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Is there no edit feature on the forums?

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Ok, since I still have that Moderator thing under my name I will speak as a moderator.


That is currently being worked on, I have no date or time set yet as I/we have not found the proper solution. It will be back but with a time limit (probably 24 hours) so you have plenty of time to fix your mistakes and allow us to protect the older posts.


As for why, a few for whatever reason went back through some very old but good threads and removed their posts, thus wrecking those threads. It was the decision of the owners to make this change to protect the archive of information on this forum.


Rest assured it is being worked on though, please just give us time to sort it out properly. In the mean time you can use the advanced posting feature which will allow you to preview your post. We know it's a tad more trouble and apologize for that, we are doing the best we can.


**Moderator hat off**

Dang, that think make my head itch!! LoL


Oh yea, me bad, I had to edit this because I forgot to add something. Sorry!!!

Edited by Dr K30

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