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Community Service to help others to improve ourselves.

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One of the things I find has helped me and my family over the last 16 years with contacts and skills is to volunteer our time and service to work with Habitat for Humanity, the Local Food Bank, and Disaster Responce Teams. We have a pretty close knit group of individuals and families that we help teach each other new skills and do group orders and putting together our preperations.


I am interested in finding out what you all have experienced and how you have gained your knowledge and how you have been able to get where you are at in your prepping.

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Your kidding right? Not trying to be an A hole BUT let me just tell you a story of how I feel and of what I know of personally and from experience.


you build a house and give it to someone Oh but they have to do a certain amount of work Uh huh I want to know who the hell helped build my house


I can and do give and help with the local food bank. and the government GAVE a house to our neighbor a dope head thief and all around looser


I think to a point where we are give out, all the working poor who are loosing their homes and banks won't refi as they were suppose to because

we bailed them out.


As far as disaster response I have been told 2 times to leave the scene when I was the first one there and had to call

911 and was threatened to be jailed at the second time and I was waiting for the ambulance to show up by some Nimrod cop who drug in 10 minutes later so that is NEVER going to happen again.

If a persons head was rolling around on the ground I would not kick to their feet.


They "the powers that be" got people for that do you not remember "not to take things in your own hands speech from G bush have you not noticed that you can't shake a tree without a half dozen agency A holes "From agencies I never heard of before" fall out of it.

With all these "AGENCIES" with all these paid workers who all they do is point and try not to get dirty unless there is a photo op I do not want to wrangle them out of a job so I decline.


Should anyone be fond of helping I heard there was a storm that hit jersey now thats where ya need to go.


I gained my knowledge from working my ass off from 13 years old and no one gave us or me sh*t reciprocation is the key and we are throwing

away pearls before SWINE.

I help people I know how are old or feeble and not lazy and now the powers that be are getting involved in food banks telling them they have to

verify each person and family members and that they not get anything from any other food bank I don't know about you but I have seen the packages

from the different food banks and I begrudge no one food they give enough for one week last time i looked at a calendar there are 4 weeks in a month.

Why does the GOV want in on this, what business is it of theirs we the people donated the food or it comes from schools etc we paid the tax that bought it but now they want to dole it out as they deem fit?

If they are going to micro manage then I will stop giving helping or any other thing my church my / our tithes that bought the food and I am on the comity that decides so guess what it's about to be shut down.

the reason for all the need for all the volunteers our work force is out of work and to keep them quiet and not going bat sh*t they want YOU to HELP LMAO

remember the story of the little dutch boy well your the finger in the hole in the dam they got money to pay terrorist to be nice 7 billion people to be our friends figure up all the countries in the middle east an multiply by at least 2 billion. but they want you to GIVE your time and sweat.

Any person who goes to a church HAS contacts we help our members also on a personal level and as a entity.


If I am paying I do it as I please and when I please If you cannot see that our country is using you because were broke and they cannot afford but to

pay their cronies then I am sorry a recent EO stated that people could be forced to work at whatever the powers that be require.

and they could take your food and fuel and even your property when that kind of thing happens I am not doing sh*T that is evil disrespectful and an insult

to me and all my family that died in all their Fu@king wars I got family scattered all over the world due to failed policies and refusal to see the truth..


If your moving to San Antonio get a VEST after dark your going to need it. as with about any downtown area now of days.


las time I heard red cross director made over 800,000 dollars a year maybe that's why they are so tight with their money.

OH YEA I am going to volunteer to the red cross right now LMAO {ain't going to do it NEVER HAPPEN}


And you got the toned down version of my opinion....

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A side note the house they gave our neighbor now the kids with kids have moved in all on food stamps LMAO welfare and free medical and ones about to drop another baby WAHOO making money the old fashioned way..... that makes 7 now FUNNY AS HELL........

if the government would not have gave them that house they would be gone she would be at her mothers and the kids and grad kids would be

sleeping around NOW ONLY THE older ones sleep around. 5 kids on 2 from the same daddy LMAO...............

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Snake, brother, you gotta let it out. Keeping that frustration in you is going to give you an ulcer! Joking Brother!


I know the frustration of which Snakes writes. My origins are in the gutter – literally. I have lived in poverty and in the middle class and poverty sucks. But, like every other American can do, I worked myself out of it.


That said, I have a soft spot in my heart for the very young, the very old and the military. So we routinely give to each. We also donate to the local food banks often. We do most of our charity work for the homeless veterans. We collect money, obtain new and used clothing, consumables and such and make deliveries to the homeless veteran’s shelter in Worcester, MA. They are good people that need a hand up. Many have drug problems that can be traced back to events in their past. Kids, the elderly and veterans… everyone else should be able to fend for themselves.

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Community Service? not around here... Im sorry, its of course the charitable thing to do. You wanna do the good 'christian' thing and help people out, no one can fault you for that. But in my neck of the ghetto... itll get ya robbed... if not killed.

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Snake, brother, you gotta let it out. Keeping that frustration in you is going to give you an ulcer! Joking Brother!


I know the frustration of which Snakes writes. My origins are in the gutter – literally. I have lived in poverty and in the middle class and poverty sucks. But, like every other American can do, I worked myself out of it.


yea my doctor told me I should not be so introverted I needed to loosen up get out more relax spend time with people I care about.....

So here I am in SC LMAO thanks excoastie I needed the push I feel all better........ now.


Ricksconnected and NavyVet_77 too bad we don't live closer we could hang out more often...

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As much as I wish it wasn't so, this country's majority is now a majority of lazy, using, self absorbed, uneducated, entitlement believing followers without a lick of decent common sense. While I occasionally come across a worthy cause for the most part I am with Snake on this one. Help the victims of Sandy yeah right what victims out of all of Sandy their may be a handful of people that A; did not know this storm was coming for various reasons. B; Had no way to get out of the storms path. C; could not afford to prepare over the last several years for an emergency event or were physically or financially unable to evac. Members of groups A,B, and C are the only victims of Sandy and I say this about my home I was born and raised in Jersey my dad is from Manhatten my cousins are in Yonkers and Montuak point Long Island they are not crying their going to Die or someone please come fixy fixy and during the storm they were not calling to have someone else risk their necks to save them the ones in Montauk evaced to Yonkers and were the rescuers (since most are firefighters and the ones that weren't, were out in zodiacs and volunteering at the station house feeding and warming the rescued morons) so every time I hear a NYer b$&%hing I want to bust them in the mouth and when I hear them say well there was no way we could know or expect it to be that bad I get the urge to remove said retard from the gene pool the same as those that want to claim you can't prepare for that situation. Because the truth as we all know is you can. First do not live right on the coast. Second do not live on reclaimed land. Third have supplies, alternate forms of cooking and heat that are portable. fourth be able to leave for a safer place. Fifth get your head out of your crack and listen to the warning err on the side of caution meaning the warnings are the minimum not worse case if the warnings are saying your probably screwed grab your supplies, heat, and cooking form and LEAVE NOW. Duh how stupid can people get and the media and other morons have sympathy for them I do not sorry not one iota, zip, zero, none the same with Katrina the majority are not victims they are terminaly stupid truly they are they can not add 2+2 and figure out the outcome will equal 4 even though their being given the flipping answer. The worst of it is you see it every day not just with major disasters and I truly does not fall along any kind of lines not racial, not financial, not political, not religious, it is a mass societal stupidity that is festering like cancer.

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Reclaimed land... ya, thats precious.

Remember the Tsunami that hit Indonesia? Well, SIngapore is like HALF reclaimed land. You can find youtube videos from SIngapore showing rifts opening in the ground seeping water a mile from the beach.

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To me if you live near the beach flood insurance and regular home owners insurance are mandatory keeping copies of important documents and pictures and originals in a safety deposit box I have a bunch of flash drives with a backup of all my files too and I live 90 + miles from the beach.

hell a tornado could take this place all we can do is stay prepared and pray for protection and never use a cut rate insurance company.


if your insured problem should be ok as soon as you get paid now it takes a long time to get back to normal but it does come some people are just

not reasonable and refuse to consider reality it is sad but it will always be that way because some people refuse to learn without personal experience.

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OK, guys. I hear what you are saying BUT check out Acehardrive's opening post again. This thread was about what you learn from what you may do helping others, not our opinions on the leeches on society. I've learned to make peanut butter at a charity cannery. Lots of folks do learn carpentry skills from working on habitat for humanity. May not be my choice of charities but it is a way to learn skills. I learned something about roofing helping with a church member's roof while he was out of work. Helped a farmer who had a broken leg and learned to plow a straight (for me at least - he was appalled) row. Helped an uncle butcher some cows and learned a bit about cutting up animals.


Some of the posts seemed a tad, let's say, confrontational and I don't really think that was warranted or intended.

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Well I learned Nothing Cap Bart:


and I do see your point and it has been stated many time there are young people here and I think they should have the other side of

the coin because i cannot know the posters intentions but i know there are consequences and rewards I guess I am just tired of the rewards going to

the anointed ones

What I fear, some people are trying to exorcise their soul through self flagellation {charity work} and equate it to some spiritual experience.

It blows me away the left is so into volunteering and giving if we are doing it but seeing how many on the left are agnostic what is the point

I mean after if we just turn to worm crap and we are forgotten then I do not get it other than people are being manipulated for their self aggrandizement.


I already had the skills before I helped but I guess in a society where parents have to work 2 jobs and you have to have a doctorate to work

at any thing above a ditch digger, parents have no time to teach their own children and they themselves are so specialized and must keep up with

continuing education to stay current and relevant to keep their job's then I guess that it does take a village.


So now we have become what we despise we are too tired and stressed, our children are not as closely supervised as both parents must work

and those we trust to educate them have succumb to the socialist agenda having been immersed in it for 4 years at your local re-education gulag , sorry I mean college.

I remember the story of a child that was chastised for being for romney LOL and had to change schools


So your right I guess the only way for a young person is to have them do free stuff for someone else and have them disrespect you because they do

not know you, your a stranger that staggers in more dead than alive now and again.

I as probably everyone here knows those who commute an hour or more to work and then back have to work at least every other weekend or some

demonic split shift 4 on 2 off 1 off 5 on then shift to nights or evenings.


teachers are strained those that are even those that are reasonable having to bring hours of work home and having to create new formats


I know many are old enough to remember that schools had no computer no calculators and we as a nation went to the moon built a country the

envy of the world with a wood paddle and a slide rule.


now they have the technology of Flash Gordon that we only dreamed about and we rank 26th in doctoral candidates, NO THAT'S PROGRESS.


i did state in my post it was MY opinion and nothing against his views but if we cannot voice our opinion what's the point.


I have never drank the cool aid I am not a diplomat every time that someone wanted me to do something for nothing they or someone that

could help them were elevated or made out like a fat rat and all I got was tired and as their bank account swelled mine did not.

I have seen the whole company come out to do a "FUN RUN" for anal warts or something on a Saturday oh yea all the butt kissing

rubbing elbows with the brass and you got squat and he or she is on the stage giving a fat check and picture in the paper and society page as a philanthropist .

Well it's only a personal opinion but I am SOOOOO DONE WITH THAT CRAP.

I have also seen the ostracism of those who did not comply with the VOLUNTARY event


We all know the FACE of habitat for humanity if your wondering why a certain candidate lost other than he was about as exciting as burnt toast,

is what I like to call the Midas factor as long as you hand out the gold {and it's not yours you look angelic and like a patriarch.

and that is what the left does best.

And people wonder why the right looks so stern and inflexible.


I am sure Acehardrive's intentions are good { we have never met so I have not a clue merely a guess } BUT I have life experiences too and hard

lessons learned and the BIG ENCHILADA WAS those boys with the golden parachutes are and were asking others to GIVE their time & money but they

blade cuts both ways and the poor suckers can't even afford a vacation, but the boss they gets free trips and people throng to them hoping fro scraps that fall from their table.

Not saying there are no decent overseers but there are not many as I have learned from experience.


i know someone who's child in the peace corps wonder what they learned I think they were trampled to death in a food riot now that's learning

the hard way.

I noticed it is not in the brochure for membership "go see the world unarmed and get killed" and I do not see any warnings on the web site,

I guess that would shave a bit off the membership drive.


In the world to come do gooders will be ground up like hamburger it has been happening but not reported the habitat for humanity gets

tons of donations from home depot lowes etc... they get a tax benefit name in the paper free advertising from habitat and the boys get rub elbows with the big guy.

We get to pay more for the product now we are about to see the home mortgage deduction go away and other changes let us see how giving away their time when their unemployed works out.


A friend has been Volunteering at a shelter he started with good intentions but then,,,,the carrot has been a job he has worked like a

animal for 6 months well I think with the 28 hour full time rule that job won't be worth the gas to get there, if he ever gets it.


I look at life like an IED I look it over pretty good before and then I let the robot {other sheeple} kick it to see if it blows up or not.

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Capt Bart

Of course you're right about staying on topic. But.. so was I.

Lets say for example (in my area) you volunteer to help build/restore a playground in some 'UN-priveledged' ghetto. THere may be4-5 of you out there. Building supplies, tools, trucks, paint whatever...

you have to KNOW that the thugs of the nieghborhood are looking/waiting/watching just for an opportunity to make off with your supplies.. are just outright stick ya for it. WHy do you think they let those areas fall into despare and squaller? No one in thier right mind will risk thier life to build a playground...


THe story is likely different in other areas. but not around here.

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as usual you gave an eloquent and readers digest condensed version of what I meant to say.


it is strange even the criminals today are stupid and self serving, Al Capone as corrupt and evil as he was gave to charity to mitigate the image of himself.

todays thugs don't even care talk about your sociopaths.


Dog gone it off topic again LMAO

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Well, what I want to write would be interpreted as a vile, hate-filled rant. Even though the target of my words and their intent deserve to be given a jumbo beatch slap, I shall instead remain silent… and angry. So… TTFN!

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Sure.. id love to have a chance to learn new skills and such. THats the whole reason im here on this forum. And I have to credit many people here for many things. Its just that im not going to risk my life in the process.


THe most important thing ive learned is the term 'sheeple' and what it implies. Not only about the majority of the populace, but also what is says about those who DONT fall into that category. THen learning how to move myself FROm sheeple.... to AWAKE.


THat and all the debate over firearms..... endless

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