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Hello from Canada

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What a pain! And while I like the AquaPail as a go-to for more immediate, emergency water situations (like if there's flooding or something), I do like that your water collection systems are set up for the long term. Obviously you'll want to add in more, but you'll find there are myriad ways to collect and purify water, so it's just a matter of figuring out what situation(s) you are likely to be in and making sure that you tailor your preps to suit.


Sounds like you're off to a great start overall. Keep it up! And definitely let us know if you find any great ideas for self-defense weapons that AREN'T a threat to airline security, because I'm sure any of us who travel would want to know what is possible. Good luck with your preps!


Thanks for the encouragement Oregon Chick. Always love reading your posts by the way.

As far as self defence on the aircraft we were given a pretty mickey mouse self-defense course years ago.

No weapons involved.

After 911 things clamped down pretty hard even as to what the Captain of the aircraft could bring on. I have personally seen them removed little tiny scissors, metal nail files from our Captains. So outrageous.

They are softening up now.

What we have been allowed to bring on board are the plastic short blade knives you can get in mountain equipment stores.

They must be plastic. Most of us travel with our own cutlery. I always figured I would use that plastic knife if I had to but frankly I like P210siG s idea of the keys in my fist. OR even the PEN in my hand. All of us have a pen handy.

Somehow I dont see myself as a good fighter unless I were protecting someone else. THen look the hell out!

I wonder if slingshots are allowed through security. I will ask when I go back to work. On holidays now until sometime in Dec :) Gives me the time to catch up on all the survival books I bought

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Sorry for the late post. Welcome to the forum. Hope you find it to your liking.


In terms of self defense, many local recreation centers, and sometimes local colleges offer self defense classes that may interest you. For other things, all i can say is read read read, and learn learn learn. Pf course any chance you get to get some hands on practice will be to your benefit too.

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