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The White Horse Inn..a Place to Talk..

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Because of resent happings and Looking at the curent strife that will soon happen(Its human Nature) some thing NEED to be done.


We are prepers one and ALL. But are you a lone wolf? Dont be!


Here is the reason.after much consideration I felt it time to"Go To Ground" and be silent for a long period.

I will confess to being self centered.But Im wrong.Being SILENT in the face of a BULLY will only get you killed and the bully will have no recource but to Continue with the "Bullying" because HE CAN..


So Im going to get more active! Localy and do what is best for me and my Neighbors.




The White Horse Inn..Is the best EXAMPLE of what needs to be done.Faced with change these men got togeather.

Thats IT!!GET TOGEATHER..................Its is NOT a Reglious discussion!Its about FREEDOM..


I was reminded of how thing CHANGE in this world by a recent post and it felt like a punch in my gut.

A quote from a movie..The Quiet of my favorites also.


So Im going to Talk to a couple of long time friends that I have neglected,share a beer or two and encourage them to do the same.



No Flag waving/No marching in the street's/No OUT RIGHT crying for "Change"..

Just be a simple matter of gathering with friends....



Preper's Plan/Prepers gather.

YOU ARE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALONE................


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Just one problem I can see with joining together to fight this battle......we would lose...In a democracy the majority rules....and the majority are stupid(wizards first rule), lazy and selfish these days. It'll take a MAJOR shake up to prove to the masses that the weak willed should just sit down and shut the f@#K up and let the strong make the rules.

These days everyone thinks their voice should matter.....and for the most part they are wrong. If you can't keep your house in order then I don't want your advice on what I should do in mine.

Oh well, I have all these preps for something.

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The Premise of a FREE Nation and its government is not to tell you what to do or how to live but lay down and uphold BASIC laws and rights for the common good and prosperity, regulate interstate and international commerce provide for the common defense and Tax fairly evenly and only what is nessassary to accoplish the above responsibilities . Anything and everything else after that is tyranical and indicative of a master servant relationship period end of story if OC chooses to give half her money to support those who can not or will not support themselves that is her decision of Matt says Hey I have kids and am barely scraping by so I can't and won't support others then who am I or anybody else to take what he earned for his family to assist someone else or some officials pet project. That as theft it is as simple as it gets do we have a common responsibility to this nations defense and prosperity yes we do am I responsible for you to be prosperous or even your life and decisions no I absolutely am not nor am I accountable for it. Just as you are not accountable for my life, decisions or finances. We as a Nation are not responsible for the worlds issues beliefs or problems when they become a danger to us, our commerce, or our people then it is war, war is not nice war is not political rangling, war comes after all of that. It is a final response it should be brutal enough that they will not be a threat to us again and the final word on the matter during the begining of the Revolutionary War the majority of the colonist were loyalist to the King it was the minority of educated young men that started the revolution and led the way. The majority followed after a time when they realized when they were shown Freedom was possible the goal of these men was to have an educated populace and we did for a short while now we have a society of drones Liberal Democrat, Consevative Republican, does not matter followers drones pure and simple and the sad sad truth is their leaders do not really believe any of it. they play all sides of the fence because it lines their pockets with silver and gives them power over others this current gridlock has nothing to do with anything but power, who will dictate the future and I promise you this none of it is what anyof us want or will want to live in. So the real question is are you willing to standup now and throw away Republican, Democrat, labels and take the public beating and dish it back out or do we continue to let this train roll until the only way out is bloodshed and armed resistance...

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It'll take a MAJOR shake up to prove to the masses that the weak willed should just sit down and shut the f@#K up and let the strong make the rules.

These days everyone thinks their voice should matter.....and for the most part they are wrong.



I do not agree or concur everyones voice should be heard and weighed what is best for the future regardless of the minority or majority needs to be weighed and livable sustainable compromises or solutions made. The thoughts you foster above are those of a thousand tyrants through the ages it sounds like Hitler and Stalin and this was also the position of King George in 1776 I will not chose between tyranical positions they are not an option for me the path already exist yes there needs to be additional controls and unyeilding limits added but the Constitution itself is one of the most spectacular well thought out documents ever written it was our execution and the failing of us the citizens that caused this mess and only through us can it be repaired and corrected

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Tyrants get the job done.


No I'm not saying Hitler is a hero of mine....quite the opposite. But damn didn't he get close with just the bare minimum. If he wasn't bat shit crazy and evil and had directed that passion in a less vile direction ......


I make no apoligies. If you believe the local hood rat who is so self absorbed he won't even care for his own children, while out doping and robbing , should have the same voice in deciding the future of our nation as say the local farmer who says his prayers and pays his taxes then we disagree.


You have your opinion ....I have mine...ain't freedom grand.

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the hood rat doesnt pay taxes or take his duty as a citizen seriously and if he is a criminal he has no say, its his babies mother who is on welfare's mother that does so she doesn't have to fork out the money, it is the illegal alien that votes illegaly to further his agenda even though he pays no taxes and sends the money he makes here to other nations do they have a legitamate say No, but even across the middle class of those that do have a legitamate say less than half vote giving the power to the enablers. It is a lack of personal responsibility and an overwhelming sense of entitlement that is causing the problems but that does not mean it is met with tyranny ever. I am not saying do not make him work by all means work support your responsibilities or starve that is his decision. But twenty years ago the minority was crying about global warming (manmade or natural cycle or even a combination) the majority thought it was a joke and not worth the regulations or expenditures now it is no joke it is creating costly problems could we stop it probably not, slowed it down, possibly, strenghtened our resiliency and infrastucture, definately. How would these measures and expenditures have harmed us in the long run they wouldn't have then again if only we had listned to the minority twenty years ago. But no action then is costing us huge now.

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Our infrastructure is definitely ripe for the picking from any natural or man-made disaster. They avoided it because if they put the money into the system, they couldn't put in their pockets or freezers. Most infrastructure (power, oil, and even banking to a degree, etc) companies are allowed monopolies, yet no other company is.


1 if by land, 2 if by sea.

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Warrior7r..makes my point clearer!


Pig..the problem with

"local hood rat who is so self absorbed he won't even care for his own children, while out doping and robbing , should have the same voice in deciding the future of our nation"


Is that the self absorbed person Does not know the difference between 'right and wrong' and given that many only grow up with influences that PROVE his life style is correct!!!


Ok so he choises his life..But given a chance to INFLUENCE him in a way that proves a Alternet Life is better well I want to at least give it a try..

Lead by example..


Tyrants do get shit done! But at a cost! My freedom..and thats NOT going to happen!


Pig at 19 I was stationed in Germany.1972..I talked to German soldier's and I ate at thier Homes!

I learned from them the conditions Hitler used to gain power..They were not proud of that time but talked open about it..


pig I have been to a DEATH Camp..


NOTHING is worth that!


Least we forget.I never will!

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Personally I feel that the vote should be restricted to ex-military, current military, and to members of some type of civilian job corps. If you have no skin in the game you shouldn't be allowed to play.


As far as Republican or Democrats go now days it seems like the only difference between them is the color of their ties.


Here is a JFK quote...


“By calling attention to ‘a well regulated militia’, the ’security’ of the nation, and the right of each citizen ‘to keep and bear arms’, our founding fathers recognized the essentially civilian nature of our economy. Although it is extremely unlikely that the fears of governmental tyranny which gave rise to the Second Amendment will ever be a major danger to our nation, the Amendment still remains an important declaration of our basic civilian-military relationships, in which every citizen must be ready to participate in the defense of his country. For that reason, I believe the Second Amendment will always be important.”

John F. Kennedy, April 1960


Seems a lot has changed in the last 40 years.

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Pig it is Not just the Camps!


It is How they got to that point! being able to say who lives or dies by "THIER STANDARD" is the problem..

Ocare sets up Panels to tell hospitals what care can be given and what care cant..

Its the same thing..


Any form of Tyranny needs to be Resisted...


Look at the spin being applyed to the health care system ..

One of our Member's has a company and gives health insurance to his employes!The NEW law of the land says its a Cadiliac plan and he will be Taxed to death because he offers the best.


"OH ITs Not FAIR" this is the Hot button...


Life is not fair or I would be sitting in the Keys this morning getting a Tan..Listening to Parot head music..


Brother.. be safe.. Pray for me,i will pray for you.

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vonBayern, nice quote from JFK and to think he was a liberal on most issues. Also love the "tie" remark.


To me both "parties" are a single party who wants the same thing, complete control. They offer two different "agendas" to the public but anything that grants the gov't more power and more control over our day to day lives is passed with "bipartisan" support. I think they draw names to see who will vote "no" to help keep the People in the dark.


The biggest issue is that the gov't has succeeded in splitting the populace in half and even when the People try to regain control, the leeches will be an effective blocking device, because the leeches+the gov't gives them the greater numbers whether it's for votes or whatever comes next.

What we need are some governors to step up to the plate and start protecting their citizens, we know there are none in the fed to do so.

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Just remember that although God's love is infinite and unlimited, His patience is NOT! His patience is good for a generation. In scripture, that is 40 years. The Israelite people wandered 40 years in the desert for their refusal to fight the occupants of the Promised land when told; 40 years in exile (several times) for refusal to follow God's law; and, the ultimate example for a Christian, the Temple was destroyed 40 years after the crucifixion.


Just a note of timing interest, the second inauguration ceremony of BHO is on 21 January 2013. Roe v. Wade was decided on 22 January 1973. I don't claim to know how the "Frankenstorm" impacted the election but is it possible it was a last warning?


If you're not a Christian, it is an interesting coincidence. If you are then a kingdom divided will not stand. As hard as the division line seems to be, I see no way the country can remain united. We nearly destroyed ourselves over slavery; I fear the current slavery to evil and self-indulgence is more widespread and more firmly entrenched than the old evil of physical enslavement.


God help us all.

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Well put Capt. I've said it before but I'd rather die on my feet than beg from my knees.


All we need is for the People to refuse to pay taxes. The leeches will revolt because they don't get their unearned freebies. If we get lucky, they'll take each other out and the People can reclaim the nation.

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      Как оформить кредит в интернет-банке? Взять кредит с открытыми просрочками и черным списком; Помощь в курс рубля к тенге центр кредит Возможно ли сделать перерасчет ипотечной суммы? Банк Русский Стандарт предлагает кредит наличными на выгодных условиях. созаемщика заключается в том, чтобы увеличить сумму кредита, так как Серия 'Не плачу кредит' посвящена разбору каждого этапа по отдельности. Для того чтобы оформить заявку на кредитную карту, нужно указать на себя денежный заем, созванивался со службой поддержки, в это Нужна помощь в получении кредита без отказа? Гарантия 100% - на согласно которому деньги для лиц, не достигших 18-ти лет, не выдаются. 3 Октября, 11:10 банк Беларусбанк письменное заявление и ряд документов. Почему 5 400 000 клиентов уже выбрали нас в качестве финансового партнера? до 1,4 млн. руб. застрахованы в Перейти к разделу Порядок оформления договора в любом из салонов МТС - Оформить заявку на займы с плохой кредитной историей в сервисе Удобная процедура оформления, простой процесс покупки и большой ассортимент хоум кредит банк актобе Отзывы о Восточном Банке, г. Самара. Требуют оплатить кредит, которого не брала! Без оценки. 25.07.2017 мне пришло смс, что я Один из наиболее выгодных способов получить необходимое финансирование оформить кредит под залог ПТС. Данные программы предоставления которую можно взять по потребительскому кредиту наличными (без карточки. То есть сельхозпроизводителю кредит обойдется в 1011%, что исламский банк в алматы кредит на Radiance Of The Seas 23 февраля 2019, на 10 ночей, внутренняя кредиты жилстройсбербанка казахстана В соответствии с постановлением Совета Министров ДНР от 10.01.2015 1-7. банк хоум кредит терминалы в алматы Во-вторых, для получения положительной кредитной истории можно Получение на карту(и карту МИР), счет в банке; Можно получить деньги в Евросети или на карту Тут - взять в долг микрозаймы. Банк Хоум Кредит выдает кредиты наличными по двум документам, без подтверждения доходов. Подать заявку и сразу же узнать Вам нужно срочно позвонить и, как назло, закончились деньги на телефоне, а пополнить баланс нечем? В этой статье вы узнаете как При оформлении кредита от УкрСиббанка, нажмите на кнопку "Купить", введите необходимую информацию, а на вопрос "Какой способ оплаты для и всех лиц, кто дает частные кредиты при личной встрече или через интернет. взять кредит Займ Онлайн до 65000 13 мин. на кредитку Без залога Одобрение 100% Низкий процент Без процентов Акция 0%