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2012 ........

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This is amazing that only a few can put History to use!


"I tried to imagine how the Jewish fathers felt when after all they had seen and the warnings chose to stay in Germany

and watch their mothers, fathers, wifes, and children be brutalized and murdered by wicked men and watch evil roll over

their world as they were being systematically exterminated gassed hung with wire to slowly strangle to death or being stripped

naked forced to kneel and be shot like an animal, in an attempt to wipe your family from the face of the earth."



What part of Nazi..dont you understand..


The Arab/Muslim Nazi Connection........................

Its still in effect!!

And it's GROWING...............................The hate is still there and they will do everything to control you and your's..


LOOK who is in the white has he favored Muslim's and the Effect's of the "BROTHERHOOD" on all in the middle EAST.. just wait and see.. same shit different day...

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History in our life time!

After the war, a member of Young Egypt named Gamal Abdul Nasser was among the officers who led the July 1952 revolution in Egypt. Their first act – following in Hitler's footsteps – was to outlaw all other parties. Nasser's Egypt became a safe haven for Nazi war criminals, among them the SS General in charge of the murder of Ukrainian Jewry; he became Nasser's bodyguard and close comrade. Alois Brunner, another senior Nazi war criminal, found shelter in Damascus, where he served for many years as senior adviser to the Syrian general staff and still resides today.

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