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So I've noticed that many of the videos I've come across on youtube in regards to EDC and B.O.B. "reviews" some of these guys just go to walmart buy a bag and stuff it with camping stuff that they have never used in the field, much less tested around their yard. I dont knock them for gathering preps, but it bugs me that so many of these "reviewers" just shop at walmart, I just dont truly think their shit would last under heavy use. I have used the current GI folding shovel and broke the end handle while using it as a pick which is bummer I know, but I have dug like 3 fighting positions (for those that dont know its about 1 m-16 length by 1 m-16 width and deep enough to cover the tallest person in you hole, Im 5'9") I carried it over 7 years and used it many times. Can anyone really say the same about the walmart stocked folding shovel? Also yesterday I found a water bottle at a thrift store for .75 cents, a thermos container $1, an 8" pouch .50 cents, and a plastic case .50 cent for a total of $2.75. the bottles alone can cost $5 and $10 respectively in new condition, but there were really clean and metal is smooth and dent free. Im just trying to say these fools on youtube claim to be on a budget buying shit at walmart and not really making there dollar stretch. I also hate Walmart but their stock and prices are very tempting.




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the firing hole is for long term defensive positions, which you shouldn't be bothering with as a surivvalist, anyway. Best stick to darkness, a silencer, and subsonic ammo.  2-4 hits and vanish. repeat as needed.  If you know how to use the E tool, it's far faster to use it like a pick and a hoe, scraping dirt out of a horizontal trench, piling it up, laying behind it, with your head towards the dirtpile. This can be done in a very few minutes in most soils if not  hard- frozen.

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    • now when you say deer do you mean a slingshot with an arrow or something else?
    • Hey I am new here i go by Bishop but not new to  the survival world what I call every day Life hoping to add to the site I am interested in slingshots bows Kylie stick bolas slings atlatls blow guns camping fishing hunting traping and playing sports but not watching .
    • I am new here name is Bishop I make hunt and shoot slingshots I have taken everything from bees to deer  with a sling shot I shoot flat bands mostly if you need any advice just ask 
    • Great thread. My son is attending a higher-end university in VT. His tuition is over $60k a year - can you imagine getting out of school with almost  a quarter million dollars' debt and just starting at the bottom of the barrel? I started working construction when I was 20, learned an incredible amount, worked my ass off, and now I have a comfortable job with zero college debt.