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Filling in a Hole. Solar charger for Batterys!!

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I will be doing a review of..

Goal Zero 12301 Nomad 7M Solar Panel

Goal Zero 14101 Luna USB LED Stick Light

Goal Zero 19010 Guide 10 Plus Small Adventure Kit

and an extra.........Goal Zero 11406 Guide 10 Plus Silver Battery Pack



Should be here TUESDAY The 6TH..LORD WILLING...


So please have question and Idease READY for me.

I will be testing them first on rate of charging from dead aa battery and dead aaa battery!

Also on chargeing a Phone and CFO's I pad...


The difference between the 2 solar collectors is one is a 3.5 volt the other is a 7 volt..


One for home!!!one for me in the woods!!

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I received my purchases on Tuesday !!

Un packed them ..shit it was dark!

here is what My first responce was.

Holy chape they are small!!But they have the best "reviews ' I have see so Im giving them a chance!!


First one..Goal Zero 19010 Guide 10 Plus Small Adventure Kit ..

Notice it says Guide 10 plus..because they re did the battery pack because of all the crazy's with Iphones wanting to re charge it...


This KIt is different from the photos from amazon,BUT that's ok ..I like the fact that they have a "web pouch" on the back of it and the charger is located there..

This only folds out with 2 panels(the collectors) and the pouch is on the outside.When folded you can get to your stuff easy..and it does come with enough "wires' to complete any charging you may want to do..


1.. usb to 12volt cord.(the charger has a usb port also).so if you do charg in the car or truck,you dont have to purchase another CABLE!!And can charge from the solar pack..

1.. cord that goes from the charger to your Battery Pack..The Battery pack is the secrect to the whole shabamg!!


Goal Zero 11406 Guide 10 Plus Silver Battery Pack comes with the Small adventur kit,it has comes with re chargable batters that says they with last a year on the shelf!


The Battery Pack comes with an adapter that you slip in and NO you can charge aaa batterys..


You also get another CORD..Yep that's 3 cords..One that is a usb cable to your battery pack!!!YEP you can charge you battery's from a computer OR anything that has a USB outlet!!



So far Im impressed!!!

You dont need anymore CABLES than what they sent!!!Use what you already have, and in got POWER!


Like a Famous man said "1 is none and 2 is one"..


I also purchased just the "Solar Panel''

Goal Zero 12301 Nomad 7M Solar Panel ..It comes with the Cables you will need!!


It is different in that the "Charger" is inside the third folding pannel..Ok just to explain ,you get 2 solar panels in both kits,but the above has 3 sections that fold togeather!Google it!!lol


And I purchased another,Goal Zero 11406 Guide 10 Plus Silver Battery Pack !!!That makes 2..and it came WITH the aaa adapter!!


I like the Fact that it has small loop's of cordage on the outside edges!!Yep I added some more cord to them myself and can tie them to a back pact or hang it from a limb! or I can hang it in a window!


Last thing I purchased was the little lite to use with the battery pack.


Goal Zero 14101 Luna USB LED Stick Light ..under $9.00..It hooks into the battery pack and give off TONs of light!


As far as TESTING!!The battery came charged!!!


So I will be draining them soon with normal use!!

But I did test the Lite and battery pack..Im Happy(so is my CFO) because it lite up the whole room enough to walk around!!


Oh WAIT the Battery Pack HAS A small Lite built in the pack!!!Ye its smalll but WORKS fine!!


Both Units are a 7volt....Please check before you purchase..the 3.5 volt cost just about the same...and takes twice as long to RE Charge anything.


So with out Pictures...go to the GOAL Zero web site..and be amazed!

I will be testing the solar today with some other batterys..



Best thing !Purchase one THEY SEND ONE!!



Ok so I need a nap..LONG Nite!NUF SAID..



u tube..great review

Edited by 101matt
My spelling is for shit..and I was in a hurry..

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It WORKS ..I charged 4 aa in about 2 hours/4 aaa in about the same time..I hooked up my old Iphone and used the usb cord I use for charging on my computer,cloudley skys half of the day!Still got the phone charged half way in 3 hours!!Finding my Kindle 'Cables' tonight!!

Photos in the Morning..

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This is the best I can do ..they are sideways..I tryed 3,

The Nomad 7 is on the "TOP"left.The Adventure KIT is the other one!




This is the Back of the Adventure KIT..It has the pouch that holds all your Cables!




This is the Nomad7 with the Extra power pack..


So Far Im impressed..You can recharge AA or AAA battery in about 1 to 2 hours of full sun..Cloudy days about 3 hours.You can Re charge anything Directley from the solar to your Equipment(phone/kindle/gps) or anything that has a USB cable,or a 12 volt converter cable.


So what is the big deal?

The Power Pack is the key! You get a unit that can be used to "SAVE"power in,or USE to recharge batterys or use as a power source to Re charge phone and small electrical units(Kindle,GPS) or anything that can be charged with a usb cord.


NO you cant do a I PAD!!


The 12 volt converter works fine(used it with a old charger cable from in the car on my phone)..


The Guide 10 power pack Charges Better and quicker useing the USB cable's than the small "Designated"cable's.


I put the units side by side to show the difference..


The adventure kit will be used from inside the house in a second story window that has a Southern exposure!It is the CFO'..She likes the Pouch!


I like the namad 7 better because I can tie it to my Every Day Carry bag If Im out and about,and I prefer to keep all my cables in a small Pouch with a Snap hook attacted to it..


The small lite(USB 9inch long flexable) stays home with the wife..


The power pack has its own small lite and can be hung up in a tent if need be.


Side note..My wife uses electrical Cigs..and has USB cables for the..She used the power pack for 4 hours with out putting a dent in the power!


If you have OLD batterys(Kodak.4 years old) they will not charge as well as anything thats under a year!Yep they will be used for other things!

The Batterys that come with the power Pack are EXCELENT and worth having!



As promised this review is done!


any more questions please pm me.I will be getting thing more in order around the home in the next 3 weeks so I wont be posting as much.



Edited by 101matt

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Finding a secure area is IMPORTANT when useing this unit!It's small enough to fold and put in your pocket.

My neighbor brought that to mind after we charged a couple of his batterys out side on the fence..


I have a southern exposer on the side of my house and can Hang it in the window..INSIDE..Im charging 4 aa now..

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