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1911 kit

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I personally do not have any experience with gun kits. I do know the difference between a gun "manufacturer" and a gun "distributor" though. The gun manufacturer produces all the parts themselves. There are only a handful of companies that fall into that category. Having a manufacturing background I know that engineering and producing your own parts has a number of advantages. Foremost is the "stacking of tolerances" issue. Meaning that a kit contains, by definition, a number of parts. Assuming those parts are manufactured by several different vendors it then falls to the quality control department of the kit distributor to make sure each of those parts are within tolerances and that if multiple tolerances fall ,or "stack", to one end of the allowed amount that the sum does not exceed the total allowed tolerance. That is where you get into trouble.


It is rare that a gun distributor has a robust quality control program to test and catch those type of errors. When they don't, things like sticky triggers, ammunition misfeeds, etc occur.


A person who is a good assembler knows how to check those tolerances and how to match the parts so that they cleanly mesh together. Take that information for what it is worth.

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unless you have some gunsmithing experience i would not get one.


the barrel / link needs to be fitted for proper lock up you may need to cut the barrel lugs and also I have found

that the slide rails may need to be peened and fitted or lapped into proper relationship to the frame this also

is part of accuracy


the ramp may need to be shaped to allow feeding and many times the barrel bushing needs to be fitted but if it is too loose

it is not going to shoot well.


there are other tricks and things that can be done and that is the whole reason for a kit a kit that falls together may not shoot as well as you might like.


they require special tools and the cost would make the pistol more expensive than just buying a

good firearm already built

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