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DayZ WarZ

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There is a military simulator out there called ArmA 2. It's an open world, very technical computer military simulator that has been used to help train US military. Anyway, modders took the ArmA engine, and turned it into a massive open world zombie survival simulator. Very fun and easy to put several hours into just trying to find enough food, water, weapons, and ammo, to survive. There are zombies, mainly in the major cities where the loot is, sneaking around them is key, but there is another threat, the other real life survivors you play with via internet. When you do run into someone, you two (or more) might become best friends, only to end up stabbing each other in the back later for more supplies. Or maybe a group of bandits will run up on you, force you on their bus and make you loot heavily infested zombie areas for them in promise of other goods (yes I've seen this lol) then after you received the goods, they kill you anyway, ANYTHING goes.. But when you die, you lose all progress, and you must start all over again, which is stranded on the shoreline with only a bandage, some painkillers, and a flashlight. <---- website about some of the more life-like sounding survival stories, most are interesting

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