath I am laughing sooo hard.

And the American public is totally ignorant or moaning about a football player and making threats to change our constitution

and strip you of your right to defend yourself because of some lame 2nd rate GAME caster LMAO are people serious

this sh*t is news really the whole world is sharpening their knifes and wanting your blood Iraq and Russia just signed a

multi billion dollar deal and we got the shaft did you see that on the news NO.... how about when Iran and Russia signed a deal

their scientist are helping North Korea including China to build ICBM's that can hit the western coast in months LMAO.


We are on the verge of a 3rd world war and our government wants to get us more involved and continues to give all those countries borrowed money and they are going to cut your SS retirement you paid for and kill grandma and grandpa with

restricted care and we are posting about a sports caster who is a droning idiot.


All of you better wake up before they shovel dirt in your face.

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