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USING Clay found in local earth for wounds

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Just wondered about your thoughts on this.

I remember digging in my front yard a three food wide trench by three feet deep and I came upon some nice looking clay.

That then reminded me that at one time when I was learning about colon health *reading alternative health subjects for hobby* one of the things was doing colonics with clay as clay draws out poisons.

Alot of times facials will have a base of clay for the same purpose and I recall a friend of mine that was an herbalist talking about helping her fathers leg by applying gobs of clay on an open sore to draw out the infection.

Would this be feasible in a survival situation

Any thoughts?

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i would not do it


First I Ain't no Doctor but I have played the game OPERATION a few times and played doctor when I was a kid...


meningitis as well as every thing else is found in soil so much animal manure and decayed flesh of past dead critters.....


better to clean the wound thoroughly even if its only purified salt water and hold it together cover it with a white cloth NO COLORS /DYES and hold together longer term with a binding tape or cordage but not so tight as to cut circulation. but tight enough to stem blood from flowing in 12 hours it should be stuck and the veins will reroute themselves. does not mean you can do anything as movement will cause it to open many factors but A few days to a fer weeks

of rest and it also depends on the sight at the joint {any where that bends}


any clean plastic bottle with a cap punch a hole with a clean punch fill with warm as the person can stand salt water and irrigate the wound and

remove any foreign matter I have some fingernail brushes they have a soft fine bristles but hey got to do what you got to do.

I have tongue depressors or Popsicle sticks metal makes a person hit the ceiling wood for me is not as electric / shocking feel when it touches open flesh.


As for arterial cuts and punctures I refer you to Dr. bones and Nurse Amy these are very dangerous if not treated right and even then all can get infected.

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Thanks for that.

Well, good point re meningitis in the soil and god knows what else. Wonder if there is a way to sterilize the clay.

Bring it to a boil perhaps.

As far as irrigating I have a very small babys brush that I put in my first aid bag. The bristles are so super soft. I thought that would work well for assisting to irrigate a wound.

Have just ordered Dr Bones and Nurse Amys book. I have been reading their articles every chance I get. SO interesting.

Am working on getting over the squeemish part of my personality. Their videos are good exercise Lol.

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Clay will only cause a problem whether sterile or not I have a 4 inch scar that has a purple stain from betadine


the cut was into the muscle about 1 1/2 deep took a few weeks to heal as it was healing it was acting like it was trying to


get infected so I would clean the wound and keep a fresh gauze pad on it every other day I used what I was given betadine ]


it worked but like I said it left a purple stain in the scar.


Clay will impart the same thing or worse I just do not think clay is a good thing except for use in place of calamine lotion it needs to be boiled first but poison ivy oak or sumac can be washed off with dawn dish washing liquid and I carry a bottle of that anyway and I take benadryl if it itches .

oatmeal or flour wet to a paste to dry blisters I have used bleach too but all of these during a EVENT needs to be thought out logically I am not using bleach {my water treatment} unless I have to or I have plenty and since none of us can know the duration we need to be cautious



the old Tarzan strap a leaf on it or pack it with mud is not good too many plants have different effects on different people also there are lice and ticks

on plants you do not want to make a minor problem worse.

a cut or a gash is not that big a deal I have numerous scars a few burns and road rash sights you name it I am still here and ok except for a nervous tic

{just kidding} I have found that regular iodized salt works wonders or non iodized if you have an allergy. to iodine.


things we used to use and do are not safe anymore as coal oil is not what it used to be nor eating vicks vapo rub there are too many chemicals and poisons used by man and they are in all soil due to arial spraying birds consume it and crap it all over so there are no safe places

pigeons and other birds carry many diseases dust carries dengue fever and such so don't do it.


I have 6 large bottles of dawn dish washing liquid and always have 5 or 6 gallons of bleach and other stuffs by the 5 gallon mark like vinegar

even 5 gallons of liquor 5 gallons of lamp oil after prepping for a while and waiting for power to come back on you find certain products

are paramount to living in comfort and being self sufficient no one can be but you can get close but your stores will not last forever.


the reason why man has only got past 1 billion people on this planet is invention and fossil fuels otherwise it would take more

power than we could make it takes 5 to 10 acres to sustain a family space for animals their food water storage of hay gardens

sheds silos or like the old days corn cribs I am not of the opinion that world wide power failures due to EMP maybe some areas

large though they may be nothing like total darkness my reason is biblical in order to control all buying and selling there must be commerce

one group must have control and knowledge it cannot happen in a non electrified non electronic world, that does not mean that electronics

will be as fun as they are now more necessity.


well of course I jumped ship on topic but that is prepping and life if people were self sufficient we would not need a wal mart doctors or anything else.

I was watching moonshiners the guy was saying he lived off the land blah blah while holding a marlin 30-30 and using bullets he did not make and wearing camo, now he does live off the land but he is not an island to himself as far as I have been led to understand it takes 98% of everything everyone makes to keep going if anything falls apart it will take years to come back and many will suffer and starve out make no mistake about that.

if you think fights over cell phones during black friday was bad wait till there's limited food or clean water.

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As they told us to say in OCS (Officer Candidate School), "That depends on the tactical situation, Sir". The part of the country you are in, what may be in the soil and how immediate the problem. If you are bleeding to death and the clay will clot the wound and you have nothing else - go for it. Soil CAN be sterilize by exposure to high heat (preferably dry) over several hours but I don't know the particulars and I'm not sure I'd trust it even then. Clay can also be used as an diarrhea treatment (Kaopectate used to have a large component of Kaolinite clay) and the stomach acids do a better job with the bad stuff in the soil - I'd still want it sterilized.


Soil is not sterile and it is a bad idea to introduce contaminates into an open wound.

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ou guys have given me much to think about and I am grateful to you for your time.

I used to know a very wise old herbalist. He has passed on now. He had purchased a plot of land strictly because he found some clay there that he intended on making his fortune on due to the amazing medicinal qualities of the clay. All of us grasshoppers were given new batches of the clay whenever we wanted. We used to ingest it orally and do colonics with it. It was explained to me that it would pull impurities out of the system and help heal your innards. I am oversimplifying.

I dont want to get into what was wrong with me at the time *something to do with elimination* but I have to admit I got corrected after going through this process with the clay. Then all us girls started using the clay on our faces and giving ourselves facials. It certainly was no different from the commercially sold clay facial packs.

Then when I came upon a whack layer of clay when I was digging a trench in my front yard I wondered if this clay could be medicinal or is all clay medicinal.

I am going to err on the side of caution and take juzcallmesnakes advice and not use it unless as Capt Bart says its an emergency . I will make sure there is nothing else I can't fall back on and if I am able to I will do my very best to sterilize the clay first.

In regard to diarrhea.. did you know that APPLES make you GO to the bathroom yet apple juice helps slow you down

Also eating cheese helps slow it down

and bananas help slow it down

IF you ever get a case of food poisoning and you are on the road you need charcoal. Same principle as the charcoal stove hood. It absorbs the toxins in your gut. They sell little tins of charcoal tablets. I never go to 3rd world countries without yogurt tablets, charcoal tablets and peppermint tea . The peppermint tea helps calm the spasms in y our guts and eliminates gas, the yogurt helps replenish your friendly flora after a bad case of diarrhea and the charcoal I talked about. If you dont have the charcoal pills and you are able to burn toast until its black.. do that. Eat it.


As far as how bad man can be... I truly believe it will be a dog eat dog... mayhem out there when SHTF. Even good people go nuts. That is why I am trying to find myself a group of like minded folks locally. Am making some headway finally. Really realizing that if I am on my own I will die quick and all my supplies will go to the predators.

Am so grateful to have you guys here to share your wealth of knowledge. I am sponging it up

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can anyone say botulinum tetani? ...thats what causes lockjaw. little bits of dirt found in clay soils.. back in tthe early 1900s you could contract lockjaw quite easily and die from it. prez eisenhower lost a brother to lockjaw , so dont say it cant happen to you or anyone you know. it is a miserable way to die...

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I have to agree with Snake that I wouldnt use raw(native) clay on any open wound because of the danger of it being contaminated. That being said I've found that it works pretty well for things like drying poison ivy or drawing a boil .jmho

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