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big ole Maine Coon best be watching over my "copper"..just saying..


I cant imagine the Cat Hair bob leves


LOL Matt... someday If I can ever figure out how to post a picture on this forum I will post a picture of BOB with his

famous LION CUT. It is seriously FUNNY!. Neighbours laugh, I laugh its too much. He is totally shaved except a huge lion mane and a puff on the stub of his nail and little fluffy hairs on his feet. He is a powder grey colour with white accents and lime green eyes. He is alpha male tough as hell bully of the block beats the crap out of everyone. When he has the lion cut he is a docile pouty beast. God I love him

The reason I do the lion cut is I was told by the vet it was humane to do it just prior to summer as it gets rid of all the mats that go right up into their skin. VEry painful. Plus he looks adorable. I have arranged for his next cut by a mobile clinic that comes to your home and does it. They are due in April. Muahahahahaha

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