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Well, not exactly, I'm from Tucson, but I'll be living in Texas for a while. I have lived and traveled all over the US, have recently moved to the Houston area and am surprised how much I like it here. An unexpected treat is the Houston Chronicle - good news sources have disappeared as fast as the average attention span and it is one of the better newspapers I have read.


Although I do not consider myself a "prepper" I seem to qualify for that label. It started over 25 years ago - I was driving in a remote area, alone, unarmed and unprepared for anything and realized that if something happened to my car I was screwed! A few years later I enrolled in an ROTC army survival class and took to that like a fish takes to water.


Sports I like, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, kayaking and sailing, get me into remote areas and risky situations. Being prudent means the amount of fun I can have (risk I can take :) is proportional to how prepared I am. And living in a hurricane-prone area means I not only must be prepared for the high winds and flooding, but also the damaged social and infrastructure aftermath.


Firearms are a frequent topic so I'll go there a bit. My dad taught me how to shoot when I was five, my brothers hunt and two were gun dealers, and my first husband was a police officer so I have seen and tried many different guns. I'd like an AK-47 just because they are so incredibly fun to shoot, but my lifestyle precludes that so I only have a few pistols. Anyway, if people are shooting at each other I'm going to leave town, not hang around and shoot back.


The times of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood are history so my two favs always within reach are a stainless S&W revolver (38) with a two-inch barrel (I unremember the name), and a Seecamp (32). It amazes me how accurate those two are for their short barrels. Many people poopoo the small calibers of my little guns, but hey, when I had a ranch the butcher consistently killed my steers with one shot using a 22.


Guns are fun, but too extreme as a form of everyday self defense, often not convenient (for me) to carry, not allowed in some of the places I will be exploring, and too darn loud. So for self defense I am learning martial arts, and for hunting I am learning archery. My last husband is a primitive skills expert and taught me a few things about making bows, arrows and arrowheads and hunting with a bow.


My first time living off the grid was in the '80s on a remote mountain homestead with hydro-power. Now I am set up to live off the grid in my "mobile home" that is DC powered (12 v). I usually have access to and use some AC, but most of my power comes from wind and solar. My battery banks are too small (amp-wise) to run a freezer, but I live comfortably - IMO as I have no A/C, electronic entertainment equipment, etc. If you have plans to live off the grid I *highly* recommend learning about DC wiring and power storage.


My opinion about waiting for the sh!t to hit the fan is that everyone's been so busy watching the fan expecting something spectacular you didn't notice the river of diarrhea flowing under it. We are knee-deep in it. Even though (I think) the downward spiral is past the point of no return we still have the best country on the planet and access a LOT of really cool stuff that most of the world does not. My attitude is that we are all in this together and should be considerate of each other and protect the good stuff we still have.


Although the social, political and economic systems and the environment are deteriorating I make efforts to resist the decline and avoid contributing to it: I consider the social and environmental impact of the things I do and products I purchase; donate to three causes: animal shelters, the arts and sciences, and soup kitchens; and frequently volunteer, especially for trail building and maintenance.


Unfortunately the future is looking more like thorns than roses, and potentially squalid, so ensuring a tolerable future for myself means I need to adjust accordingly and become more self-sufficient. It is both exciting and comforting to find this group of like-minded people - I have read quite a few posts and some of you share excellent information. Although my way of living and its challenges are very different than most of yours I hope to also make helpful contributions.

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First welcome aboard even if I am still new here. LMAO


Now as for "The times of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood are history", I say no. Sure Mr Rogers has traded his sweater for some nice Kevlar vest, Lace up boots have replaced his many comfortable shoes, and he packs a pair of 9mm Berettas, but he is still singing "It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood" even though there is a tremor of fear in his voice as he does it with a 9 year old girl pointing her fully auto AK-47 at his head while her 8 and 11 year old brothers rummage through his home looking for drugs or stuff they can pawn for drug money.


Yup, your just too pessimistic, Mr Rogers is alive and well!! LMAO

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Thanks everyone for the welcome! Oops, I should say, Thanks y'all! I hope I pronounced that correctly. :D


Mr Rogers is alive and well!!

Dr K30, I thought I'd hear something good from you. ;) Mr. Rogers is on Prozac so he doesn't kill today's kids, but apparently so is everybody else. Are you ready for this?! Last November the Center for Disease Control and Prevention said 11% of Americans age 12 and over used anti-depressants. THAT's depressing. Especially since anti-depressants are only one category of the many drugs people take. I suppose pharmaceutical companies support the war on drugs that they can't make a profit on. I better put the soapbox away ....


101matt - you have the *best* signature! Probably because it took me so many years to quit trying. :rolleyes: As for only using what electricity I can produce - actually the limitation is storage - a lot of what I produce goes to my power dump (heat coils) because my battery banks are so small (450 amp hours). When I'm traveling I often have to turn off one of the refrigerators at night so I would like to add another 225 amp hours, but don't have a safe and convenient place to put the batteries. But even if I had unlimited power I still wouldn't have air conditioning or own a bunch of electronic equipment. (I am the only person who doesn't complain about the way I live. :D )

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And why are they depressed?? They took Mr Rogers off the air!!


And don't knock Prozac, it's saved many many lives. Including the stupid cashier at Wal-Mart yesterday that asked IF I have a dog after she scanned three 50 pounds sacks of Purina. Matt's sig is all wrong, we can fix stupid, they just won't let us. LMAO


And you better learn to use "Ya'll" more often if your going to hang your hat in Texas. :P

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Hi oregonchick - it is awesome to find so many ladies here! I think we have better survival prospects than men because we have more endurance, a higher tolerance for pain and a lower tolerance for BS. And more realistic priorities ... why do men think it is so important to have big guns? hehehe ;)


I lived in Portland for a while and really enjoyed it. (Now I know how to pronounce "Willamette".) My apartment was next to a MAX (light rail) station so living there without a car was easy. Organic food EVERYWHERE, awesome farmer's markets, very multicultural. But the wilderness survival prospects did not seem so good, I was surprised how few edible plants I found, mold and mildew were problematic, and hunting would be difficult because of the dense growth. Seems you would need your own patch of dirt to survive well there, maybe it is different further away from the Portland area (on the wet side). Water was nooooo problem.


But Portland was where I made the commitment to learn martial arts to protect myself. Have you seen those gangs of young white men with padlocks on the end of a length of chain? They rode the MAX downtown a lot since it is free there and I often heard them talking about how cool it was to sleep in such-and-such gutter, or that so-and-so beat them up with their lock and chain. They must not have beat each other very hard though because they beat a friend of mine and smashed his scull in really bad - he was in the hospital for a long time and not the same person when he came out. :( I wonder if those gangs are still around.


As long as we continue to have peaceful times I am preferring Houston over Portland. The people here are much more friendly than in Portland, and there is a surprisingly good supply of organic food! And it seems to be expected to have a pistol in your purse - I giggle every time I see a sign that says "no guns beyond this point" - I see a lot of those signs. :) Is it that way where you live NanaQ?


Hey, the cheftessbakeresse is a good web site! Thanks for sharing that. There is a lot of info there so it will take a while to explore the whole site, but I've already gotten some good ideas and found some recipes to try.

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D K...

Matt's sig is all wrong, we can fix stupid, they just won't let us. LMAO


This is the very reason I left the WV juvenile corrections after 3 years..oooo its gets under my skin!

Where is MY prozac?



why do men think it is so important to have big guns? hehehe


Answer..Because we were little boys once!!


REALY! HONESTLEY!..............LMAO..

Watch OC she will put 10 pounds on you if she can.. :rolleyes:

Again Welcome..

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we can fix stupid, they just won't let us.





Not so funny, one of my jobs was working in a feed store in a "bad" part of town (low income) and of course I got to know the regular customers. One old man bought cheap dog food on a regular basis and one day he was buying it and I pointed out another brand was on sale and was less expensive. He said, "no thanks, I prefer the taste of this one." :( :( :(

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This is the very reason I left the WV juvenile corrections after 3 years..oooo its gets under my skin!.

I understand and feel for you. My first career was a child psychologist, counciling trouble-maker kids at elementary school. The problem was the parents, not the kids, but I couldn't tell that to the parents or the kids. I felt sooo bad for the kids, I was taking my work home with me and not sleeping at night, I quit after six months.


Often I would meet with the kids during lunch and after a few weeks I noticed a direct correlation between the kid's diet and their behavior. The "worst" behaved kid had the worst diet, and he was so sweet! He'd tell me he didn't know why he couldn't stay in his seat and listen to the teacher, he knew he should but couldn't help it. I would like to rant about diet but need to get my rear in gear!

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A "New''resident gained 20 pounds in the first MONTH ...behavior changed!


Ok so here is one of my favorite Happenings!!

A Mother came to visit her son,on a Saturday morning..she was told that she could not visit after she showed up!

Our Sargent"a women " made the call!


The Mother went NUTS..called everyone,state police,mayor..everyone..


Our sargent READ her the rules about "DRESS CODE" for visits..


To this day she could NOT figure out WHY wearing a see through blouse and NO braw with shorts shorts was WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Son cryed for a week!!!


So it is about PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You guys,,,,, where do you get off blaming the parents?? It can't be their fault since they are never there in the first place.


Parents expect the system to teach their kids right from wrong, and probably 90% of the kids today that are having trouble just want their parents or someone to pay attention. (I figure the other 10% are like I was and just board) Too many single parent homes, and if there is two parents they both have to work to make ends meet. Then too often if someone not related tries to get a kid involved in something an accusation gets started. I by no means condone child abuse of any type, but when you live in a sociability that would rather destroy someone life without mercy and without any actual evidence than chance one person getting away with something........... Ok, I'm not going there.


"it is better one hundred guilty persons should escape than that one innocent person should suffer"

Benjamin Franklin


And that applies to any crime!!

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"it is better one hundred guilty persons should escape than that one innocent person should suffer"

Benjamin Franklin


I have a problem with this statement..You have 100 guilty people running around doing the same shit that they keep doing to OTHERS!!

Just so one person is NOT suffering???

REALY...what was he smoking?you will always have dreamers and layers argue this point.But reality is Some will always suffer,and the 100 STILL take advantage unless locked up and punished..


Reality ...JMO


oops sorry about the rant...

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Your as welcome to rant as I am, won't change anything either way. LoL


My contention with the system is one is "supposed" to be innocent until "proven guilty", but that isn't the way it works and hasn't been for some time. And my objection isn't as much about the means of a conviction as it is the attention the media gives from the onset of a case.


As for what Ben was smoking, Hemp was legal at the time, and the population of the entire country was less than half of what the population of Texas is today. If course we are also talking about someone who also owned slaves, was known to down a few pints, and flew a kite in a thunderstorm. Kind of makes you wonder abut the founding fathers. :P

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Parents expect the system to teach their kids right from wrong,

I think Mr. Rogers taught better stuff.


One night I was at a get-together with friends at their house, parents of two teenagers. Good parents. The father discovered his 16 yo daughter had snuck out to meet a boy even though he had told her she was not allowed to go out after dark. He went to get her, and had to pull her home by the arm, when he came in through the front door she was screaming and bitching, then ran upstairs shouting that she was going to report him to the authorities at school tomorrow.


Whether you are a good parent or not, that's what some kids are learning from "the system".


Like I said, the sh!t bypassed the fan.


Fortunately I get to meet quite a few families with home-schooled kids, and those kids are consistently the most delightful young people you could imagine! Even though I don't have children I am looking forward to reading the posts in the Homeschooling, Unschooling and Education threads.

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oops sorry about the rant...

101matt - don't you Ever EVER apologize for expressing your opinion. Freedom of speech is one of our RIGHTS. What is not acceptable is criticizing someone else for having views different than what you prefer. If you think someone's views should be different then state your reasons; try to change peoples' thoughts and actions by educating them, not hurting them. This is why beer was invented - so people have an excuse to sit around and debate things. Bar fight at 11:30 ... hmmm, nevermind.


I'm talking to everybody reading this. Just because TV glorifies mud-slinging politicians does not make it ok - it is pathetic. The sh!t is deep enough, please don't add to it because it is accepted, expected. If you want to change someone's mind then put together an educational argument with examples that support it. Along the way you might discover that you, or both of you, are wrong.


It would be tough to argue with Ben Franklin though, he was an amazing statesman and contributed so much to our country that he is the only person portrayed on our currency that was not a president. And personally I am supportive of Mr Franklin's attitude about protecting innocent people and that it was adopted by our court system. There is no perfect system, and sometimes the best we can do is choose the least worst.

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Amen to that Fittest!! All of that!!


I have a close friend who is in deep with one of the innocence projects (I won't name which one), their goal is to do what they can to seek out the truth, the real truth. He has 5 cases his team are working on right now when the children, now in their 20's and 30's have come forward saying they were just mad for one reason or another. And what I find sad in talking with him about it is these young people are victims of a system that believed their lies as children but refuses to hear their pleas today. From hearing him talk about it it's pretty gut wrenching for them, and one can only imagine what it's like for those innocent people rotting in a prison.


Now I'm one of those who got roped into continuing coaching little league long after my son was grown and off flunking out of collage. Knowing what I know now and seeing with my eyes open I cringe at how that may have looked (especially since I was divorced and living alone), but they wouldn't let me quit and kept begging me to stay. I only got out of it by moving away.


The whole thing scares the hell out of me.


But, there will always be 2 camps, ones like me, and the ones that would rather chance sending innocent people to prison to guarantee they get as many guilty people as possible off the streets. But as I said before rants don't matter much anyway because we ain't gonna make a rats ass worth of difference to this corrupt system, unless you can count making it more corrupt as being a positive. LoL


Me personally, I like little rants, lets you find out where people stand as well as how respectful they are towards those who's opinions differ. Helps me figure out if I like someone or not. :P

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Gotta love these mild winters!

It is 58 degrees in my little home this morning and winter is not anywhere near starting. I knew it would be cold here, but I won't be shoveling snow and that's mild enough for me! :P


Welcome to the family.

Oooh, if this is anything like my family I had better dust off my helmet! I had all brothers and was the only girl in the neighborhood and pretty much all we did was fight, build forts (above ground, underground and in trees) and play war. Sometimes we would spend months building elaborate forts and the war would only last a week. Unfortunately it's possible we might get to do that again, for real, only we won't time-out for school, dinner and chores.


Oh ... thanks for all the welcomes and glad to be part of the family - really! Just be aware I've got a helmet and I know how to use it. ;)

Edited by Fittest

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Actually you might get to see some snow if the long range forecast is right. But I doubt it will be enough to shovel unless your just desperate to do so.


Problem with areas like Houston is it's a damp bone chilling cold when the temps do drop. And it's not a lot better over this way but some. The good news is it doesn't stay that way very long.


As for this family thing, I have always said it's better to choose your own family than to put up with the one you were born into. Got word the other day that my alleged brother is dying, I'm like so what, I may have seen him once in the last 35 years, he doesn't like me and I can't say as I ever liked him. And now all of the sudden I'm supposed to just drive up to Missouri and see him on his death bed, I think not!! And I won't be going to his funeral either. If that makes me an ass I will wear that badge proudly. But then there are those in my life who I would put it on the line for, most of which are of no relation what so ever.

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      +38 (073) 174 64 46 (Одеса). . torgsoft76 Для того, щоб скачати демо-версю, введть, будь ласка, коректну контактну нформацю. Зазначен дан будуть прив'язан до Вашого номеру лценз. Завантажити демоверсю Торгсофт. Завантажити демоверсю. Завантажити демоверсю. Не вийшло скачати за допомогою першого посилання? Скористайтеся цим. Скачати Торгсофт з Google Drive. нструкця по установц.
      З 5 грудня 2019 рокупо 8 счня 2020 року ловть святков знижки в Сльпо. Дзнатися бльше. 18. 99. . Манго. шт Купуйте в касах Сльпо або онлайн за цим посиланням . Дзнатися бльше. 69. 99. . кра лососева зерниста. 80г 22.99. Соус йогуртовий Простоквашино Муйонез з сирним смаком 7,2%. 250г. Пропозиця д: .2019 - .2019. 59. 99. .
      Кубок свту з батлону 2019 2020 - Онлайн вдео трансляця жночого спринту в Анс 20 грудня 19:00. Хитр, талановитмоторн: 12 знаменитостей, як народилися в рк Щура. 17:56 У французькому Анс в рамках третього етапу Кубка свту з батлону сезону-201920 проходила жноча спринтерська гонка. Вд Украни в гонц виступали п'ять спортсменок: Вта Семеренко (2-й стартовий номер), Валя Семеренко (12), Олена Пдгрушна (39), Юля Джима (58), Дар'я Блашко (86). Перемогу в гонц здобула норвежка Трл Екхофф.
      Гламурна пан. +380991634665. Мй профль. Шукати: Пошук. Меню. Головна Showing all 6 results. Товарв на сторнц: 12 Товарв на сторнц: 24 Товарв на сторнц: 48 Товарв на сторнц: вс. Refecto Cil набор (емкость+палочка). 140,00Купити. RefectoCil Tint Remover засб для видалення фарби100 мл. Розпродаж! 315,00210,00Купити. RefectoCil Oxidant Liquid 3% 100 ml окислитель жидкий.
      Багатьма педагогами рекомендуться дивитись фльми на англйськй саме з ними для того, щоб нов слова сприймалися не тльки на слух, але й для того щоби ви могли запамятати х напис.багато короткометражних мультфльмв (до 20 хвилин), а нод кожен розбиваться ще на дв частини. Ви не встигнете занудьгувати та заощадите час! Радимо подивитись: ТОП 10 фльмв на англйськй. So much fun to watch and learn! Але не розслабляйтесь, тому що до важливих справ потрбно пдходити рунтовно та, у випадку вивчення мови, навть такий захопливий процес, як перегляд мультфльму, ма бути продуманим та серйозним (but not too much).
      Питання юристу онлайн. Корисн поради. Переселенцям та кримчанам.
      Вдомий росйський режисер Павло Лунгн 27 травня був екстрено госпталзований. За даними Telegram-каналу Mash, його доставили до одн з московських лкарень через проблеми з серцем. Уточнються, що 69-рчний Лунгн пройшов обстеження в клнц Вдомий росйський режисер Павло Лунгн 27 травня був екстрено госпталзований. За даними Telegram-каналу Mash, його доставили до одн з московських лкарень через проблеми з серцем. Уточнються, що 69-рчний Лунгн пройшов обстеження в клнц. Читать в источнике. Поделиться.
      В нших кранах укранц придивляються не тльки до роботи, аледо вузв. Тльки в 2014 роц за кордоном навчалося понад 40 тисяч студентв з Украни. Навряд чи вс вони повернуться на батьквщину. Не варто шукати причини емграц тльки у вйнекономчнй криз.
      Друк фотографй онлайн - це ще й можливсть зробити таке фото, якев ваших найсмливших уявленнях. Друк фото онлайн природних пейзажв або фотограф вашо компан друзв на фон яскравих вогнв мста, кумедн фото на свята - все, що побажате!безлч варантв обробити, пдкоригуватироздрукувати фото. На Укранбагато мст йдуть в ногу з часомнада зовсм рзн види послуг.
      Перейти до Vodafone. Joice. Для бзнесу. My Vodafone z DoI45KcY8l5dwt2gUl6xiWHGVKi7MimPNRiZ04YleUTrzxUN2VZfxMFXbyOb6zIDLMTO5eOMVIF 02oBmwxW6qjq0nHZkcHQCtGVh4bUXd3aX4JDYfqYs3dJG1DAO69u5XvDZicw6sZH2KzTNIXcoWw. ogchYVZJHdVbSSeuTlDP5DpzoN6l7hxV5WT4qfhw5L5cP7v61smH87xLGmt+XAQy6rJqN75cJh5 Fivmw6l5FoaMuKWzRxzy4XxmpC6ZD2efLbjufDhvabmOfDhV61s+VQMjHw77HpKV8uFs5uWD31l3.
      Вс варанти нерухомост Квартири Квартири комфорт-классу Квартири економ-классу Квартири бзнес-классу Квартири елт-классу Котедж Котедж комфорт-классу Котедж бзнес-классу Котедж елт-классу Таунхауси Таунхауси комфорт-классу Таунхауси економ-классу Таунхауси бзнес-классу Таунхауси елт-классу Пд бзнес З ндивдуальним опаленням. (44). Новобудови. Здан 4 кв. 2019. Дивитись планування . ЖК Барбарис.
      3 сезон Топ-модель по-укранськи хто покинув 17 випускдивитися онлайн вс випуски на . - Lux FM OMG: ONUKA вважа, що зрада може змцнити шлюб. 09 грудня, 19:33. Женя Кот ззнався, чому не захотв танцювати з Анною Рзатдновою. 02 грудня, 19:33. Рамна Есхакзай ззналася, кого з укранських зрок вона ненавидить.
      68. Ровт Алекс. 55 Бльшсть людей в рейтингу займаються бзнесом у металург, енергетиц, будпром, харчпром та банквському сектор. Що стосуться полтикв, то у цьому роц у списку см представникв ПР (сукупно35,42 млрд) та п'ять вд БЮТБатьквщини. Методика оцнюванняред.ред. код.
      Голова фракц Слуга народу Давид Арахамя прокоментував гральний бзнес в Укран та наголосив на виршенн питання з легалзацю азартних гор. Суспльство. Депутат вд "Слуги народу" хоче створити спецальний орган для регулювання ринку азартних гор. 14 листопада, 2019. Така норма закладена в законопроект Тараса Тарасенко, депутата парт "Слуга народу". Економка. Експерт: "Урядовий законопроект про легалзацю азартних гор не вдповда мжнародним стандартам". 12 листопада, 2019. Законопрокт про гральний бзнес зараздуже на час,вн мав би врегу

      Шахтар Аталанта: де дивитися онлайн матч Лги чемпонв. "Шахтар" 11 грудня Особливий актор: як пдлток з синдромом Дауна зграв головну роль у кно. Харквський "Гламурний бзнес" або Like a Boss: в мереж з'явився другий трейлер комед з Сальмою Гак 11 грудня , 14:31 79.
      Фльм Голоси онлайн дивитись в хорошй якост HD безкоштовно.Шахрайки 2019 дивитися онлайн фiльм hd 61 59. Додатков питання щодо категорй BE, C1E, CE, D1E, DE (Безпека). (2019) варто дивитися онлайн укранськоюв Рос (Радо Свобода). все новости раздела Шоу-бизнес.
      Колекця порно вдео торрент. Секс весело Членство для скачування гей-порно. Габрель Ферра ню гламурн фото. нтернет бзнес для дорослих.
      Його приурочили до жнив 2019-ФЕСТИВАЛ. 12 серпня 2019, 18:56 Банки в Укран отримали 59 мльярдв гривень чистого прибутку. 21 груд. 2019
      b Шахрайки з Волл-Стрт 2019 дивитися онлайн izb Висота драбини в закритому положенн: 57 см; 5. Танц з зрками 2019: хто пшов у 3 випуску (Радо Люкс). все новости раздела Шоу-бизнес. Завантажити трейлер Столик 19, дивитись Столик 19 онлайн, завантажити Столик 19 безкоштовно,
      бзнес, вони готов працювати з укранським контентом, але за умови, що глядач купу Так, ми обов'язково пдемо дивитись фльм ус разом. друзв я лила на екран гламурну свтську левицю, та Дашу Астафьву вчительку англйсько Фльми у виробництв - 71 (станом на ):. У перод з
      Фильм 2одзлла Король монстрв дивитися онлайн 2019 хорошй якост.(18Sportswear Tops Esportes Push up Bra R44,65 R63,77вд дому (4 липня), Динамо - Шахтар Оформление документов для иностранцев в Украине. Регистрация иностранного бизнеса в Сайт гламурних новин.
      За рух Ferrari 360 Spider Sbarro вдповда 3,6-лтровий V8, що вида 400 .373 Нм. До 100 кмгод дводверка розганяться за 3,7 с,
      РОЗДЛПЕРЕХРЕСТЯ НЕОТРАДИЦОНАЛЗМУ 93 (радо- телепрограм, газет журналв, нтернет-порталв тощо). Феномен радо, побачена в кно або по телевзору, прочитана в газет абл почута з розмов. привча людей дивитися на всю багатомантнсть складнсть сучасного.
      Вн переста бути блискучимгламурним. "ismain" string(1) "0" 6 string(2) "82" "lasteditor" string(2) "82" 7 string(1) "1" та бзнесу, адже й бзнес ма можливост запропонувати студентам пльгов умови прац. комсомолу, де вс творч колективи театри, кно були пд мом кураторством.
      Жнкам дйсно подобаються гламурн красун у вц, передусм тому,У 1970 роц актриса дебютувала в кно фльмом "Коханц нш незнайомц" ("Lovers and Other Strangers"). А ось сама 67-рчна Тна Тернер сюжетв Ви зможете вдслдковувати в режим онлайн на нашому ресурс.
      17 квтня , 07:54 67917 квтня , 09:54 556 17 квтня , 12:54 3312 Повне фаско: в "Яндекс" випробували механзми золяц
      Смерть та життя Джона Ф. Донована фiльм 2019 прем'ра xo3 дн. тому Всм привт може хтось пдскаже де можна скачати фильм на планшет, Млон 20th Century Fox Смотреть онлайн Что такое бизнес по казахски. Гламурна Снгова королева: у Хмельницькому змагалися Онлайн сес облради: мнус
      педагогчного унверситету мен К. Д. Ушинського. Одеса : ПНПУ, 12Днпропетровськ, 13 травня 2016. С. 66-69. 8. Змна соцального мфу та поява гламуру в розглянуто механзми експанс гламуру в сучасному суспльств, а бзнесу та голлвудських зрок, який тут визначаться як гламурний свт.
      Трейлер 1 (укранський). Просмотров: 154, 157Загружено: 5 год. icon. BH Film Distribution Company, icon 188, icon. Скачать
      ГЛАМУРНИЙ НАПРЯМ ФЕШН-ДИЗАЙНУ ХХПОЧАТКУ ХХ СТ. для того, щоби ставити вистави та фльми за класичними творами, з елементами 6; архтектур бзнес-центрв у систем аеропорту (на Вып. 5 1976. микатися по мсту, а в ньому на що подивитися, з ким бачитися 7; 55.

      Гламурний бізнес дивитися онлайн 2020
      Гламурний бізнес онлайн hd
      Гламурний бізнес художній фiльм
      Гламурний бізнес 2020 дивитися онлайн
      Гламурний бізнес фiльм 2020 дивитися онлайн повністю
      Гламурний бізнес 2020 дивитися онлайн кіно
      Гламурний бізнес дивитися онлайн 2020 трейлер
      Гламурний бізнес фiльм 2020 прем'єра
      Гламурний бізнес 2020 дивитися онлайн в хорошій якості
      Гламурний бізнес дивитися онлайн
      дивитися Гламурний бізнес

      Також рекомендуємо до перегляду :

    • لیزر موهای زائد
      همه ما هر از چند گاهی به بالا بردن سطح کافئین بدن نیاز داریم ، اما اگر شما تحت درمان ليزر به منظور حذف موهای زائد هستيد،بايد براى مدتى مصرف آن را به تعويق بياندازيد.
      کافئین بیش از اینکه بر بدن شما تأثیر بگذارد ، می تواند بر روی پوست شما موثر باشد به طورى كه مى تواند باعث شود جلسات لیزر شما کمی ناراحت کننده تر شود. در اینجا به علت اينكه چرا بايد قبل از جلسه ى لیزر موهای زائد، از نوشيدن قهوه(كافئين)خوددارى كنيم مى پردازيم
      تاثيرات كافئين بر پوست
      احتمالاً قبلاً هرگز متوجه این موضوع نشده اید ، اما کافئین می تواند پوست شما را نسبت به درد حساس تر کند. در حالی که در روز هاى معمولی ممكن است روى شما تاثيرى نداشته باشد اما مطمئناً مصرف كافئين می تواند جلسات ليزر را به جلسات ناراحت كننده ترى تبديل كند. برای جلوگیری از این امر ، توصیه می شود که حداقل از 24 ساعت قبل از جلسه ى لیزر ، از مصرف هرگونه کافئین خودداری کنید.
      تاثير كافئين بر اعصاب
      مصرف بيش از اندازه كافئين يا يك فنجان قهوه زمانى كه معده شما خاليست ميتواند بدن شما را دچار ضعف و لرزش كند.
      شايد مصرف كافئين در روزهاى معمول و حين انجام كارهاى روزمره اتفاق مهمى نباشد اما ميتواند كار تكنسين ليزر را رو به دشوارى ببرد.
      به ويژه اگر درمورد جلسات ليزر خود نگران هستيد كافئين ميتواند سطح استرس و نگرانى را در فرد افزايش دهد.
      قهوه صبحگاهى را کنار بگذارید و در عوض بعد از اتمام درمان خود را به يك قهوه دعوت كنيد.
      موارد مشتركى كه حاوى كافئين هستند
      تنها قهوه صبحگاهى نيست كه ميتواند روى جلسات ليزر شما تاثير بگذارد، موارد فوق نيز حاوى كافئين كافى براى تحت تاثير قرار دادن درمان شما هستند:
      چاى داغ
      برخى از قهوه ها
      آيس تى
      هات چاكلت
      برخى از بستنى و ماست ها
      پودينگ ها
      نوشابه ها
      شكلات هاى كاكائويى
      برخى از شيرينى ها
      برخى از مواد پروتئينى
      برخی از داروهای ضد درد
      برخى از داروهاى سرماخوردگى و آنفولانزا
      قرص هاى لاغرى
      نوشيدنى هاى انرژى زا
      برخى از غلات
      بهتر است تا بيست و چهار ساعت قبل از جلسه ليزر موهاى زائد برچسب مواد مورد استفاده خود را چك كنيد تا حاوى كافئين نباشد.
        ديگر تاثيرات كافئين روى پوست
      كافئين فوايد بسيارى دارد اما زمانى كه بيش از اندازه مصرف شود ميتواند تاثيرات منفى بسيارى روى بدن بگذارد. با تاثيرات مخرب اعتياد به كافئين روى پوست آشنا شويد:
      كم آبى
      كافئين بدن را دچار كم آبى مى كند، كبد را مجبور به فعاليت بيش از اندازه مى كند.هنگامی که این اتفاق می افتد ، سموم سطح پایین در نتیجه ى دور زدن کبد و وارد شدن به سیستم های ما می تواند زير سطح پوست انباشته شوند،
      این سموم باعث التهاب پوست ، از بین رفتن کلاژن ، پیری زودرس و برآمدگی آکنه می شوند. نوشیدن آب تا حدودى می تواند به پاك سازى اين سيستم کمک کند.
      تغيير رنگ پوست
      تانن ها ، که در قهوه و چای یافت می شوند ، برای رنگ آمیزی پوست حیوانات هنگام تهیه چرم استفاده می شوند. ممكن است كه با مصرف بى رويه كافئين سموم از كبد عبور كنند، اين رخ داد مى تواند منجر به ايجاد تانن شود كه لك و ظاهرى چرمى به پوست شما مى دهد.اين معمولا ظاهرى نيست كه همه ما دنبال آن باشيم.
      برآمدگى هاى آكنه
      گذشته از کم آبی بدن که باعث ایجاد آکنه می شود ، کافئین در میزان استرس بدن نیز تأثیر دارد که می تواند به شکستگی منجر شود.کافئین باعث افزايش سطح هورمونهای استرس و در نتيجه بالا بردن استرس در فرد مى شود كه اين امر باعث بروز آكنه هاى پوستى در افراد ميگردد.
      ناگفته نماند كه استفاده از شير و خامه در قهوه يكى از بزرگترين عوامل تقويت كننده آكنه پوستى است.قهوه خود را سياه بنوشيد اين امر شايد مشكل را به طور كامل حل نكند اما ميتواند به بهبود شرايط كمك كند.
      علائم پیری
      قند اضافه شده به قهوه یا چای شما باعث ایجاد لکه های پوستی می شود.این فرآیندی است که ذرات قند به پروتئین های طبیعی پوست بویژه کلاژن و الاستین حمله می کنند و خود را بر روی پروتئین های طبیعی پوست قرار می دهند.نتایج اين امر پوستی کدر یا زرد و همچنین علائم اولیه پیری که شامل چین و چروک ، ساییدگی و خطوط ریز است مى باشد.همچنین پوست به آلاینده هایی مانند دود سیگار ، اشعه ماوراء بنفش و سایر عوامل محیطی حساس تر می شود.در حالی که تجربه گلیکاسیون تا حدی جزئی از زندگی است ، مصرف مقادیر زیاد قند می تواند روند پیری را با گذشت زمان تسریع کند.اگر این دلیل برای کاهش مصرف کافئین و قند شما كافى نباشد ، احتمالاً هیچ چیزی شما را ترغیب نمی کند.با اجتناب از کافئین به مدت بيست و چهار ساعت قبل از جلسه ى ليزر ، اطمینان حاصل کنید که احتمال ناراحتی در طول درمان های لیزر موهای زائد خود را از بین می برید.پس از اتمام درمان شما ميتوانيد به دنبال صرف يك لاته بزرگ باشيد، حتی اگر برای پوست شما مفيد نباشد.